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  1. Foo Fighters

    Which tickets will be the dearer the seating or the standing , I always presumed standing was dearer but It was cheaper for the streets tickets I recently bought, or does it vary
  2. Bagpipes and opening gates

    I saw the lone bag piper on the train line at around 10 pm on the Sunday night , slight change of topic but did anybody else get stamped on the hand as they got to the bottom of the hill of death at gate c on Wednesday morning, they where pulling the odd person over and stamping there hand , I was hoping I'd been chosen for free entry for the 2019 slot.any one else get this stamp or know what it was about ??
  3. Flags

    I understand the pain with them blocking the views but I think there part and parcel of the festival and I'd hate to see a flagless field, but I do fully u understand the point being made
  4. Flags

    tried to put a pic on but it's playing silly buggers so Ive popped my Instagram pic on , nothing special but it makes me happy
  5. Flags

    I absolutely love the flags at Glastonbury wether it's the official ones or the absolutely brilliant and genius ones put together by the festival goers , so to my absolute pleasure I discovered they where selling make your own flags at the discount store in sheffield for £3.99 . I've spent the majority of my Sunday making my own and it now sits blowing in the breeze in my garden giving me a very small piece of enjoyment and pretending I'm still sat in the greatest place on earth
  6. Maccabees

    I only ever saw them once at Leeds and I was to pissed to appreciate them so was really hoping they where going to turn up on the farm this year , I got up Saturday morning and went to fetch breakfast for me and the wife from the cafe on the entrance to the woods and I as I stumbled back still in a bit of a state from the previous night with coffees and food in hand I could have swore a I heard marks to prove it coming from the John peel so I quickly grabbed my wife who was still in her pyjamas and we made a mad dash through the tents and in to the woods to be greeted by karma sundara.copius amounts of one thing or another and a total lack of sleep did for me there .All wasn't lost though we sat and ate our hash browns and beans on a lovely little bench in the wood which was nice
  7. Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Walked past Barcelona's Gerard pique in shangra la and I had a selfie with Michael eavis in his red land rover 10 minutes after the Corbyn slot
  8. Glastocam!

    Nice to see some spiders legs
  9. Who is everyone definitely not seeing

    Ed nough said!
  10. New security measures in place

    I'm defo getting a pull on the way in too , we're hiring a van so id be very surprised if this wasn't the case
  11. New security measures in place

    Cool , bungee all the way then
  12. New security measures in place

    They mention if your beers are shrink wrapped they will slash them open , do we think they just mean if you've shrink wrapped them or the manufacturers shrink wrap which quite a few 20 can crates are done this way , if they where to open all my crates I'm stuck with 100 loose cans !
  13. Glastocam!

    Silent disco tent laid out in the park area, anyone else got a massive buzz on tonight , the sun's out beers are flowing and I'm listening to some great music , I think I'm ready explode with excitement!!!
  14. "Really big secret"

    Maybe a little visits in order , 4 cans of skol should get the info out if him
  15. "Really big secret"

    Just another part of what makes this festival so good , we can't just have a full line up announced its drip fed to us over a year and the excitement mystery and obsession takes over , this festivals not just for June it's for all year round . Loving the detective work on Mr slack too , how long until someone's outside his house ha ha

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