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  1. Just finished watching SPARTACUS
  2. Very good I thought Episode 2 is better
  3. This one was actually single when I met her, any other information is none of your goddamn business
  4. No, she's human
  5. Rebecca
  6. I'm still watching them on my TV
  7. Lost Caprica Fringe Spartacus Past Lives
  8. Watched the first couple of episodes the new version of SPARTACUS last night. If you liked Rome and 300, you'll love it.
  9. Come across this New Zealand TV series. Fans of Lost should enjoy THE CULT
  10. V - 2009 Is suprisingly good..............
  11. This evening I am going to watch the pilot for The Prisoner 2009
  12. The Ultra Deep Field image.....galaxies up to 13 billion light years away. That's light that is 13 billion years old
  13. Being a cynical and sarcastic f**ker, there are few things which amaze or humble me.... THIS SORT OF THING DOES
  14. I shall be watching it tonight
  15. So you missed the bif f**k off battle at the end. I still believe that BSG was the best scifi tv ever made. The Plan is out soon aswell which I'm looking forward too. Caprica should be rather good.