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  1. Royal Blood

    Great first half of the song and then breaks down into a samey solo which ruins it for me. Promising but potential to let down.... However what else were we expecting them to bring out?!
  2. 2017 festival

    well that cleared that up then
  3. 2017 festival

    will royal blood be lighting up reading/leeds this year?
  4. 2019 Headliners

  5. Headliner predictions 2017

    Radiohead> Muse. That's just obvious. Adele=Ed both huge in their own rights and can't see much of difference. Both could sell Wembley 7 nights on trot if they wanted. Coldplay > foos. I'm sorry whatever you lot think of Coldplay they are worldwidely more successful than foos and also their Sunday slot last year was epic. Yes Coldplay can bore off now they've milked this album far too long but they are undoubtedly bigger than foos
  6. Headliner predictions 2017

    3 white male/ guitar playing headliners.... brexit is the true winner here
  7. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Anyone else seen nick grimshaws tweet around a "BIG" surprise from ed sheeran at the brits tomorrow?
  8. Other Stage 2017

    Sounds like another "muse are playing lower down the pyramid/headline other stage" gag from someone
  9. Headliner predictions 2017

    Surprised no one is talking about royal blood support FF. they supported them at Mk bowl last time in UK. Or are RB an exclusive else where?
  10. Headliner predictions 2017

    Lmao that Radiohead fan boys are claiming Gaga is past her peak
  11. Headliner predictions 2017

    Thinking about most of the headliner predictions being Sheeran/Foos/Radiohead/ stone roses, doesn't this go against what the eavis' are trying to do by getting women involved as much as possible. Gaga has an album next year aswell, can see Beyoncé perhaps?
  12. Headliner predictions 2017

    Sheeran down to 2/1 now. Odds don't mean a lot necassarily but to go from 20/1 to 2/1 must mean some hefty betting in 24 hours. Guessing the sun story has a lot to do with it
  13. Headliner predictions 2017

    It's almost felt like 2016 never happened with how quick these rumours have come round for 2017. The fact they have already supposedly booked them surely means they will be leaked before Christmas some how
  14. Headliner predictions 2017

    I've punted on it. Both teams to score is likely to happen. With Wales having key suspensions I think it's very likely. It's a free bet, go for it
  15. Headliner predictions 2017

    Portugal to win tomorrow and Both teams to score. 45 off 10.