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  1. If you are talking the normal pop ups not the Air, then you would be OK in a 2 man, but I've got both, and the three man just gives you that extra space. If you can go for the three. the only drawback is that the disc when folded is about 30% bigger - not a huge problem though. I used the 2 man last couple of years but now I have the 3 man, would not want to go back if i didn't have to. The three man gives that extra flexibility and worth paying a little extra for.
  2. I've got one night shift and I'm sure that it will come into its own trying to sleep through the morning after that. The other shifts are a late and an early so no real problems there.
  3. Looking good dated 8/6/17
  4. I wouldn't worry. Apart from when he is on the Avalon Stage on Sunday, look who we've got looking out for us:
  5. Yes, it is a Vango Gear Store. It is not a Quechua bit of kit so not specifically designed for the Quechua tents, but is a universal fit. Got mine off ebay for around £40 delivered but they are around £60 in camping shops opnline and the cheapest i can find now on ebay is £50 delivered:
  6. Set it up inside (or tried to) - not really enough room and not pegged out or any guys used so all looks saggy and floppy.Will all tighten up when pegged and guyed. However, bucketing down outside so don't want to get it all wet. However, the Gear store fits the F&B three man pop up absolutely perfectly. There is a guy on the elasticated bit of the gear store that will, if needed attach to the rear of the tent to anchor it, but that should not be needed unless there is a howling wind. The elasticated section on the store stretches to the exact dimensions of the F&B pop up tents. It will basically double the available space in the tent, although you can make it smaller by sliding it further back over the tent if you want. You can easily sit in a camping chair in the extension. Cannot fully stand up, but you can if stooping. No groudsheet in the extension, but just take a big ikea bag or similar to put wet boots etc in. When weather improves going to do a full trial set up so might update then
  7. Was me and yes, that is exactly the combination I have - a three man F&B plus the gear store (£40 odd from ebay). Was going to set it all up inside so will take some pics and post if wanted.
  8. PSB a great addition - loved them since I saw them at Glastonbury a couple of years ago in the Glade. Wish they would edit the lineup page and take Grandaddy off though.
  9. Tickets arrived today, Royal Mail signed.....Whoo!!
  10. I've bought the Quechua Fresh&Black 3 man (just for me!) as well and am popping one of these on the front for extra space if its hoying it down:
  11. And then it'll be back to the normal denigration of public services for political ends, and continual undermining of powers that assist in preventing the movement of such extremists by sham extremist cover groups such as this. Also, they cannot afford to remain at Critical for more than a week or two if it can be helped- costs an absolute fortune.
  12. A long drop is a Privvy. The Privy Council is something entirely separate. Anyway, People need to relax and step back a bit and maybe pause before furiously typing away and getting themselves all worked up.
  13. I suppose that could be called grudging acceptance! No police canteens any more either.....:)
  14. I thought your opinion of police was that they were all (summarising from memory) 'brutal, violent, lying c*nts' or has your opinion softened?
  15. Please tell me you're not part of the 'false flag' loons who come out of the woodwork in every event such as this. Nothing can compare with the agony that many families will be undergoing this morning and in the future. But it would be worth recognising that the police and paramedics that were running towards the scene last night whilst victims were fleeing, will carry, with the rest of the emergency and support services deployed to the zone last night, their own horrific experiences and memories and trying to carry on regardless. You are no fan but it is at times like this that their raison d'etre is apparent.