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  1. Glastonbury evolves

    Fewer people.
  2. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Never mind who plays, the whole 50th anniversary thing is a joke. The festival has only been going since 2002, the one in 1968 was a completely different Festival run by different people that just happens to have been on the same island as the modern one that is stealing its heritage. They are completely shameless.
  3. Depends on what time of the day you are getting the ferry, the M3 and M27 can be a pain at certain times of the day, morning and evening rush hours can be particularly bad southbound. The earlier ferries in the morning are the cheapest so my advice is get one of those and travel before rush hour.
  4. Line up prediction game 2018

    Not sure they would headline a small festival like KC the same year they headline Isle of Wight, despite the general opinion of that Festival on here, it’s a significantly bigger Festival than KC.(and I say this as someone who is ditching IOW in favour of KC this year)
  5. Your own drinks at IOW

    You can take your drinks everywhere apart from the the arena. The security are pretty good at finding cans in hoods and camping chair bags but it’s pretty easy to smuggle in spirits if you can be bothered. They are very laid back if you are caught, they just take it off you and through you go.
  6. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    I’ll have a closer look at their website, the trips I’ve done have had a mix of nationalities, mostly kiwis, Aussies and South Africans, last trip we did in Africa coincided with the first ashes test 4 years ago, not fun on a truck full of aussies..
  7. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    We tend to use Dragoman, but we have used Absolute Africa in the past, it’s very much back to basics stuff, 2 man dome tents, cooking your own food participation safari, not luxurious at all. Just looked at nomad, they seem slightly more expensive than dragoman but do seem to do non camping trips, we tend to prefer camping, you can always upgrade occasionally if you are at a site with lodges.
  8. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Heading off to Africa again, god I love the place, I’m as enthusiastic about Africa as most on here are about Glastonbury. Probably doing a trip from Victoria falls to Zanzibar, it’s an organised overland trip in a converted truck, camping, seeing the sights, meeting the locals, drinking, cooking over a fire, with the odd national park thrown in.
  9. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    It’s 15-20 min in clear traffic, plus a few minutes to get through security, takes longer getting back in the evening when the arena empties. It can be longer if it’s muddy, but in my experience it doesn’t get Glastonbury muddy (although I missed the fun and games in 2012 when the weather was biblical)
  10. Fantasy Who Would Have Headlined In 2018 Thread

    The killers would have been nailed on for a headline slot after this year. They are only playing IOW because there’s no Glastonbury and they have thrown lots of money at them. No way would they be doing IOW if Glastonbury was on.
  11. Arcadia - London

    The entire ticketing industry in this country is one giant con. Stub hub and their ilk are legitimised touting at its worst.
  12. Camper van ticket tickets 2018

    If it’s sold out then that will be it. It’s not a very big area for campervans and when it’s full, it’s full. I guess people are falling for the fake 50th anniversary thing as they don’t normally sell out people don’t seem to care how much the CV tickets or ferry tickets cost and have snapped them up, after 3 years we are going elsewhere, as much as I like the Festival, those prices are obscene. Actually it’s the feeling of being ripped off that is obscene, as I’ve said before, £236 for a cv ticket is just a rip off when other festivals charge less than half that and some almost a quarter, as for the ferry companies ramping up the prices over the Festival for what is already the most expensive ferry service in the world is just money grabbing. Yes it’s supply and demand but it gets to a point where you think fuck that and go elsewhere. There are plenty of other festivals out there.
  13. Masked djs

    I fail to see the point of knob twiddlers ‘live’ with or without a mask
  14. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    No you really don’t get it, £236 is NOT the going rate, you can’t take one price in a marketplace and say it’s the going rate, the going rate for a Festival general admission ticket is in the region of £200, some are a little lower, some a little higher but they are all around £200, the going rate. When it comes to cv prices they start at around £60 and go to about £120, depending on the festival, even if you compare with the higher end of the range, by no sane means can £236 be seen as the going rate. It’s clearly twice the going rate, which in my book, is taking the piss( and that’s without looking at the price for an electric hookup which is just daylight robbery). The fact that even the small numbers of cv tickets available don’t sell out clearly shows that the price is too high
  15. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Jeez you really don’t get it do you, if £236 was the going rate or they provide something that others don’t then it would be a fair price, but it’s not and they don’t. Bearing in mind the Festival nearly didn’t happen last year you would think they would be trying to encourage people to go, the cv field doesn’t sell out, despite what they may say, 2016 it was barely 2/3 full and that was at a much lower price, last year there was less space but still not much better than 3/4 full, the punters are deciding if it’s value or not and are deciding it’s not when you bear in mind that the ferries also ramp up their prices for the duration of the festival, IOW is quickly becoming the ripoff Festival, if we had travelled out on the Wednesday and come back Tuesday we could have saved £100 but I was tight on holiday due to other festivals and a family holiday so couldn’t. The festival never sells out and neither does the cv field, the ferry prices and cv prices need to be lower to help things other wise more will go elsewhere and the festival will go bust. i spoke to at least 4 people in the cv field this year who had had enough of the cost and were going elsewhere, probably Bestival as no ferries involved now, people also speculated that the price is Unusually high to dissuade people from going in campervans as they don’t actually want them on site, that’s fine if true, I’ll just go to a different festival. We are going to Kendal calling next year and probably latitude both of which offer good value for money and no ripoff ferries.