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  1. Lineup 2014

    Latest rumour - Sonisphere is cancelled ...again.
  2. Lineup 2014

    EDIT - I've PMd you to get this debate/argument/conversation off the thread.
  3. Lineup 2014

    "A kid who still has nappy rash" - considering your quick look at my profile would have told you I've been a forum member for over 8 and a half years, I'll leave you to work out that I'm probably over a certain age (post counts don't count for everything...just ask gazza!). You weren't aware an "intelligent argument was required"? - is it your default to give an unintelligent argument and only give one with some thought when specifically asked? How odd! Discussing attitudes towards drug abuse won't change a thing - actually it will, particularly if you're discussing stigmatisation, which we were. I didn't mean to insult you. Your views are undeniably persecuting and bigoted, I would have thought you were quite aware, if not proud, of that. And you openly admit that you didn't put forward an intelligent argument so I can't see why you were insulted. Feel free to reply via pm if you wish to continue the conversation. As we have both pointed out, a festival forum isn't the place and we can leave the good people to discuss Reading 2014 I look forward to it.
  4. Lineup 2014

    Ok, since you don't actually have anything that even resembles an intelligent argument to put forward, and I can see that you have no intention of picking up a book and having your persecuting views tested, for the sake of the thread, I'll leave you to your bigotry. Thank you for furthering my point though .
  5. Lineup 2014

    True and a fair point. I probably should have put 'many addicts' as I shouldn't have generalised. My main point was that a large number of addicts use substances as a means of escapism and that usually comes from a feeling of displeasure with their lives or, more commonly the case, past (the number of addicts in rehab who have been abused as children is huge). Slipping onto harder drugs is usually a product of seeking a harder/longer/more instantaneous route to escape reality.
  6. Lineup 2014

    Wow, what a reaction. I wasn't trying to wind you up, although some how it appears I managed to. Unfortunately, your rant presents three schools of thought towards those suffering from addiction which are indicative of an anti-progressive and (I hope) dying view. The first is, "the best thing for 'junkies' to do is stop wasting our time, money and oxygen and crawl under a rock somewhere to die". Of course, the grand irony of this view is that addicts are addicts because they don't like themselves and everyone else calling them 'scum' and telling them to "OD and die" only creates a circular pattern of hurt and addiction. The second school of thought is that anyone with money should be able to buy their way out of addiction...again this is a complete fallacy, I can't be bothered to explain why but if it isn't obvious to you then it, rather unfortunately, never will be. The third is trickier, and that is the behaviour of people suffering from addiction. Is the behaviour of the majority of addicts acceptable? Of course not. Is it better to: a) call the junkie c**ts and make them live on the streets together; b. lock them in jail; c) do everything you can to try and help them against the cause of their behaviour i.e. their addiction. Personally I fall down on c) but I understand the hard-line view of b., even if I fundamentally don't agree with it. I fail to see the point in a). I'm not sure how this all fits in of your view of me trying to be 'politically correct' but I don't think trying to change views and opinions on addiction counts as being PC. My preference would be for more people to have a greater understanding of addiction and all that it brings, rather than spouting the rhetoric similar to your above rant. I hope I've given you a quick understanding and you'll look a bit more into it now but really that's your choice. Apologies for the long post....back to Reading 2014!
  7. Lineup 2014

    That's the spirit!
  8. Lineup 2014

    Pete Doherty is ill. I understand people don't like the music but I'd encourange everyone not to use the fact that he suffers addiction as an insult against his music. Sorry, the word 'junkie' really grates with me, it's condescending, offensive and only perpetuates an awful stereotype. People with addiction need help and support, not judgement and labeling. That being said, I agree that (bar one Libertines tracks) his music isn't terribly exciting and Babyshambles are a very 'meh'. Live music scenes change depending on what you're into. I've gone a year without going to a major (above small venue) gig and then the following year spent a fortune on tours from small academies to stadiums.
  9. Cheers mate, what a bunch of miserable c**ts. Is Reading actually gonna be full of people like that this year? Haha