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  1. It's now 4 hours since we parked and we are still queuing outside d.
  2. Perfection is a cool cloudy morning for sleeping, bright sunny afternoon 20-22 degrees, pretty sunset, then cloudy night (as keeps it warmer than clear skies). Repeat five times.
  3. Temperature doesn't matter much if it's dry (in fact cool temps have benefits for getting sleep in the morning), but once you get some mud you really want warm temperatures to sort the mud out quickly.
  4. Yeah, there's not so much. Hang out in Vivary Park if the weather's nice?
  5. Could also bring a back up powder, leave one in car and then if you get unlucky on the first run you could try again. I suspect the searches will be looking for weapons etc plus glass bottles, so something small like a powder, tucked away somewhere, may well not be looked at.
  6. I'm sure they would if they found it as they're very strict on glass, but that would always have been the case, not just this year. Only difference this year is maybe they're more likely to find it.
  7. Yes - the queen doesn't 'make a decision' and the largest party have first dibs on forming a government.
  8. Could this not raise some eyebrows if searched and found at the gates? I use some supplements but always keep them in their original packaging as otherwise they just look like random capsules which could be anything.
  9. It was early-mid evening if I recall. I had to walk up to gate A to meet someone around midnight and it had stopped but then.
  10. Yeah, it did properly chuck it down in the Thursday night, I remember we were sheltering in the tent for some hours, but after that it made a quick recovery.
  11. Yes - but polling individual constituencies is difficult online, and telephone polling would be prohibitively expensive on a large scale (hence why 'proper' constituency polling is generally only used for specific marginal seats of interest, rather than on a wider scale).
  12. There are some further details of this modelling exercise (it's not a poll, but additional analysis based on multiple polls) on the YouGov website: https://yougov.co.uk/news/2017/05/31/how-yougov-model-2017-general-election-works/
  13. On the subject of bands using backing tracks, this is a good, balanced article: http://www.qthemusic.com/910/guest-column-backing-tracks-killing-live-music-public-service-broadcasting/ Also 'A bit more track in the monitor' by Beans on Toast is a great song on the topic.
  14. Flaming Lips, probably Foos, probably Justice.
  15. Thanks, that does look good. Although having done a bit of looking I'm now wondering about the ones with a water bottle holder included...