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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40703541
  2. 2019 Headliners

    Agreed. I really don't get all the fuss. They write proper bangers like What Went Down and Inhaler, then fill their albums with insipid, wishy washy dross like Mountain at the Gates. Went to see the sub set last year, wanted to give them a chance because is heard they were great live, but I was bored senseless.
  3. The best place to **** was ****

    Surely not...?
  4. The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    What a fucking trooper that girl is. Wow.
  5. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Found out tonight we have a wedding that weekend, so I now hope the line up's guff...
  6. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I don't think he was actively comparing Ed and George as musicians. More just drawing the parallels of the quiet guitarist in the huge band stepping out from the shadows on his own.
  7. Peeing on the land - festival not doing enough

    If you get caught pissing on the ground it should result in an automatic removal from site and a one year ban on your reg number.
  8. Peeing on the land - festival not doing enough

    There's no excuse for pissing on the ground. None. If you're a grown adult you either hold it in until one's available, or be smarter with your toilet visits so you don't end up at the point of bursting. As an aside, I lost the amour of times I walked up to a longdrop with a huge queue, only to walk round the other side and find almost no one there. Don't think I waiting any longer than a few minutes for one the whole 5 days.
  9. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Friday - LCD Saturday - Arctic Monkeys Sunday - Green Day (They'd be guaranteed a sell out that day after the cancellation fiasco last week)
  10. Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

  11. 2017 New Music Thread

    Yuk Foo is a filthy banger! Really like this one as well, I sort of know what you mean about I being background music though. I felt like a man album bridging track, rather than a second single, but it really builds towards the end. Can see it working better live.
  12. Monday morning sunrise on the hill, Glastonbury 2017

    We took this from the other side of the site at what looks like almost the exact same time! It's obviously nowhere near as professional as yours, but there's a nice symmetry, so I thought it was worth posting.
  13. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I got pretty much everything I wanted at GF, so if they play The Bends or Planet Telex on Friday I will shit the bed.
  14. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Bizarre. Who are all these people who are paying money to see Radiohead but don't mark out when they play stuff like this?
  15. Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    What a little bastard. Shame on him.