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  1. Forrest Gump II?

    New world record for competitor dressed as a film star
  2. Forrest Gump II?

  3. T. DAY

    And then he realises he's 24 minutes late
  4. T. DAY

  5. T. DAY

  6. The smell of grass - the green stuff on the floor

    Talking of grass - not the green stuff on the floor! It never smells as good as that first one once the tents pitched
  7. The Elusive Chanteuse

  8. T minus & counting 2019

    smart arse
  9. T minus & counting 2019

    Don't forget the wife would fuck you up when she found out
  10. T. DAY

    as an aside I read contortionist as cartoonist and It reminded me that for a good 6 months I read @vintagelaureate as vinaigrette
  11. Visiting the farm in 2018

  12. T minus & counting 2019

    It's times like those when you're "high functioning" that you question yourself
  13. T. DAY

    Is that you Dad
  14. Old Music Thread


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