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  1. Secret resales

    Purely accidental and the result of a wandering scrolling thumb.
  2. Car park Pass for sale

    £30 an a homemade scotch egg?
  3. Car park Pass for sale

    £35 now
  4. Car park Pass for sale

    Pass is in Dn11, I live in Sheffield but could pick it up. Thanks
  5. Car park Pass for sale

    Not sure if this is in the right place so apologises if not. We have one car parking pass for sale £40, we have now decided to take the coach. Current location of the pass is South Yorkshire. Thanks
  6. Secret resales

    was keeping an eye on the pages for a couple of people who are now sorted. If anyone wants to send their details across I can try for them for any possible resale.
  7. Bargain Booze 2017

    Asda selling 4 packs of Thatchers Haze and kingstone Press for £2. Not really my thing but 50p a can is worth it.
  8. The state of the ground.

    Dirt Bacharach
  9. The Unsuccessful

    Ok, I'll be around my computer for the next couple of days if anyone wants a hand in trying in the secret resales.
  10. Secret resales

    Like wise if anyone needs help, I'm not at the mac 24/7 but I'll be on it during the day for a few days starting tmrw.
  11. Grandaddy....RIP Kevin Garcia

    That's very sad news at such a young age. RIP.
  12. The Unsuccessful

    That's awful Chris especially when you've put the effort in to help others. I could try help with the sheet but I do struggle with being completely computer illiterate. Hope she can sort something out with work. Could she offer them a bung to change? Everyone on the sheet could then donate a couple of quid for your efforts in setting it up and running it.
  13. The Unsuccessful

    I've just booked my leave and have got the time off in June, more in hope than expectation. If unsuccessful I'm leaving the country or living in a wheelie bin for that week.
  14. The Unsuccessful

    Just trying for Radiohead tickets and my f5 must have taken that much of a hammering last time that it wont depress. Reliving a bad dream!
  15. The Unsuccessful

    Am i correct in thinking its only 2 tickets for coach resales? I don't know if its already in place, but could there be a rollover system implemented, if people get tickets in the coach resales they're automatically allocated to help someone on the main sales? Thanks for all your work Chris.

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