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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Just on way back from Liverpool Philharmonic fantastic. Good to finally get 1st gig of the year in but as ever they were brilliant
  2. possible ticket cancellation..

    Really sorry to hear that sending best wishes to u and family and friends. Will take time but remember all the good times and a dad that goes to 30 40 gigs a year and goes with his son is cool in my book . My kids don' like a lot of same music as me but the fact that they luv live music makes me really happy . I'm sure he was a good un take care
  3. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    F*** me that' so cool enjoy
  4. Fun Memories

    Only been the last 2 years but so many . Looking across the site from the hill for the first time . Being happy all the time...ask my wife she'l say I'm a grump . Discovering new music aurora in 2016 such an enthusiastic performance . Like u at ride seeing 2 blokes my age really go for it no doubt ride r their personal faves but that' what music is living in the moment experience it with others or feel the emotion of it yourself . Seeing James open my first Glasto one of my faves bands I remember thinking it' took to long to get to my first Glasto but I'm here then I filled up and it wasn' the only time.
  5. 2018 New Music

    Snow patrol new music 25th may
  6. Mark E Smith

    Saw the fall once a long time ago bizarre and exhilarating like few groups were . Rip mark a true icon
  7. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Damien rice working on new stuff and apparently some tour dates to follow this year . Please let him be anywhere in UK
  8. Talking Heads

    I tried o2 presale on wed useless didn' work properly complained to o2 who shoved me on to ticket master. Through in fact that get me in had tons of tickets straight after presale . They said sorry about not getting through but try main sale didn' mention my comments about their resale site .....anyway managed to get 2 on main . Resale sites r a disgrace
  9. Talking Heads

    Got Manchester tickets this morning can' t wait
  10. Talking Heads

    Tried bollocks o2 priority today useless 4 times got tickets and wouldn' progress payment . Desperatey be trying Friday if anyone has spares for Manchester let me know ...unless I get them on main sale
  11. LCD Soundsystem....

    When do castlefield gigs tend to get announced went to couple this year but can't remember when they were actually announced
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Saw goldfrapp in Manchester last night absolutely smashed it great if a bit short gig. There are still tickets left for some other dates so if they are heading ur way well worth the cost .
  13. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    He said Washington get off your knees we need your help
  14. Acts you don't "get"

    Kendrick Lamar
  15. Nick Cave

    Glad u got to it and had a great night sounds epic

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