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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    All the links on Egigs have the relevant stuff and as it is Neil's site I would think he might not want to duplicate his efforts - but I could be wrong.
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Isn't http://www.egigs.co.uk/ the place to see all upcoming gig announcements complete with a forum to discuss them?
  3. Bestival 2017

    Common people is carrying on as previously on 2 sites, no scaling back on it.
  4. Bestival 2017

    I think they have a contract with suppliers so the same drinks are at all their festivals hence no real ale, which bugged me a bit too, but for you I hope they sort it out for next year.
  5. Bestival 2017

    Interesting - as they got theirs back but gave in little by way or rubbish and were not expected to collect more. Seems then office and people on the ground are not talking from the same book! Still does not make Bestival's any good mind you which is where this all started.
  6. Bestival 2017

    I suggest you talk to Shambala about it rather than go by the name - as this is the area my friends stayed in and things were different regarding the eco bond.
  7. Bestival 2017

    Heaps of lovely flat camping..... but all reserved for those willing to pay extra for Pitch perfect, Camping plus etc...... and was all far from being full. There was a huge empty flat field 2 minutes walk from the temple that was not filled by Pitch Perfect for example.
  8. Bestival 2017

    On their web site. The bond was introduced to 'encourage people to clean up after themselves'..... not after others. I congratulate you on clearing up other peoples rubbish but we were told that we had to have a full bag of non recyclable rubbish and cans and such do not fall into that category hence not being able to do that..... and without being supplied with the proper PPE I would not suggest to anyone to go around picking up litter especially not at a muddy place where contamination from toilets into the mud is likely. Anyway, we are never going there again so what they do in future is of no more concern to me or our group.
  9. Bestival 2017

    Pass - cos I was in normal camping but friends were in the green bit and told me about it - I will guess that it is don with peoples honesty. Personally I would never dream of making and leaving a mess anywhere.
  10. Bestival 2017

    It was widely advertised on Shambalas social media, it is on their website somewhere but I always find that hard t find stuff on. Regardless of candidness to ask anyone to pick up other peoples litter without providing any safety equipment is wrong and in my opinion the Eco Bind or whatever name is used is simply a way of inflating ticket prices - imagine if every single person decided to fill their bags, there is not enough litter to do that. regardless of this though given Notthebestivals replies and lack of replies they have lost my business forever, and that of others I know. You would have thought given the bad publicity they had last year that this year they would do their utmost to be a shining example of all that is good. Seems to me they are not that bothered.
  11. Bestival 2017

    You did not need to return any waste but were checked to see that you did not create any - or something like that. The bags at Shambala were small too - not full sized waste bags like Bestival gave out......... and how can you fill a non recycleable bag when pretty much all the waste is plastic, cans, paper and wood - and can all be recycled? I did ask Bestival that but they chose to avoid trying to answer. Any festival that makes an Eco Bond almost impossible to get a refund is using it as a simple way to increase the ticket price. I have not yet found anyone who got their Eco Bind back at Bestival......... maybe you did?
  12. Bestival 2017

    Shambala, for us, was very different. a small bag (not full size refuse bag) of recycling and not a full size bag of non recycling either. We had a few bits of paper and half a dozen cans at Shambala and that was fine. Shambala also has the green camping field. Very different to Bestival.
  13. Bestival 2017

    I waited til I got a reply before posting this re the Eco Bond. We took all the rubbish we made to the refund place on Sunday but were told we did not have enough rubbish. We put every bit we created in our bags (even taking some food plates back to our tent too)....... and every bit was recyclable so the black bag was empty. For those who did not go it was two bags each, one for recycling and one for other waste and both were full sized refuse bags. If we put every thing we had, clothes, boots, the lots even the tent in them we could not have filled the four bags. So I wrote to Bestival to ask why creation of waste was rewarded by refunds of eco bonds but those who try and be as 'eco' as possible are penalised (other festivals like Shambala even have a green camping area for those who create no waste and even so, their bags are small and easy to fill). Their reply was that we should have gone around the camp sites and picked up rubbish to fill the bags. I cannot express fully how disgusting that is of them to expect someone to walk around picking up other peoples litter (buried in several inches of mud to boot) just to get the Eco Bond refunded. How do we know what we might be picking up and where it has been? I see this eco bond as simply a way of charging an extra £10 per ticket with every effort made to not have to refund it. Anyway, some might find Bestival's stance fine but they can now forget our custom ever again - and they can reply on us to suggest to our friends to give this festival a miss.
  14. Bestival 2017

    I agree, if I came across differently sorry. Each to their own but the in your face ones taking and dealing were well out of order here. So much worse than anywhere else I have been.
  15. Bestival 2017

    Never seen so many 'in your face' drugs dealing going on and on a couple of occasions when the reply was no thanks they got really nasty. There was an edge to lots of areas - we only went in the Ambient Forest once as it felt wrong. Groups taking and dealing drugs after dark. Not a nice feel to it. Lots of talk of fights all over too. There was just something 'not right' - apart from places like Caravanserai which had a proper festival feel to it. Security were obvious by their lack of being seen! PS Cheers for the downvote for my post!!!!