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  1. Sziget Festival 2018

    Time for predictions... Headliners : Arctic Monkeys,Gorillaz,Eminem,Britney Spears Undercard: Kygo,Mando Diao,Sleaford Mods,Lykke Li ,Netsky,Kaleo,Patti Smith
  2. Sziget Festival 2018

    ahahah this is weird.... is my favourite festival but last year lineup sucks!!!
  3. Mad Cool 2018

    The first gig is Firefly ,and we already know it,the second is an error,this is forecast lineup : https://forecastlefest.com/lineup/#/
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    Actually is 0%,if they announce them, it should rise to 100%
  5. Sziget Festival 2018

    Had Paramore ever headlining at any festival? Why should they do it now that no one follows them anymore?
  6. Sziget Festival 2018

    Exactly, who cares about Paramore?!
  7. Primavera 2018

    Really? Where?
  8. Coachella 2018

    same...who are Migos e Cardi B??
  9. Primavera 2018

    It's clearly a fake, there aren't Daft Punk...
  10. Primavera 2018

    You seem certain sure of this ... Why? Are you one of the daft punk?
  11. Sziget Festival 2018

  12. Lollapalooza Paris 2018

    Lollapalooza 21/22 July, Sziget 8/15 August... i can't see the connection between this 2 festivals...
  13. Inmusic Festival 2018

    Last headliner?