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  1. If there was no glamping then wouldn't those people just stay in hotels instead?
  2. It was announced months before this, so they must be really scrambling for someone decent or they're gonna stick some no marks on. I'm happy with just Feeder tbf so anything else is a bonus.
  3. There's a waiting list on DICE if anyone ticketless isn't aware of that, get yourself on there. I've had success on there with sold out gigs in the past. I feel like I'm an advert for DICE atm so sorry for that but it really is great haha.
  4. Please never suggest a Killers/RTJ clash again. Thanks.
  5. I've only been to 3 years so I'll do a short and sweet one: 1) The Killers - John Peel - 2017 2) LCD Soundsystem - Other - 2016 3) Hot Chip - West Holts - 2015 4) Radiohead - Pyramid - 2017 5) Run The Jewels - Pyramid - 2017
  6. I think London still has tickets available for both nights btw. Pricier tickets though and ofc it involves trekking to London but just mentioning it in case it's a possibility for you and you've assumed it's sold out mate.
  7. I know a lad who tried at 9am on the dot and didn't get any cos they sold out when he was entering payment details.
  8. I've had someone do this once or twice too. I think it's a proper dick move knowing your mate really wants to go to something and not even making the effort to get up on time. DICE was a piece of cake for me too, must have got Saturday WHP booked less than 10 seconds after 9am. My mate got through too in the same time. Amazing app. And £35 for LCD (+ whatever else will be on that night) in the current climate of gig prices seems a bargain to me.
  9. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll for me too. Was probably my favourite Killers song I was yet to hear live and I didn't think for a second it would make the cut for an hour set. That intro got me ridiculously hyped.
  10. There were a few people sat in chairs about 30 rows back at the Pyramid in between Craig David and RTJ on Saturday when everyone was moving about trying to get into/out of the crowd. Absolute fucking idiots. Of course chairs should be allowed but not anywhere that close to the stage.
  11. Yeah they've really cut back on the huge acts. They didn't get a fella this year who played 2 or 3 consecutive nights at Wembley last year, and had something like 15 songs in the top 16 of the singles chart.
  12. Radiohead have legendary status and they were absolutely phenomenal on Friday, I'm not trying to knock them. But more people would have shown up the see The Killers. I think plenty of people will be getting into Hot Fuss now, it's always talked about as one of the best albums of the 00s in the media. If they were that irrelevant, they wouldn't have been able to sell out Hyde Park in like less than a day after going away for a few years. If you've avoided news of their new album then I don't see what that proves really, I've seen it talked about by your Radio 1s and NMEs, and it's not even got a release date or a cover or a tracklist or anything yet, you've just not seen it. It's not gone under the radar.
  13. It wouldn't be a groundbreaking or particularly interesting booking, but how many pyramid headliners are? There's always at least 1 or 2 of those out of the 3. Loads of people would want to see them and that's clearly all that matters in terms of how Glasto go about booking headliners. They'd be a bigger booking than Radiohead and they're no less "relevant" than the Foo Fighters. I think if there was a Glastonbury in 2018 they'd be perfect.
  14. Most of the arguments against The Killers being booked in this thread are simply "I don't like them". That's not relevant at all.
  15. Fair point mate. I just think it's one thing to suggest banning kids from attending (that's something I disagree with but I can kind of understand someone making a case for it), but to ban literal adults from the festival is an insane suggestion. I'm sure OP went out and enjoyed themselves before they turned 21, but hey now they're past that age let's ban people that age from doing so.