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  1. Flying flag at tent?

    Attach it to one of your gazebo legs and you should be able to make it nice and sturdy to withstand any bad weather.
  2. new here? introduce yourself

    I'll skip the my name is and I come from so and so as sure nobody is overly bothered. Not sure how long this site has been running but seems like I've been lurking for about 15 years now. Finally the excitement got to much and lured me into registering. Not only am I going Glastonbury, but it's my first time since 2009 and my first time even back on home soil since 2009 too. I don't know if I can make it to June without literally exploding.
  3. Sasha & Digweed?

    From an interview with Sasha a couple of days ago. Also Sasha & Digweed play Paris and Amsterdam together the Friday and Saturday nights so you would assume a Sunday slot somewhere.

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