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  1. And then it'll be back to the normal denigration of public services for political ends, and continual undermining of powers that assist in preventing the movement of such extremists by sham extremist cover groups such as this. Also, they cannot afford to remain at Critical for more than a week or two if it can be helped- costs an absolute fortune.
  2. A long drop is a Privvy. The Privy Council is something entirely separate. Anyway, People need to relax and step back a bit and maybe pause before furiously typing away and getting themselves all worked up.
  3. I suppose that could be called grudging acceptance! No police canteens any more either.....:)
  4. I thought your opinion of police was that they were all (summarising from memory) 'brutal, violent, lying c*nts' or has your opinion softened?
  5. Please tell me you're not part of the 'false flag' loons who come out of the woodwork in every event such as this. Nothing can compare with the agony that many families will be undergoing this morning and in the future. But it would be worth recognising that the police and paramedics that were running towards the scene last night whilst victims were fleeing, will carry, with the rest of the emergency and support services deployed to the zone last night, their own horrific experiences and memories and trying to carry on regardless. You are no fan but it is at times like this that their raison d'etre is apparent.
  6. Actually, no.
  7. Possibility of Wolf Alice? Lots of cryptic hints from them recently on Twitter and website is defaulted to a mystery page (possibly new album cover). No dates in the pipeline and album imminent.
  8. Grandaddy‏Verified account @Grandaddy Hello everyone. We're sad to say we will be canceling all of our upcoming tour dates due to the death of our buddy & bandmate Kevin Garcia.
  9. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Grandaddy have now cancelled future gigs/tour including Lat. Wholly understandable but I was really looking forward to seeing them but they had no choice really. No word yet on any replacement.
  10. Friendly, older (18+ age limit), tend to be local given its size and location. A Cracking time will had by all.
  11. Next Lineup Announcement TONIGHT! 7pm for anyone interested.
  12. Rgr, thought might be that. Time to get me work boots on again then.......
  13. Not sure if relevant but when i was F5ing normally the URL showing was ending in 1100001, but when I got a touch over enthusiastic and stated hammering away on the keyboard I think (but not 100%) that the URL then switched to one ending in 1035046. 'Course, that might be me just tallking tosh but that is what it seemed, unless it was just some kind of overflow/capacity management switch. Edit: was using Firefox with Adblockers off - tried on Chrome and Edge and got absolutely nowhere even near the holding page.
  14. Anyone who has one of the smaller pop up tents, including the Quechua 2 or 3 man tents who wants a bit more storage space, a larger porch and the flexibility of a small tent with the option of expanding it have a look at these; Big enough to actually sit in a chair if needed and store and protect any wet gear,- if the weather is good enough and you don't actualy need it then the powerlite poles are really light and it can just be kept in reserve if necessary. I normally use a tarp but this covers more and has better headroom. can get them for around £44 delivered on ebay as well. vid below:
  15. Oh go on.....I don't do Facebook or spotify and I can't be bothered to create an account. What are the assumptions? Edit.....can see the playlist direct on the website, but only features acts already announced....or am I missing something?