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  1. What a terrifying place it is. People die left right and centre and it's covered up. I saw a man literally starve to death in The Park field last year.
  2. Hahah! We're wanted men.
  3. Yes.
  4. Hot dog! We have a weiner!
  5. You'll have to specify which end. Stop sniggering at the back.
  6. Another wrong answer I'm afraid. Beardy is yours truly.
  7. Are you a gambling man? I hope not, because you have just lost sums of cash.
  8. It's unlikely to have been approved unfortunately. When you send your details off an actual person has to verify them, as far as I know.
  9. Going with these and 10+ more. All my best mates, the other half, my brother. Mostly Glasgow based Scots, some living down in the big smoke, with the odd Swede and Englander thrown in for diversity. We all love our music, and love a good binge, so Glastonbury is our nirvana. Belting out All My Friends at LCD Soundsytem with these c**ts is one of my favourite ever moments. If it's the last thing I think of before I die, I'll be going happy. Bonus @SwedgeAntilles in this picture.
  10. They'd be lost on the Pyramid, especially given how early they'd have to go on. Back in the JPT, higher up the bill, seems a good shout. Has there been any rumblings about where they might play?
  11. The way you worded your comment made it seem like you were playing it for laughs rather than recounting an actual story, so if you say it happened then accept my apologies.
  12. I don't believe that you pissed yourself in your car. Twice. In the space of two weeks.
  13. How does it go again? One efestivals poster in Glasgow, there's only one efestivals poster in Glaaaasgow!
  14. Hey!