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  1. Stay up late and get up early. I live fast sure, live too bloody fast sometimes. But die young? Die old. That's the way I...not orthodox. I don't live by "the rules". And if there's one person who has influenced me in that way of thinking, someone who is a maverick, someone who does 'that' to the system, then it's Ian Botham.
  2. Crazy Talk Is An Understatment is actaully my favourite Radiohead track
  3. What's the general consensus for where RtJ will play? West Holts? Will they headline?
  4. I was really sceptical, before I watched this, that someone else's amateur footage could get me excited. But, despite us having very different festival expierences, your video got me so hyped. Wolf Alice helped.
  5. A pain in arse business trip to New York City is still a free trip to New York City.
  6. Your job takes you to New York though, so I don't have much sympathy for you...
  7. Wed, Thu, Fri and the whole following week off for this bear. Me and Mrs Solider had a couple of nights away at a spa hotel the week after last year. Spent the Wednesday and Thursday by a pool/sweating out the badness in a sauna, it was perfect. Going back on the Tuesday is just not an option.
  8. +1 for Kagoule. Their first album is a cracker, can't wait for number 2. Hoping for a farm appearance off the back of it this year.
  9. The 1975 (or possibly Foals) Arctic Monkeys Oasis.
  10. Foals were absolutely guff last year. If they were ever going to get the chance to headline, I think they blew it with that insipid performance.
  11. Did someone say hats?
  12. It absolutely will not be the biggest selling album of all time, that's insanity. Thriller sold 65m copies!
  13. Heart skipped a beat there when I saw a poster being posted. That's not fair.
  14. Mad keen on that Idles track. Heard a couple of their tunes before, been meaning to dig a bit deeper. Is the album on Spotify? Really enjoyed the latest Moon Duo EP as well. Haven't got round to listening to the first album yet.