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  1. Just finished watching SPARTACUS
  2. He's a Timelord and this is dumbed down Dr Who for dumbed down audience and therefore they can make it up as they go because he's a Timelord and normally when big time problems are sovled everything goes backwards and its all fixed just like that Master episode with all the silvery bally things in it.
  3. They wouldn't have the intelligence to use it
  4. Electric eels????
  5. Ok I was with it, enjoying it until they switched the gravity off on a spaceship which was on a ....errrhhhh....planet with gravity :P How dos that work then? Also the Dr is obviously gay
  6. That was better
  7. Rufus and Atlantean monitor the Dr Who Sychophants thread
  8. I think we are the only 2 non-sychophants in this thread
  9. Spitfires in space??? Propellers in space??? :P
  10. Spaceship with eyeball big space whale ooohhh look and next week the Darleks AGAIN
  11. Although, the spaceships with huge eyeballs were a bit shit
  12. Very good I thought Episode 2 is better
  13. Is it going to be the Lesbian Vampire Episode CLICK Do they expect it to be disappointing so they are doing a promo tour. "The tour will target hard-to-reach communities relatively underserved by the BBC. The locations are Belfast, Inverness, Sunderland, Salford and Northampton." I didn't know these places were hard to reach
  14. Good Friday 2010 is Friday 2 April Holy Saturday 2010 is Saturday 3 April Easter Sunday 2010 is Sunday 4 April Easter Monday 2010 is Monday 5 April
  15. I don't hate it, it continuously disappoints and underwhelmes. And, is this the Holy Sepulchre of Dr Who where none must criticise, on pain of extermination? In other words, an ubber-geek thread were people get motified when their deity is percieved as anything other than fantastic.