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  1. Pukkelpop 2018

    Looks like Flogging Molly may be the first self-confirmation - https://festileaks.com/2018/02/flogging-molly-op-pukkelpop-2018/
  2. Pukkelpop 2018

    Just popped my head into the R&L forum and understandably the fume levels are off the scale. It is a worry that all of the shite on that line up is now in contention but I still feel there's enough other decent stuff around to balance things out. PKP has always had rap/hip hop, they even dedicated a whole stage to it for a few years, but I can't see them going in as heavy as R&L. They usually have a day in the Dance Hall that's just full of rappers so I don't have a problem if they stick them all in there to get it out of the way. If they book FOB and PATD then they will be early evening Main at best. I'm not sure who's in the frame to play the 'Saturday Shelter in the Marquee' this year so one or both of them could even do that? That Netsky b2b thing will likely headline a night in the Boiler and The Magician, Hannah Wants and Riton are all pretty likely now. Doesn't seem to be too many live acts around for the Dance Hall but they might make a statement and put Chase and Status in there, although closing Main is more likely. Would love to see Orbital, Leftfield and Underworld but don't think they really suit the demographic anymore. So what are we thinking, two weeks today for first news?
  3. Pukkelpop 2018

    Obviously the situation with DJs is a bit different to bands in that they can travel relatively large distances quickly between gigs and even do two in a day so it's not so much of a issue whether they're in the area or not. Having said that, I'm sure some of the Drumcode Festival line up may well filter through over the weekend. Some really nice names in the Bestival announcement too so looking fairly promising at this stage. Bit surprised we haven't had any leaked names yet but there's still time before we get the first official word.
  4. Pukkelpop 2018

    Not gonna lie, that's a bit of a blow but pretty sure they'll tour the UK in autumn so hopefully it will include a date near me. I might do the Saturday of Latitude again so would be a bonus if they turn up there. You're right about Bicep though @DiscothequeDave, will definitely be a highlight of the weekend for me!! It's hard to gauge the impact of Dua Lipa at Tomorrowland? Yes artists do play both each year but that's mostly DJs and not potential Main Stage headliners. After years of sharing practically the same set of headliners, Lowlands and PKP seem to have now made the decision to try and offer something a bit different to each other so there's a chance she could just play LL. The 'difference' though (if there even is one this year) could be the big name that we're all hoping will play PKP as it seems LL have announced all theirs. There's obviously ID to also throw into the equation as it doesn't look like they're playing LL.
  5. Pukkelpop 2018

    Between the two announcements we've had today (Flow and Sziget) I'm feeling pretty confident about this year. Forgetting about potential headliners for a minute, there's a lot of decent new and old bands around that should mean we get a really strong under card across all the stages. I can see most of the Flow line up there (Grizzly Bear, St Vincent and Bonobo are now pretty much nailed on), with the exception of Mura Masa who's at Dour. Think we'll definitely get LG, Blossoms, Mo, Wolf Alice, Cigarettes after Sex, Seasick Steve, Slaves, Nothing but Thieves, Joe Goddard and Everything Everything from Sziget which is great as I'd go and watch most of them. Last year was probably the lowest number of bands I've seen in all the years I've attended so would be nice to make plenty of trips to the Marquee, Club and Lift this summer.
  6. Pukkelpop 2018

    Yeah we did. Whole thing looked and sounded like Disney on acid. Was pretty horrific so great news that he's on the other side of the planet this time. Pretty sure you can add The War on Drugs to the list of certainties. Would love to see them in the Marquee but think they'll sub like London Grammar did last year. Think (and hope) we'll get George Fitzgerald and Bicep with their live shows and an Amelie Lens b2b with Charlotte de Witte in the Boiler to close one night would be very apt and no doubt well received by the locals. Big two for me this year though are Friendly Fires and Future Islands. I probably say this every year but think one of the headliners will be a bit 'different'. No idea who that might be but that's kind of the point! Only concern at the moment is it might be Imagine Dragons as they fit the Bastille/Editors/Alt-J/The xx mould and are now likely considered 'big' enough to do it. Be interesting to see if they stack the Marquee again as imo that worked well. Bjork is an obvious name but might be too big. Fever Ray could be in with a shout too. As you've said Dave, we'll definitely know a lot more in the next couple of weeks so let's hope it's good news.
  7. Pukkelpop 2018

