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  1. Martin Roberts from homes under the hammer was watching rusty shackle at croissant Neuf bandstand today
  2. There was more security leaving gate c last night than there was getting in in the afternoon, checking wristbands and tickets in the uv machine, only a visual check to get wristband.
  3. I don't like his music, but plenty do, much kudos to him.
  4. im queuing to get in sat outside my Motorhome in the shade with a drink, really don't see the point of adding to an already massive queue, why would they have a special campervan queue? Their priority is to get people with bags and tents through safely.
  5. According to apple maps there a bit of queuing traffic on A37 by the entrances, nothing major, guess your satnav knows this and is trying to avoid it
  6. Not sure about other fields but we arrived about 2pm yesterday and were put into E17, E16 filled after that during the afternoon. still getting a steady stream of lone campervans looking for space in E17 which is bizarre as it was the first one filled, is there no space elsewhere?
  7. Flip flops are the footwear of the masses in the cv fields at the moment.
  8. Absolutely no checks of campervans at all, no security visible just volunteers checking tickets. Ok so we are outside the fence but I'd expected some form of security.
  9. Arrived 1.30 pm, no security checks at all, BBQ consumed, alcohol drunk, live is good
  11. I shared a room in the Army with a guy who was a proper Romany gypsy, the words he used to describe Irish travellers would probably get me banned from this forum, suffice it to say he didn't like them much
  12. Isn't that's what family means anyway?
  13. I'd have the balls to do this but my face would give me away, I'd probably have a fit of the giggles the second I got across the border and jerry would mow me down in a hail of machine gun fire
  14. Noooooooooooo
  15. Never understand why some security go out of their way to be twats, surely pissing everyone off makes their job harder.