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  1. Bearded Theory 2018

    Very happy with this booking - will be spending my Friday night in Magical Sounds
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    Definitely seeing Robbie Plant and will probably watch Jimmy Cliff, so think Friday will be the night I venture elsewhere. Altern-8 here we come!
  3. Line up prediction game 2018

    Glastonbury released the 2016 site map at 9.30 on a Saturday night, from memory. I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate.
  4. Glastonbury evolves

    With regards to tents being open on the Wednesday: I managed to sit in a slither of shade at Stonebridge which was a welcome relief...was an extremely hot day and having 3 beers by midday wasn’t a great decision. With regards to a variety of after hours music: I head “Too Funky” by George Michael being played at Strummerville at 2am one morning. What more do you want?
  5. Bearded Theory 2018

    I think they said it was a “UK Festival Exclusive” rather than a completely exclusive UK live date... Still no idea who it is though! My friend is convinced it’s The Streets...however they are probably too big, don’t really fit in the music style and have already sold out their live dates in April. I didn’t convey this to her though, because she seems really excited by the prospect.
  6. Bearded Theory 2018

    Yep, very happy with the announcement! Can’t help but think it’s a bit of a coup for BT
  7. Bearded Theory 2018

    Wasn’t expecting that!
  8. Bearded Theory 2018

    Gah... Any ideas for the 2 headliners?
  9. Bearded Theory 2018

    It’s Jake Bugg on after those two, can refuel then...
  10. Bearded Theory 2018

    Amy guesses for the 2 remaining headliners slots? Think the Manics may be one...at a loss for the other!
  11. Bearded Theory 2018

    BT twitter confirmed that Dub Pistols are playing that 3rd down slot.
  12. Oasis

    My two penneth worth on Brothers Gallagher: Saw them twice - at Edwards No. 8 in Brum in 1994 and then at Knebworth. I was 18-20 years old and loved them. Controversially, I think Morning Glory is a better album than Definitely Maybe. Missed them at Glastonbury in 94 and 95 - think I was off my tits at The Prodigy for the latter one. Listened to Be Here Now once or twice. Uncontroversially, I went off them after that. I liked Go Let It Out. Everything else I’ve heard since has been very average. Including their solo work. Especially their solo work. Liam’s voice is sounding better than it has done for the past 17 years. Their interviews are a hoot.
  13. Inner City Live - Hull

    Just bought my tickets for Orbital in June - hopefully get someone decent on the undercard too. Gutted I missed the Flaming Lips at this year last year, as it was Glastonbury weekend...and I was far too involved in Radiohead to watch them there. Should be another few acts/ dates added soon too. Think Primal Scream played another night last year?
  14. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    The Radiohead thread is keeping your kids in shoes Mister....
  15. Bearded Theory 2018

    Jimmy Cliff to round things off on Sunday