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  1. Random hookups

    I was as weak as you!! :-D I'll get them up.
  2. Random hookups

    Those incredible good intentions started so well!! :-)
  3. On site observations

    It's same side this as last.
  4. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Are Amber Arcades playing tonight?
  5. Jogging at the festival

    See you there :-)
  6. The National

    Get down the front!
  7. Jogging at the festival

    I started running in alabama in 100 degree heat and 100% humidity! Reckon could stretch it to 9!
  8. Jogging at the festival

    Lets have it
  9. The National

    Agree Pink Rabbits Disagree Vanderlyle. Was lovely at Latitude. Also lovely in big outdoor gig in Melbourne.

    This. 100%
  11. Jogging at the festival

    Hmm. I reckon I might just stay within the borders of our little adult creche...
  12. Jogging at the festival

    How far is it to Shepton? That's about 5k in itself innit?
  13. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    They check your festival ticket before you get to the car parks don't they?
  14. Jogging at the festival

    So, as some of you may know, I've been doing a little jog around America. I re-routed from Chicago to come to a little place called Pilton after 7,246 miles and will be at somewhere called Worthy Farm between Wednesday and Sunday this week. Would anyone be interested in joining me for a 5-10km run in the mornings while I'm there? Feel free to ask any questions you want! I was thinking about starting at the Cider Bus about 0930, going on a wander round the site and finishing up at either Lost Horizons/Magic Hat sauna or the Greenpeace showers to enable people to get clean if they want. People can obviously filter off at any point if they've had enough/are near home. I'm only early on in my planning of this, so would love an indication of interest. Feel free to bring whichever refreshments you choose https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/specials/boston-marathon/2017/04/17/forrest-gump-successfully-runs-boston-marathon/hp7wqsZXFpNYtD93rHRvHK/story.html If any of you are just interested in the journey, then go to www.goingthedistancerun.com or www.facebook.com/runroblarun. Hopefully see some of you there!
  15. Cooling Down Your Tins

    Does the water not get warm in the bucket? If that sock trick works...genius. My physics brain tells me it might just...