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  1. BBC 6 Music Festival 2017

    I got a Depeche Mode ticket last week after a friend realised he was going to a christinening down south that day. Car Seat on the Sat and DM on the Sunday is looking like a great weekend ahead!
  2. The Unsuccessful

    Thanks Chris, and thanks to everyone that has offered to help.
  3. The Unsuccessful

    I second this Andy.
  4. The Unsuccessful

    If you need 2 tickets but have only on efest logn do you just submitt the 2nd persons details using the same efest username?
  5. The Unsuccessful

    Thanks for this. We were on a plane to the US when the tickets went on sale but the news of Radiohead headling on our return was a real blow being big fans. Hopefully this fantastic help an efester form will be the prayers answered in April

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