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  1. Lineup 2018

    Ahhh my bad, I misinterpreted what you put. New song is fucking great.
  2. Lineup 2018

    Yeah I guess, but they headlined the John Peel stage at Glasto on the last tour so if they can maintain that level then I think that's about where HAIM would be. But 4 years is obv a long time and Glasto has a different audience so it's hard to judge. That's true about the crowd but I'd be right near the front of the tent and very drunk so I think I wouldn't mind too much. And there's more than "some" phenomenal tracks on Congratulations imo, it's a better album than Oracular Spectacular. One of my all time favourites. To be fair I've been a bit harsh on the self titled calling it awful, it's just that run from Your Life Is A Lie through to I Love You Too Death that is crap. Tour dates would be very welcome and I'd be interested to see the venues they're playing. Probably likely for the Albert Hall in Manchester.
  3. Lineup 2018

    I'd like to think MGMT are in with a shout of headlining the NME. They're probably on a similar level to HAIM for example? And surely a bigger deal than Friendly Fires who have been suggested. Anyway, new single incoming from them after 4 years since their last album (which was awful after two pretty much perfect ones) so we'll see how that goes down. Really excited to hear it as I've read good things from people who have heard some of their new material live in America over the summer.
  4. Lineup 2018

    NME have just claimed they've learned it isn't true. SAD!
  5. Lineup 2018

    Rumours floating about on twitter that Catfish and the Bottlemen have split up. I won't believe it til it's official but I'm pretty excited about the prospect.
  6. Lineup 2018

    Oh yeah, scrap that haha. I was thinking it was Kasabian.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Yeah I didn't mention them for this reason, the smallest headliner seems to be the last one announced since I've been following it over the last few years. Your point about Arctic Monkeys is true though, we'll have to see.
  8. Lineup 2018

    I think we'll find out whether The Killers are playing or not in the first announcement. Their UK tour is in November and is completely sold out so I don't see a reason for them to not be the first headliner announced if they are playing.
  9. Lineup 2018

    That's a fair point, I completely forgot about the QOTSA "open air shows" quote until just now too so it probably won't be them. Kendrick/AM/The Killers then, even better.
  10. Lineup 2018

    I think The Drums is a good shout for FR headliner, enjoyed them the other night and they seem about the right size. I'd like to think those 30STM dates will sell horribly, surely they're not relevant in 2017. I heard that new song again the other day and fuck me it's bad. R&L would be really stupid not to book King Kenny to headline imo, assuming he'll be around at the time of course. Kendrick, QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys would be sick, and seems fairly realistic at this point.
  11. Kendrick Lamar

    Just bagged some Manchester tickets through O2 Priority (which actually linked to Ticketmaster). It came to £164 for 2 standing tickets which is vile but fuck it, this is gonna be great.
  12. Kendrick Lamar

    Gonna try get onto O2 priority in the morning, does anyone know what the ticket limit is? I've not been able to find it anywhere. I'm guessing it's 4-6?
  13. Kendrick Lamar

    Manchester Arena website says £50-95 (pre fees) so appears to be the same as Glasgow.
  14. Kendrick Lamar

    I like the optimism above. If it's "only" £60 I'll be made up, especially with such a great support.
  15. Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah, here's a screenshot to show what RyanS is saying. Looks like it could be nearly £60 for the shit seats and nearly £110 everywhere else. Wow.