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  1. British Summer Time 2018

    Foo Fighters? A picture of each band member every couple hours would lead to an announcement tonight maybe?
  2. Help please!

    Thanks @carlosj @Victor Ordonez I think I've managed to sell them through twitter, but I will let you know!
  3. Bon Iver 2017

    I've got 2 tickets to the Paris gig if anyone's interested. i'd go myself but I've got Blackpool ones now. Face value of course
  4. Glastonbury Toe

    A friend of mine has just informed me she can't feel her big toe, she didn't wear wellies once!
  5. Benicassim 2017

    Ah, so they are separate. That's cool, thank you!
  6. Benicassim 2017

    So if I was to see JVM (I am), will it be at a pool party? I've never been to Benicassim before.
  7. Help please!

    I believe so, I've got 10 days to sort it apparently. I bought them through a French ticket agency called fnac, I've never heard of them and they're surprisingly difficult to get hold of if you don't speak French
  8. Help please!

    Okay, I know this isn't in the right section of eFestivals, I don't really know where to put this. my girlfriend messed up and ended up getting 2 tickets for Bon Iver in France and 3 tickets for Blackpool. we're going to go to Blackpool, but we need to send the Paris tickets back and haven't a clue how to do this. Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!
  9. Post your favourite picture from this year

    Wednesday before the fireworks I think, hope you all like it x
  10. Glastonbury 2020

    Only one guy I want to see wearing headphones on the Pyramid in 2020.
  11. Bon Iver 2017

    Sorry if I'm late to the party, this is great news!
  12. Suicide Tuesday

    Feel really ill and managed to get a tent beg stuck in my foot Monday morning while walking to the toilet.. rough as a badgers arse today. Still one of the best festivals ever!
  13. Glastonbury 2018?

    It would be incredible if it's Led Zeppelin, it's coming up to their 50th anniversary but that would be 2019.
  14. Glastonbury 2018?

    One Direction
  15. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Frank Carter self confirmed saying that the front rows are just Killers fans

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