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  1. Godiva 2015

    According to Godiva website police made only 1 arrest.
  2. Sod offering lift share again!

    How the fuck can you try really hard and be an hour late? Jesus!
  3. Patti Smith

    I don't think I ever want to see her again. However brilliant she can't top that. Unless she gets the Dalai Lama singing backing vocals. By the way was it particularly dusty down there? My eyes kept watering for most of her set.
  4. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    So did I - I can't remember his name either. I do remember he was a bit nervous that Neil was going to give him a hard time - as if he ever would!
  5. Who were your top 5 of the weekend

    Patti Smith Vintage Trouble Lulu Showhawk Duo Waterboys sod it -no room for PSB
  6. Smallest Stages: Must See Acts?

    JJ Rosa - The Spike Thursday, apparently. The Undercover Hippy - several places Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags - several places
  7. Glade Stage

    She drew a sizeable crowd for the small area, dragging people in from the railway line to see what it was all about. That's how I came across her and was so hoping she would be back. I hope her other set may be in a bigger venue.
  8. Glade Stage

    JJ Rosa playing Spike Thursday evening and somewhere else (via her Twitter feed) Saw her last year and to say she sings like Amy Winehouse and plays guitar like Hendrix gives you some idea what she is like. Yes really!
  9. Oldies

    There's plenty older than me and thee. I'm pushing 62 come festival time. I didn't start going until 2003 - God knows why. I feel I wasted many halcyon years. Glasto not personally, although perhaps a bit of both!
  10. Biggles Wartime Band

    That won't make you easy to pick out!
  11. Patti Smith

    Seconded. I loved the stick she gave the photographers in the pit when she came on. Told them all to get out to Palestine and photograph the horror out there. Always rely on Patti to make her point clearly! Be nice if she did some stuff in the poetry tent like she did that weekend. I had the pleasure of watching some of Tom Verlaine with Lenny Kaye later that day. Lovely man.
  12. Stand out lineup or not?

    Are you stalking me!? I'll see you at most of those!
  13. Biggles Wartime Band

    Really sad news. Biggles were the first live band I saw at my first Glastonbury way back. I knew then that this was a special place to be. Since then I have made an annual pilgrimage to see them on the CN Bandstand. Email will be sent. Opening act on Friday?
  14. Cornbury Music Festival 2015

    Not in my view no. The most twee middle class safe festival I've been to. Populated by the Chipping Norton set, Cameron, Clarkson, Atkinson, Brooks etc. Has massive VIP area. Also massive cake stall! Like a very large village fete with good music. Pretty site.
  15. John Grant

    Got tickets to see him at RSC in Stratford the Sunday before Glasto. Just to get me really in the mood. I'm really interested to see how he goes in that venue - very exciting, if that's a term you can use about John Grant.