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  1. Would be shite. Just give us headline shows ffs.
  2. The Fireball stage is in the far side near to the entrance so not really near the main stage that much. The outside stage in the courtyard is just as close to the main stage as this one and that's always been fine.
  3. I think he could well put in one of the worst sub headline performances ever seen at Download if he got the slot. Of course there's a chance he could turn up and smash it too, but would be a really risky move I think.
  4. Fireball isn't that close really on the map. Unless by in the same area you mean that they're both outside.
  5. Hope to see a lot of people rocking the Corbyn Converge t-shirt
  6. Not too bad. Interesting placements with Twenty One Pilots and You Me At Six. I wonder if Twenty One Pilots would sell enough tickets for Download to warrant a sub headline slot. Think You Me At Six headlining 2nd would be right for them but could see a Bullet type situation where they think they're better than that slot.
  7. BMTH have said they don't want to co headline though.
  8. Very slim
  9. In fairness to blink 182 they're one of the few who have never really gone the pop route and kept the same sound. Arguably even kicked Delonge out to do so. Remains to be seen whether that will pay off for them in comparison to the long term future of bands like Paramore, FOB and Panic though.
  10. I think a Riot style record would be a terrible idea for a band like Paramore in 2017. Look at the landscape of rock and alternative music at the minute and what their peers like FOB and Panic have had success with. They don't lose anything with the alternative crowd either as their festivals and magazines are still desperate for money enough that they'll still get booked and loads of free press, plus the additional coverage and festival slots at more indie and mainstream festivals. It's a no brainer and a win win situation for these bands.
  11. I quite like it and think they will still play Download at some point. Andy said he'd book them loads in the past year, they're last album was just as poppy as this.
  12. Not sure what you were expecting from it tbh. Did you really think they'd go angsty or rocky again? That would be both dated as a sound and an awful career move.
  13. Don't think Jawbreaker was ever as big a deal over here. Definitely better off doing their own shows I imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if Copping went for Paramore even with that single being like what it is
  14. Make sense at Download. Wouldn't say they're more suited at Download than a lot of the bands there this year though, as Download is very clearly changing what it is to be a Download band.
  15. Think they've changed a lot of the infrastructure around the roads and parking this year, so hard to tell. They've changed it to improve it though so hopefully not that bad Have you been before? Would say as long as you're not super close it will be fairly easy to see if you're a bit further back and not proper up close behind people. There's screens too which helps you see even if you're not that tall. They've even got rid of the titty cam in recent years so much more kiddy friendly, although I know I would've been loving the titty cam at 10 in fairness.