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  1. Lineup 2018

    On the subject of secret sets, I think Jack White could be a good shout obviously depending on when his album is out and if he’ll be around doing promo at the time
  2. Lineup 2018

    Assuming (dreaming?) the strokes have an album somewhere on the way, they’d be a good co with royal blood
  3. Lineup 2018

    The saddest part of that poster is knowing the Tame Impala crowd will probably just be filled with people waiting for Drake
  4. As someone who has always really liked Ed Sheeran since 2011 (havent seen him live since 2011 and i thought he was amazing live back then), his glasto set really felt like it was lacking something, it wasnt a bad set by any means but on the night it just all felt a bit forgettable
  5. Iffy Turnouts

    Me and my mates were discussing placements in the car home on monday and if we could shuffle the pyramid/other headliners and subs it could've been: Radiohead - The xx Major Lazer Foo - Biffy - Alt-J BBK Ed - Katy Perry The National Towards the end of Biffy we were getting flooded with teens trying to get close for Ed and we ended up in crowd of people who were just talking throughout and didnt care for them
  6. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Justice - 20Phoenix - 19The Flaming Lips - 34Hothouse Flowers - 19Alison Moyet - 9 (-5)Dreadzone - 24
  7. flushing toilets

    I assume you meant Prednisolone, had my fair share of being on those
  8. TBAs

  9. Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    The UK shows they're playing are all a few days apart, do we think it's likely they'll add another London date?
  10. flushing toilets

    Oh that sucks, i dont know how the steroids treat you but they'd be perfect for me at glasto, full energy all the time and need little sleep (and the poo thing sorts itself out obviously)
  11. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Justice - 55 Phoenix - 45 The Flaming Lips - 50 Hothouse Flowers - 50 The Dhol Foundation - 25 Hackney Colliery Band - 35 Alison Moyet - 45 (-5) Dreadzone - 55
  12. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Radiohead - 31 Foo Fighters - 25 Justice - 80 Phoenix - 80 The Flaming Lips - 85 Hothouse Flowers - 74 The Dhol Foundation - 35 Hackney Colliery Band - 50 Alison Moyet - 75 (-5) Dreadzone - 65
  13. Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

    He didnt say it in 2001 and the universe split into two and Glastonbury we used to know is now V Fest in this universe Who would win in a fight a growler or fatboy slim?
  14. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Radiohead - 70Foo Fighters -55Boy Better Know - 25Justice - 100Phoenix - 100Metronomy - 25The Flaming Lips - 100Hothouse Flowers - 75The Dhol Foundation - 50Hackney Colliery Band - 60Alison Moyet - 95 (-5)Dreadzone - 65
  15. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Radiohead - 80Foo Fighters - 60 Boy Better Know - 50The Jacksons - 25 Justice - 110 Phoenix - 105Metronomy - 30 (-5)The Flaming Lips - 100Hothouse Flowers - 70The Dhol Foundation - 50 Hackney Colliery Band - 60Alison Moyet - 115Dreadzone - 65