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  1. They closed the box office a few years ago due to massive queues of people trying to get tickets.
  2. Secret Sets

    Always check out any gaps on the introducing stage! Rise Against did an acoustic set on there before, and there's quite a few bands on the lineup who are known for doing acoustic sets.
  3. Backpack size into festival question

    They're not going to be holding a piece of paper up to your bag, don't worry As dental plan said, they just want to stop people bringing massive bags into the arena.
  4. You'll need to ask Ticketmaster to organise collection at/near the festival site. They can do this, I had it a few years ago when see tickets failed to send a bunch of tickets - they set up shop in a hotel in town. (proof of purchase won't get you in).
  5. Going to Reading alone 2017

    There's a group of us camping in Red (a few will be there from weds) - drop me a message and I can add you guys to the WhatsApp group :). Or just look for the Ian Beale flag someone is bringing in red
  6. Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    Drop me a PM and I'll add you to the WhatsApp group
  7. Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    More the merrier! We've merged with the group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/218631851508119/
  8. Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    Of course! Think we're going to end up going with the other group - so there will be a few of us (not many of our usual group are going this year).
  9. Do I need to take ID to get into reading?

    No, unless you're carrying alcohol and look underage, then they'll ask for ID or you'll have to dump the beer.
  10. Will i get my stuff stolen at Bestival?

    Things go missing at all festivals - normally just crates of beer or if you're silly enough to leave your phone, etc, in your tent. Just be sensible, leave a non-contactless card hidden somewhere in your tent in case your wallet gets nicked/lost, and don't bring anything valuable. Just keep your wits about you, and don't let a blog post form an insurance company scare you.
  11. Car parks on Monday

    As long as you're "out" on Monday I'll think you'll be fine! Tbh, the couple of times I've driven I've not gotten out of the carpark until about 2 anyway.
  12. Where to camp?

    Orange was really bad last year (especially by the hedge!) Weird as it's normally the best camp IMO
  13. Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    Our numbers are quite low this year too by the looks of it too :P. I've been going since '07 - last few years with CL as it's way easier!! We're usually in Orange but were going to change this year as there was a lot of shit/things going missing there last year. Might pay to merge the 2 camps I've camped in Red before (when the fairground was there so a few years ago now) and it always used to be pretty quiet - is that still the case? Is anyone from your group going on Weds? I know the couple of us confirmed are. Anyway, just sent a request to your group (I only use Facebook for messaging and the CL group so I don't know if I've actually done it right, if it's come through it'll be from a weirdo called Brian).
  14. Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    There's a few us on Facebook. So far including Mollie it's 4 confirmed (I think Chris said he's coming again). Normally a few last minute too as people drop out :).