    Not sure what's worse about Frequency - the line up or that disgusting font they've used on the poster?!? The festival seems to have lost its way recently as the caliber of bands is just decreasing year on year. Having said that I'd definitely take Dimension, Hype b2b Hazard and Netsky but the rest is just dire. Suspect we will get Krewella and Seven Lions as they always put some of that kind of shit in the Boiler to keep the kids happy. Drunken Masters? That could easily be our pseudonym each summer Trufflehound and Dave!!
  8. Pukkelpop 2018

    Thanks for the heads up, will definitely have to do some research into the festival in future
  9. Pukkelpop 2018

    In terms of 'big' bands/artists who still play festivals, Foo Fighters are in the upper echelons of that category and there's probably only a handful of others who are there with them (that fairly regularly play these kind of festivals - Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Muse, Metallica, Ed Sheeran etc - add your own example in here!). PKP don't have the budget to book 2/3 of these kind of acts in a single year so as you say TheNewUnion it's inevitable that the other headliner's will be smaller in comparison. This is completely up for debate (and of course subject to personal preference) but imo you've then got the likes of Arcade Fire, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, The Killers etc who will quite rightly headline festivals but currently aren't in the same bracket as the others in terms of pulling power (there's geographical factors to take into consideration here too so that's my disclaimer!!). I think if PKP get FFs and Arcade Fire then they'll be more than happy with that, alongside a relatively smaller or new headliner for the final slot (and a decent dance closer or two). At the danger of sounding like a stuck record (as those of you who've been on here for a while will have heard me say before!), you can't book huge headliners and also fill 8 stages with 200+ quality bands and DJs over 3 and a half days when your daily capacity is around 70,000 people and tickets are 200 euros each. Rock Werchter are great at what they do but they have about 80 bands over 4 days with a capacity of 88,000 per day. The problem with booking huge headliners at somewhere like PKP is that the rest of the line up would inevitably be diluted and for me that'd be a disaster. I think they struck a really good balance last year getting popular bands that didn't break the bank (not sure I'll ever understand where Editors fit in here but good luck to them and their agent who must sit by his/her phone all year waiting for the call to come in from Belgium - add Bastille to this category too!!) so in that sense I think they'll have a hard act to follow next summer. Be interesting to see who Frequency announce as that'll be the first real indication we have of who's around that weekend. #snowpatrol
  10. Pukkelpop 2018

    While I hope the headliner's are decent and generally accepted as being worthy of the position, there's only one band on my wish list for 2018 - Friendly Fires. They were due to close the Club on the Thursday of 2011 but that obviously didn't happen so I'd love to see them back next summer. Personal preference is a smaller venue after dark so hope it's a repeat of the Club. Aside from that, I'm more then happy to once again place my trust in the powers that be to put together a great line up of live acts and DJs which will tick most (but not all) of my boxes and keep me fully occupied for three and a half days of debauched hedonism in that field in Belgium. Bring it on!!!
  11. Pukkelpop 2017

