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  1. Grime/Hip Hop

    They're just making space for the Kendrick Lemar secret set..... pls
  2. Grime/Hip Hop

    So happy to see him there, been listening to him non stop recently. Also good to see another younger in Isaiah Dreads there too.
  3. Grime/Hip Hop

    Silver Hayes line up is out, here's a list of Grime/Hip Hop I could find. BBC 1Xtra Takeover Bugzy Malone Charlie Sloths Craig David Isiah Dreads J-Hus Idris Elba Kano KSI (lol) Kurupt FM Lady Lesgurr Novelist (yessssss) Preditah Tiggs Da Author WSTRN Yungen. Section Boyz Ms Dynamite All I can say is WOW! When Neil said we would have a lot of Grime I didn't expect this, great to see Novelist there, also thing Yungen will be great, Bugzy, Craig David, Isiah Dreads....great list in my opinion!
  4. Grime/Hip Hop

    WSTRN has self confirmed on Twitter
  5. Grime/Hip Hop

    I'm going to Reading this year so absolutely delighted Nas will be there! Looks a great line up fair play to them.
  6. The dreams have started

    This year will be my first ever Glasto, and after watching several videos of people walking across the site, and several compilation videos I had my first Glasto dream last night. It was the most vivid and real dream I think I've ever had. I can remember drinking ale in the boiling hot sun, walking across the site with the most content and amazing feeling ever. Ever when my alarm went off, every time I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep the dream carried on. This has got me excited beyond belief. Anyone else started having dreams yet?
  7. Grime/Hip Hop

    Found this video of Little Simz live in Paris, looks like a fun atmosphere, I hope she gets a good crowd and that there are some other blokes in the crowd so im not on my todd
  8. Vape or Smoke

    I'm planning to take my Vape with me to Glasto, If I fully charge it just before I go I think it will only require one charge throughout the festival (which if fine) but It depends what battery you have and how long it lasts obviously. and really mate its down to what you think you can do, if you think you can go to Glasto and smoke the whole time and then come back and get back on the Vape then more power to you. My plan is to vape during the day and as I get progressively more drunk move on to the cigs. As for the 'herbal tobacco' I'll be using my small glass spoon pipe as well as the obvious doobies over the 5 days. If you want to be more discreet though then you could pick up something like this (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Electronics-Snoop-Dogg-Pen-Herbal-Vaporiser/dp/B013ZRRKPW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459688029&sr=8-1&keywords=snoop+dog+g+pen) You can comfortably get one for under £20 and I've heard there good pieces of kit for that value.
  9. Grime/Hip Hop

    Kano seems like the perfect booking for Glasto, especially with his new fantastic album. Going to see him at the end of April but I'm sure I'll want to see him again at Glasto
  10. Grime/Hip Hop

    Personally very happy with the first announcements, Skepta and Stormzy is perfect for me as I'm a Grime fan and they are both without doubt the biggests Grime artist's in the world. Not to knowledgeable of Vince Staples but you guys seem to like him, elsewhere we've got Little Simz and Lady Leshurr. Bit disappointed to not see a marquee hip hop act (We all wanted Kendrick) but I expect to see more hip hop when the full poster comes out. Overall I'm happy with the Grime/Hip Hop and ecstatic about the line up as a whole.
  11. Grime/Hip Hop

    First poster is heavily rumoured for Tuesday but I'm away until friday so I'll update this thread with the Grime/Hip Hop acts when I can!
  12. Grime/Hip Hop

    Emily Eavis said this "There are loads of great female MCs coming through this year which is quite exciting. Little Simz and Lady Leshurr and people like that." Lady Leshurr Apparently lots of people like Lady Leshurr despite me thinking she is absolute trash, but each to their own! Little Simz Now this is more my cup of tea, I heard her EP and thought it was absolutely outstanding, if you have time check out her full EP.
  13. Grime/Hip Hop

    A few more acts are starting to be announced so I thought as they were I would update this thread so theres a resource to find Hip Hop/Grime artists at Glasto. Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, better known by his stage name Oddisee, is an American rapper and producer from Washington, DC. He is one third of Diamond District. He was also part of the Low Budget Crew. Self Confirmation Single Live Performance
  14. Grime/Hip Hop

    Yup, he oddly got a BBK tattoo in October (http://www.factmag.com/2015/10/15/drake-just-got-a-boy-better-know-tattoo/) but I suppose it makes sense now, he's also been on a track with Skepta and brought him out at Wireless Fest. 2 vids below if you're interested.
  15. Grime/Hip Hop

    Drake also came out at Section Boyz show last night along with Section Boyz, also Drake has signed with Boy Better Know. Not sure what this does to either of their chances of being at Glasto though Video (looks lit)

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