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  1. Not long now!!
  2. Most of them barely drink either!! All obsessed with gyms and eating chicken and avocado...
  3. Building a shed and destroying the old one - this is practicing hard work in the blazing sunshine which will aid me on Wednesday!!! Going to start packing all my piles later
  4. I'm just going to say it - that's too hot on the wed for queuing and trekking in!!
  5. I took some of the vodka put and put the sweets in and taped the cap too - thanks tho!! Had to add more sweets after so leaving them awhile longer! Edit - I also have done sherbert lemons!!
  6. Off to the supermarket after work to do the booze and baby wipe run!!
  7. It's always 8am
  8. Foo's Anderson Paak DJ Shadow
  9. Haha yes sorry I meant what sort of holder - just the glass bottle they come in? not sure there would be enough room for sweets too!
  10. Thanks both...what do you put it in to go in the dishwasher?! Trip to the shop on my lunch break then
  11. Is it too late to do any infusions?! I completely forgot about it...I wanted to do the mars bar vodka and pear drop vodka...
  12. Did I say that? Or did I just quote the website. No need to be so rude. Anyway, they've replied and said no glass anywhere on site.
  13. Exactly - don't want to burn!!!
  14. Just looked on the website; and it specifically says glass bottle - it doesn't say glass generally:- Please don’t bring anything in a glass bottle (even perfume) it will be confiscated if found So I would assume make up would be OK - I have bought a non glass mirror just in case; and have also emailed them to check Mine is for contacts so have to have one; plus Glasto is an excuse to go WILD on makeup/glitter - not because I want to look good on a selfie!
  15. HA! That was another use I needed it for too Pleased to hear it's decent on arrival!