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  1. Headliners might be bigger but I wouldn't take any of them over Refused or Twin Atlantic personally. Frank Carter a good one but a year or two from being big enough to headline or co headline for me.
  2. Well yeah but if you stick them all on main you don't need to and people feel less conned in buying a ticket
  3. Creeper definitely won't be there due to Warped Tour
  4. I don't know really. I get that they don't have hugely similar fanbases, but I think for example a 3 band clash between Enter Shikari, Neck Deep and Bowling For Soup would be ridiculous. I'd argue if those 3 were on Main Stage they'd attract the 3 biggest crowds of the weekend.
  5. I reckon that looks as good or better than last year with a decent set of headliners. Not sure why they've gone down the co-headliner route either - makes the whole thing quite strange. From the way their website describes it, it seems like Nothing But Thieves will go on after Frank Carter which seems incredibly brave. I think if you replaced Slaves and Nothing But Thieves with bands that aren't seemingly popping up at every UK festival this summer then it would almost match last year. I'm not a massive Lower Than Atlantis fan but I would've thought having them headline outright would do more for their career/the festival long term than a co-headline with Slaves, but I suppose if they've seen LTA's live show recently, who could blame them for not trusting them to headline outright.
  6. Neck Deep headlining a stage would be a huge PR risk for them as they get a lot of shit when people can't get in rooms to see bands. If that happened for Neck Deep the kids would go mental. Wouldn't bother me personally as would get closer to front for Enter Shikari.
  7. Imagine the majority of those will end up there. With the likes of Boston Manor, Dead!, Bury Tomorrow, Milk Teeth it will depend on whether they're at Warped Tour or not I guess.
  8. Gnarwoves are already there aren't they?
  9. That's 100 percent Rivers trolling for the lolz. At one of the shows on the last tour he announced there were playing Reading and Leeds last year, again just for the lolz.
  10. They can't book the same bands every year though. Download hasn't snatched thaaat many prospective bands away from them. There's a fair few but it's not Slam Dunk's fault if you have a limited pool of bands you like and are unwilling or don't want to check anyone else out.
  11. I'd say if there's only two acts on there for you then it's not the right festival for you.
  12. I don't mind Lower Than Atlantis but they are one of worst live bands I've ever seen. Definitely a massively underwhelming choice for a festival headliner if it's them.
  13. Think the first 3 are all at Download so would be surprised to see any or all of them there
  14. I don't get the hatred for Redshift. Not a huge fan but was definitely made with arenas and bigger shows in mind which is fine imo.
  15. Nah they'll be back to headline on a new album