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    Ok, this was a long time ago and the memories fade .... but still.
  2. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    Those with GCSE kids should not need to worry about exam dates. Most exams were done and dusted the week before this year and only a few obscure ones actually clashed. (Good luck with the surgery btw)
  3. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Nice idea and have been looking back at the recent line-ups for the memory jog. Tried to restrict myself to the recent years ... Avalanches, TheBlossomsChicDhakabrakaExplosions in the SkyFlaming Lips, TheGibb, BarryHives, TheIsaac Hayes / Ian Brown (Gah - Can't find a proper one. Failed)JusticeKhruanbinLordeModeratNew York Brass BandOzric TentaclesPretenders, TheQuantic All StarsRolling Stones, TheStormzyThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (Do they count? Are they 'M'? Touretteshero and Captain Hotknives then!)U2VesselsWurzels, TheXCX, CharliYoda, DJZZ Top
  4. OnBlackheath 2017

    Ah - looking things up .... Not sure where I saw them first, but was definitely at The Astoria show in 1997. From Wiki .... At first, the name of the group they were thinking themselves was "Underground Oasis," however, the idea was scrapped due to a friend of them "who was involved in the music scene" noticing the existence of a similar named rock band that might "get big". Basement Jaxx started in Brixton, South London, in 1994, where they held a regular club night called Basement Jaxx, which was also held in a variety of venues including The George IV, The Crypt and The Junction. They were joined by DJs including DJ Sneak, Daft Punk, and singer Corrina Joseph. They mutated the night into an equally popular club called Rooty, the namesake of their second album. In 1995, "Samba Magic" was picked up for distribution by Virgin Records. In the same year, they moved their studio out of the basement to a place in Camberwell and started their writing there. Their fourth extended play was named EP3 in an early example of their "trademark eccentricity." In 1997, Basement Jaxx was the opening act for Daft Punk's Daftendirektour when Daft Punk first came to the UK. Thanks to the success of the single, they ended up signing a record deal with XL
  5. OnBlackheath 2017

    They began life in the mid nineties running a club night under St Matthew's Church, Brixton, in the crypt. Hence, 'Basement' Jaxx (I think).
  6. OnBlackheath 2017

    Oh - that's a shame. Full stage times here .....
  7. OnBlackheath 2017

    Bloody hell .... this thread is quiet. Is anyone going?
  8. OnBlackheath 2017

    OK ... full line-up and stage times are out. Anyone found any decent offers yet? Still the best one I've seen is the 20% off with JLOFFER on See as I mentioned earlier. Still undecided. Might be weather dependent!
  9. OnBlackheath 2017

    I'm definitely thinking Saturday .... a run of Steve Mason, De La Soul, Metronomy then Craig Charles would really appeal. Sunday less so (not seen The Libs since the good old days and was happy to keep it that way), so was hoping for a 2-for-1 deal. I know it's a bit w*nky with a large buggy and blanket brigade, but the beer is decent and I can walk home!
  10. OnBlackheath 2017

    OK ...less than a month to go and I've finally found an offer. Go to Seetickets and put JLOFFER in the first ticket buying page (that's from John Lewis darling). This gives you 20% off. It seems to apply to all tickets, not just the weekend ones. So less than £40 for a day seem quite reasonable. What are anyone's thoughts?
  11. Lorde

    Just want to add to the Lorde love-in. Brilliant. She was my highlight in the 'didn't-really-know-what-to-expect' category. (Sigrid great too!)
  12. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Just posted this over in Flips thread, but is also suitable for here. Interesting take .... http://thequietus.com/articles/22761-radiohead-glastonbury-2017-review
  13. Flaming lips

    This is a good article on that very subject (almost) .... http://thequietus.com/articles/22761-radiohead-glastonbury-2017-review
  14. Flaming lips

    Apologies then ....
  15. Flaming lips

    That's the thing though, isn't it. You have to remember you made that choice for a reason and it is (almost) always the right reason at the time. You always miss waaay more than you see.