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  1. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    The Radiohead thread is keeping your kids in shoes Mister....
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    Jimmy Cliff to round things off on Sunday
  3. Bearded Theory 2018

    So far...
  4. Bearded Theory 2018

    Cheers Jamj!
  5. Bearded Theory 2018

    Didn't realise you had to register for the school until it was too late! Looks like there will plenty of other stuff on to keep my 5 year-old amused though
  6. Bearded Theory 2018

    Earlybird tickets in the bag! Really looking forward to it
  7. Bearded Theory 2018

    Cheers Gnom - that's great info. Mind made up!
  8. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    ...and an episode of the Sopranos ending with "Kid A"
  9. Bearded Theory 2018

    Seriously considering BT as my festival fix for 2017. Has got great reviews and looks to be good value. If anyone who has been before could answer a few questions, I would be grateful! Can you take your own booze in? (If so, is glass allowed) Is it run by different people to YNot? Are naughties tolerated? (Smoking the odd J, rather than freebasing coke?) Is it an "arena" based fest - do you have to stay in the campsites until everything opens? Cheers!
  10. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    What happened there? Think my friends and I decided to go to Global Gathering that year instead...
  11. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    There was a Co-Op near to the entrance to the park, and by the time we got there the only booze left was Chilli-flavoured Smirnoff. That was all I drank for about 11 hours. Can't remember much of the music! Vaguely recall Darren Emerson and Sasha playing?
  12. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    I have been to two Radio 1-endorsed events in the past. 1. Radio One Roadshow, Carlyon Bay, Cornwall 1985. I was aged 9. Mike Read was the host. I drank lemonade and had an ice-cream. I had a good day. 2. Radio One Love Parade, Leeds, 2000. Aged 24. I ingested a large amount of industrial-strength ecstasy and poppers. I had a good day. Something in-between the two would work for me these days.
  13. KLF at Arcadia

    Is that £100 for all of it, or just one event?! Who is their right mind would pay that kind of money to attend a reading?! *checks diary
  14. 2019 Headliners

    Pulp to sub a Reni-less Stone Roses on the Friday night. A fortnight before, John Squire is sent on a mountain bike holiday to a very wet Snowdonia.
  15. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    As an aside, I listened to Graceland the other day for the first time in ages...it was a staple of my childhood holidays and brings back good memories. The title track is one of the best songs ever written, in my opinion. Now there was an album that courted controversy with regards to a cultural boycott.....