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  1. Haha nah, he's the absolute last act I want to see there this year. Makes even the Foo Fighters seem kind of appealing.
  2. We were in Glastonbury the town for about 11am last year and didn't make it to the carpark until about 6 or 7pm. I wouldn't have wanted to have been sat in traffic all day knowing I'd sacrificed the Sunday to do so. Sunday all the way for me, especially as your favourite act on the lineup could be playing that day.
  3. Album April 28. Intimate tour: Wed 12 April - LLANDUDNO Venue Cymru Thu 13 April - BIRMINGHAM 02 Academy Sat 15 April - NEWPORT, Newport CentreSun 16 April - SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, Cliffs PavillionTue 18 April LONDON, The ForumWed 19 April - LONDON, The ForumThu 20 April - LONDON, The ForumSat 22 April - DUBLIN, Olympia Source: http://radiox.co.uk/artists/kasabian/news/confirm-album-title-for-cyring-out-loud-tour/#yrBZqt8zKP5MOqlV.99
  4. The quotation marks too. What the fuck?! Wondering if just the black bit is the album cover or something. Not that that would be much better.
  5. Hahahaha, is that defo legit? Don't even know what to say. Absolute garbage and I rarely have an opinion either way on album artwork. Trying way too hard to be weird.
  6. Really like that actually. Maybe it's cos I had such low expectations that I'm enjoying it and given time it'll be boring, but this is half promising for the new album.
  7. Have Foals for example had a ridiculously huge album though? Also by 2019 Wolf Alice could potentially be onto album 3. Defo wouldn't rule out them becoming subs, especially if the festival make an effort to have females in prominent slots. There was a lot of hype about them when the first album came out, I think as long as the next one is pretty good it doesn't need to be spectacular and they could take off.
  8. I saw Goat Girl support Parquet Courts in October, thought they were OK but all their songs seemed to follow the same formula and didn't really go anywhere. A bit meh. One of the first acts on JP or Park sounds right to me.
  9. I'd love it to happen but it's so unlikely. Subbing, maybe.
  10. Ah I got mixed up and was thinking they played 2014. I'd guess they only did 'Do I Wanna Know?' and 'R U Mine?' then last time? Not as bad as I first thought then but still think they should look elsewhere first.
  11. Yeah I was wondering if Drake is appropriate too. He's clearly huge but if you compare him to Kanye, who I suppose is the most similar headliner in recent years, he hasn't got anything on the level of Gold Digger, Power, Stronger etc. Really not convinced he'd get a good crowd at Glasto, personally think he's shite so I hope it doesn't happen. There's absolutely no way Paramore are playing on the pyramid imo. Headlining the other, maybe. That'd be fun if they got booked but can't see past R&L and/or Download for them.
  12. Arctic Monkeys coming back after one new album would be a lazy, lazy booking. I don't even think Muse or Coldplay have done that. Not to say it won't happen. I can't see R&L getting The 1975 first and then Glastonbury having them on the same album cycle. I think they will eventually headline but if R&L get them first I'd say it would be more likely to be after album 4.
  13. I didn't realise they come over that irregularly tbf. Can see how there are people dying to see them then. The DICE thing works really well. You get a text saying you have an hour or so to book the tickets that have come up, if you don't they go to the next people on the waiting list. It sorted me out for Death Grips a few months ago, great service.
  14. They were over here last year. Not touring very often doesn't give you a right to charge more anyway. £47 is insane imo, Pixies at the Apollo a few months ago for example was a tenner less than that and they're a bigger act easily. I'd quite like to see Weezer but I imagine only huge fans will be up for paying that.
  15. £47 is decent? Fuck me, what's expensive for an academy gig then?