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  1. They may be more popular on here but in a more general sense i would say that The xx are certainly more popular.
  2. They're on at the same time as a few big acts, i think even if they did announce it prior to the set it wouldn't be as crazy as people are imagining, remember The xx are on at the same time who are arguably more popular now.
  3. Surely The Killers are more likely that Gorillaz? Based on Brandon Flowers interview and that picture the BBC have saying ''Don't miss that Killer set'', as well as Neil saying he did have some info on them come in recently.
  4. Not to mention Biffy who have headlined every other major UK festival in the last 5 years, except V obviously.
  5. I can only take so much teasing about The Killers doing a secret set, that would make my festival!
  6. Good spot, hadn't noticed that
  7. Sky Arts this weekend apparently
  8. Paramore finish a UK tour on Thursday and have the Friday free before going to play a show in Germany on the Saturday. No info behind it, just wanted to throw it out there.
  9. Saw them yesterday, they made 10 songs last 50-55 minutes, including B-sides they have 24 songs released. That's plenty of material to get them through an hour and a half set judging by that set.
  10. Am i correct in thinking that the TBA on Friday Park stage is looking like Elbow? Also do we have any ideas for the TBA on Fridays Avalon stage?
  11. I wouldn't worry about Download not coming back, saw Andy tweet a couple days ago he has all headliner offers out for 2018 and one for 2019
  12. I'd be very happy with this, although Misfits don't really seem to have plans to do anything, Riot Fest might have been a one off, swap them out for Smashing Pumpkins and then i'd be there in a heartbeat.
  13. Decided to break down next years potential headliners mentioned in this thread and a couple others, mostly for my own boredom. Likely: Metallica: Seems likely they'd be Andys first choice as headliners for next year. If they're touring Europe in June i can't see them not being at Download. Avenged Sevenfold: Surprising they aren't touring Europe this summer. Good chance of them turning up if they are touring next summer. BMTH: If they are back they'll definitely be high on the list, although R&L will also be very keen on them. Queens Of The Stone Age: Definitely headliner sized now, especially with new music on the way, however i think it's likely there's a few bands touring that'll be favoured over them for Download, but still a very realistic possibility. Unlikely: Foo Fighters: Favourites to play R&L next year however the pool for headliners at R&L next year looks to be massive, maybe Download will finally get Foos? Guns N Roses: Presuming they book Metallica i can't see them affording GnR, that's if they are even still touring next summer. Green Day: Had the chance to get them this year and they didn't, personally just don't see it happening. Tool: Now i only bumped them from Very Unlikely out of sheer hope, however if they do finally return to Europe and it does end up being next summer, i'd be very surprised if Andy didn't throw a lot of money their way for an exclusive UK performance. Paramore: Two very Poppy albums in a row would probably write Paramore out of Download now in my mind, think R&L would be much more likely to take them. Bon Jovi: It can surely only be so long before they finally play Download. Very Unlikely: Linkin Park: A very poor, poppy new album and not being booked this year will probably rule them out. Blink-182: Didn't book them this year despite being around, that alongside the fact that touring outside North America is made harder for them by Travis not flying i can't see them spending two full summers in a row in Europe. Axl/DC: Could definitely see Andy taking a punt on them if they tour next summer but that is a big if. Fall Out Boy: Similar to Paramore but more extreme, especially with that new single, think they've gone too far from their roots to justify playing Download these days. Ozzy Osbourne: Can't see any reason for this to happen, no hints towards him touring and after his woeful performance with Sabbath last year, i'd hope Andy would steer well clear. Pearl Jam: Seem to be mentioned every year, personally think it's not going to happen. My Chemical Romance: First a reunion would have to happen (which at the current time seems still far away), then they'd presumably tour the US before heading out anywhere else, it'd have to happen very suddenly for them to be ready in time for Download next year, especially as Frank Iero is still doing his own stuff. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Think they would go down okay at Download but they'd definitely be a last resort booking and i don't see them touring next summer either. The Smashing Pumpkins: They'd probably only manage a headline slot if they reformed the original line up, so this one is definitely a bit of a stretch, as good as it would be.
  14. There's already a thread for Download 2018 http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/216707-download-2018/
  15. Only going on the Saturday but my day will look something like this: Hacktivist > Creeper > Trash Boat > Alestorm > Of Mice and Men > The LaFontaines > Casey > Max and Iggor Cavalera > ETID > ADTR > Biffy