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  1. Hairdryer? Good one as I didn't really thought about getting that one with me. And even if I wanted to, taking into consideration that it's 34 degrees here in Bucharest, the wellies stocks have melted.
  2. Thaaank you! Do you have them minion sized? :)) I found some nice ones online. and they're not that expensive, just in case we'll need any... I'll check them tonight. I also have some solution to make the boots water resistant. Dunno why I'm like this about the rain... it's not like the flood is coming.
  3. So, wellies? I was thinking of getting only my boots too. I wouldn't want to carry them all the way for nothing. Mind you, I don't even own a pair at the moment and last minute wellies shopping was not on the list. Grrr...
  4. Or that.. Seems like I have lived in a lie until today.
  5. Better get them in advance as it's cheaper: 2.5 Euro/coupon until tomorrow, 2.75 Euro/coupon afterward. At the festival site, I understand that they cost 3 Euro/coupon.
  6. It's a long shot, but I'll try: is anyone flying out from Bucharest on Wednesday morning? Or maybe landing on Charleroi around 09:00?
  7. And Accuweather shows rain, rain, rain. I'm starting to like this site less and less. I'll wear my shorts. Maybe the rain takes pity on my and goes away.
  8. Yea, this year it's camping for me and no time to wash things afterwards. And I'm on holiday, I don't wanna wash anything. :)) Well, I'm usually looking on Accuweather and this is what it shows at the moment.
  9. Brilliant idea, as i like to say: great minds think alike. However, I'm still pondering about how to pack extra light for a 10 days, 1 festival, 2 countries adventure.
  10. I will die carrying my bags. It's been easy until now... no train ticket to give you a hard time, no wristbands to think about (I totally forgot we gotta get those also), and no rain in sight. Getting back to the happy jumpy mood: it's getting closer!!
  11. Yay! I'll definitely hit the play button when I get home. Thank you for sharing them!
  12. The fox says so many things! I dunno what to choose.
  13. Yes, I found the setlist on and they did play it. Haha, nice to meet Philippe The Unicorn! He's amazing. We'll have our little mascot also: Pax, the travelling fox. He's the character of a book I read recently and comes from a bookstore in Berlin. He already went to two concerts until now and will be present at Werchter also.
  14. So, KoL had a show here in Bucharest last night. I myself did not attend as I'll see them in 1.5 weeks anyway, but everyone whom I know and was there said it was good. I saw some videos and also listened to some audio material from a friend and I liked it. I figure that a festival show is not the same as a stand alone one, but that got me more excited about seeing them. Now, in regards to rain... I ain't worried about Sandy (my tent) cause he's been through a couple of storms so I trust he can handle it. My worry is that we're not taking any wellies with us and I don't like to go around with wet and cold feet... in case we'll need them is there anywhere in Leuven we can get any?
  15. ... and I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it Sorry, I couldn't help myself.