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  1. There's no way anyone at Sonisphere is thick enough to look at the numbers that Download did this year and think "oh yeah, what the UK festival market needs next summer is two big heavy music festivals"
  2. No pressure then!
  3. Not sure why people thought Oasis were going to reunite at this anyway. Would completely overshadow the whole thing.
  4. Surely can't be any worse than what Deaf Havana have done with their "fan chosen" set at 2000 Trees, where you're not allowed to pick half of their back catalogue.
  5. I'm so confused
  6. Tbf didn't they do that with Toxicity at Reading?
  7. Oh wait were System meant to have an album out?
  8. I think with BMTH it depends on when they start the new album cycle. There doesn't seem to be any signs of it coming any time soon, but if they haven't really announced anything by the end of the year, I'd be surprised if they ended up headlining anywhere. Surely even Copping wouldn't book them unless he knew there was an album coming, although I suppose he did it with System of a Down.
  9. Wouldn't trust a word Tom Delonge says tbh
  10. You can't really have While She Sleeps headline one night and Enter Shikari headline it the other night.
  11. Andy C confirmed the clash yeah. Think he said that 2nd won't run during Aerosmith because Aerosmith didn't want to clash with Slayer.
  12. Anyone got a clashfinder that has the end to Sunday right? Only ones that ive seen have there being no clash with Aerosmith and Dillinger, when think they are clashing arent they?
  13. I hope not. Don't mind that album but that sort of thing should be reserved for tours only. It's alright at fests where it's a massively known album and band, but how many of the DL punters give two shits about 'Rise or Die Trying'.
  14. The only reason I see Ozzy being likely is that they'll have to cash in on having him as a solo headliner sooner rather than later. I don't think a headliner trio of: Metallica, Avenged and Ozzy particularly screams "come on kids, come to Download :)" which seems to be what they're kinda trying to do now.
  15. Would be shite. Just give us headline shows ffs.