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  1. I don't think I ever want to see her again. However brilliant she can't top that. Unless she gets the Dalai Lama singing backing vocals. By the way was it particularly dusty down there? My eyes kept watering for most of her set.
  2. So did I - I can't remember his name either. I do remember he was a bit nervous that Neil was going to give him a hard time - as if he ever would!
  3. Seconded. I loved the stick she gave the photographers in the pit when she came on. Told them all to get out to Palestine and photograph the horror out there. Always rely on Patti to make her point clearly! Be nice if she did some stuff in the poetry tent like she did that weekend. I had the pleasure of watching some of Tom Verlaine with Lenny Kaye later that day. Lovely man.
  4. Acoustic Field mid-afternoon, el scorcio in the extreme (narrows down the date!). About 6-8 coppers get into the back of one of those long wheel base hired Land Rovers. Copper gets into front to drive them off. Alarm goes off. Guy gets out and locks and unlocks door, gets in and alarm goes off again. Repeats several times to shouts of "someones trying to knick your car" and general good humour all round (except the increasingly red faced coppers in the back who are gently frying in the sun). Eventually driver gives up and drives off out of the field with the alarm still going off, fading away into the distance.
  5. Girls in wellies - goes off to look for the famous photo!