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  1. I agree that Paramore wouldn't get 2 hours. Prob an hour and a half but maybe 1hr45. While we're on Paramore, feel cheeky to ask but if anyone has an O2 priority account they wouldn't mind me using for the presale tomorrow it'd be much appreciated. Worth a shot eh.
  2. Yeah I was thinking that, they'd have to think very little of the new album to play that little of it, especially if that was the album with which they moved up to outright headliner.
  3. Yeah, the tracks Liquid State and Save Me. I'm telling you their names so you can make sure you don't listen to them haha. The latter especially is horrendous.
  4. Comparing Paramore to Foals is a bizarre one. Hard Times is not even remotely similar to anything Foals have put out. It would have been nice if they'd left most of the experiments from The 2nd Law and Drones in the studio. Especially the ones where the bassist sings.
  5. Not hearing Chvrches in it at all. I'd compare it to The 1975 and Walk The Moon. Great song though, should be really fun live.
  6. Ah at the Llandudno date which my mate went to it was just 15 which I think is a copout, even more frustrating if you went there only to see they'd upped it to 17 at the later gigs. An hour and a half is ok yeah it's hard to complain with that, but as you say bare minimum, anything less is criminal.
  7. Manchester Apollo tweeted £35-£42.50, so Bristol will be roughly the same. I'm expecting £35 + fees for the seats at the back and £42.50 + fees for everywhere else. Could end up close to £50, so not cheap. I'm prob gonna go though, be better than seeing them in arenas and I'm not banking on fancying Leeds next year. Just hope they're not one of those bands that skimp on the set cos they're playing smaller venues. I'd have been gutted if I'd paid £50 to see Kasabian last week and got just 15 songs including 4 off 48:13. If bands are gonna charge normal price then they should play a normal length set.
  8. Had to look up who they were and I feel like I'm probably more clued up than a decent percentage of R&L attendees (trying to word this is a non snobby way but struggling), so I would assume not. Will have to check them out though if they're alongside those two headliners.
  9. Hahahaha shit. Not sure how I managed that one. Still, Glastonbury often seems to be excluded when talking exclusivity, Future Islands a good example from this year. I'm gonna hold out that little bit of hope they could be added.
  10. The Killers v Run The Jewels would hurt. Jamie T v The Cribs seems very unlikely. Looks a pretty solid start that though for me. I can't even think of a reason why RTJ aren't there this year? To be playing a gig with Eminem and Danny Brown who are both of course at R&L that week and not be there themselves is very odd. And it's not like there's nowhere to put them, could easily fit them in on main stage Muse day. I'm assuming that they're an English exclusive at Field Day or some shit, maybe there's a small chance that they're being held back from the R&L lineup until Field Day has been and gone, or sold out.
  11. I really hope they don't play a load of new unreleased stuff. Never as good as hearing a song you already love.
  12. Ah brilliant. Although I've just read there's potentially going to he a writers' strike starting early May, and that last time that happened it lasted a few months and things like this were all cancelled. I have no idea how much truth there is to that, mind.
  13. They're gonna be on Saturday Night Live on May 6. I think bands play just the one song on there? But not sure. Still it'll be a new song for us to hear and hopefully that'll coincide with an album announcement.
  14. Nobody's agreed with me so if two of you are saying that then we'll go with that haha.
  15. I can't decide which it sounds more like but it reminds me a lot of Neighborhood #2's chorus, and also Crown Of Love.