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  1. Boardmaster 2018 - just for teens?

    We've just bought tickets - 3 in our mid 30s; 1 in his 40s - so you won't be alone!
  2. Parklife 2018

    I am really keen on the line up of this this year - I have only heard bad things tho about atmosphere/organisation/clientele etc. Is it as stabby/chavvy as it's made out to be?
  3. Boardmasters 2018

    Fab thanks - had been looking at VIP and wondering if it was worth it.
  4. Boardmasters 2018

    Hi! Thinking about attending this year, just wondered what the crowd was like age wise? And what the campsites are like. We are early/mid 30s - will we cope camping?! We are usually dairy ground campers at Glasto Thanks!
  5. Arcadia - London

    Yep I contacted them; they said one of the agencies went early without them knowing; and they refunded me the difference.
  6. 2017 on Spotify

    How do you get Shazam to do this please?? It would be very useful!
  7. Acts you don't "get"

    What the heck have I just watched...
  8. What made you cry at Glasto?

    I had a cry at the Greenpeace video in between a couple of artists on the Other stage...it had been a heavy night. Got tearful sat on the hill at the top of the Park looking out at everything before bed on the Sunday. I am generally ice cold and dead inside, Glasto and the aftermath is about the only time I shed a tear.
  9. 2017 - The Changes

    This was a change last year i think, the year before it was great - own bar and toilets! A proper "venue" rather than an open tent. Was disappointed when it changed.
  10. BBC Highlights Show

    I tried to watch it but it made me tearful...maybe in another week or so!!
  11. Glastonbury flu

    Night terrors and horrendous vertigo for me. Get them both every year but this year seems to be worse than normal
  12. Had a look at whether anywhere will let you reserve campers/caravans this far in advance...too old for that queue now!!
  13. Dick move of your festival......

    People chatting through a headline gig...just don't get it! We had a group in front of us for foos, just in front of sound stage so really busy and crammed in; who just chatted all the way through. One of them also spent 50% of the gig on Snapchat - not even with pics of the pyramid, just pics of her and her boyfriend... Lots of people weeing where they shouldn't too; I shouted at a lot of them and kept getting told off by my husband who thought I was going to get beaten up. Generally lovely people tho - just don't get the chatting during a headliner - go further back and have lots of space for your chat or go watch something you want to watch!
  14. New security measures in place

    Awful queues at gate b on the wed, about 5 hours in the heat - horrific, people passing out and having panic attacks. Herded in like cattle. When we got to the search tables, everyone was "searched" - mine consisted of "have you got anything you shouldn't have" and patting my bag down. I would've preferred a proper search that would've at least then made the queue worthwhile - what they had done was endangered everyone's safety without actually increasing security/reducing people taking things they shouldn't in. A lot of ill people around on Wed as a result.
  15. Gate D Status thread 2017

    Not long now!!

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