    Another great addition for me too. Musically it wasn't one of the best but there was more than enough going on to keep me occupied over the whole weekend. Definitely the wettest PKP I've been to in terms of how often it rained but the site held up pretty well really. The negative impact of the rain was really down to where you were at the time as most of the showers were quite short. I was over at Petit Bazar on Friday for the thunderstorm and got pretty soaked but on Saturday I was in the Club when it rained so didn't really notice. Not sure if I had a favourite performance over the weekend but really enjoyed Maceo Plex, Tank and the Bangas, D.D Dumbo and The xx (who I hadn't even planned on seeing). Spent a lot of time around the dance area and thought the production in the Boiler was very good. However I didn't like the speakers being positioned along the sides as it made the sound quality pretty variable unless you were standing directly next to one (and then you had all the sound coming at you from either the left or right). Enjoyed Cypress Hill, The Naked and Famous and Claptone on Thursday but didn't spend as much time watching some of my planned acts as either the tents were full (Mura Masa and Kollective Turmstrasse) or I was feeling too done in at the time (Moderat). Friday was my quietest day but thought London Grammar, Bjarki and Richie Hawtin were all excellent. Was really looking forward to Clark but it was so loud in the tent I couldn't stay there for long which was disappointing. Saturday was probably my favourite day as the weather was good and I spent quite a bit of time just wondering around without a fixed agenda. The Subs' classic set in the Boiler was great and I'd have loved to stayed for the whole thing but we did the backstage tour again. Was really nice going behind the scenes and we saw Dub FX and then Jackmaster and AVH in the artist village. Headed straight from there to the Boiler for the much anticipated b2b but was left feeling pretty disappointed by how it panned out. Jackmaster seemed to be taking most of the deck time and his selections weren't really what I would describe as crowd-pleasing festival favourites. AVH played quite a few very well received classics when he finally got to have a go but there was no flow between the two of them and it felt disjointed and a bit of a mess tbh. Wish I'd have gone to see Talaboman but decided to stay for the first part of Paul Kalkbrenner and that was just OK. Really enjoyed Ben UFO and then Jackmaster on his own was a lot better afterwards to round off the weekend. Spent a fair bit of time each day in the Food Wood and although it was expensive the food was much better than elsewhere around the site. Possibly the best atmosphere I consistently saw over the weekend was in the Petit Bazar as the place was always busy and jumping. Saw a few funny things over the weekend and even made it into the inflatable church one night to enjoy some old school tunes! I'm pretty certain I'll be back again next year but there is a part of me that's tempted to try somewhere else. My family and work commitments mean it would be difficult for me to do two euro fests in a summer so it's unlikely I'm going to choose something else over PKP just yet.
  12. Pukkelpop 2017

    Good news about the weather, let's hope any rain we get isn't enough to dampen the fun (I'll get my coat!). Well I'm all packed and will be heading to the train station in about an hour. Getting the overnight ferry to Hook of Holland and then spending the day with friends who live just outside Rotterdam. Should get into Hasselt around 7pm and then planning to hit up the pre-party as a friend is DJing in the Booth from 8-10pm. As always, it's been great to share the build up with you all on here and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! See you on the other side!!
  13. Pukkelpop 2017

    Definitely come and see D.D Dumbo! Think I've just seen the first pics of this years Boiler set up. Looks like at least 50 massive disco balls in a row along the roof of the tent! Will post any updates if I get them.
  14. Pukkelpop 2017

    Oh no, really sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll do everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of being on the plane. Still a couple of days to go so fingers crossed for you.
  15. Pukkelpop 2017

    Edit: Micheal18 posted a link while I was typing this so ignore advice on first sentence!! The map Micheal18 posted above doesn't show up on my laptop but if you right click and open it in a new tab/window it loaded for me. Looks like there's a new picnic area near the Lift which could be a nice place to chill out. Having said that, the Foodwood is probably the best part of the festival so will try and spend a bit of time there. The outside Boiler set up looks to be an extended frame of the tent but without the covers. Hoping they can create an outdoor area that still feels like a club/enclosed at night, which is what I feel they managed to do with both the Boiler and Booth last year. Not sure what that is in front of the Dance Hall, possibly bleacher style seating as there's something similar near the Club and also at the back of the Main? My schedule is busy as always. Plan to be on site by 12pm each day and should be able to see most/all of the following: Thursday: Raye, Sigrid, Ray BLK, Sigala, Claptone/Cypress Hill, Amelie Lens, The Naked and Famous, Peggy Gou, Stormzy, Ben Klock, Maceo Plex, Joy Orbison, Moderat and then whatever takes my fancy from Dave Clark, Gerd Jansson b2b Prins Thomas and The xx. Friday: Palace/Six Hands (guy I know plays for the latter so will give them a look), James Marvel, Forest Swords, Mefjus, Clark, Clean Bandit, Tycho, London Grammar, Richie Hawtin, Bjarki, Rodhad/Antal, Mind Against. Saturday: Henri PFR, Tank and the Bangas, Doctrine, D.D Dumbo, Black Sun Empire, Arno Lemons, Dub FX, The Subs, backstage tour, AVH vs Jackmaster, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ben UFO, Jackmaster, Kiani and his Legion.