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  1. New Chris Robinson Brotherhood is out there. 2019 please!
  2. Yeah we do it here. Its fun to be fair. Great banter.
  3. The hysterical left. They shock themselves every morning into a state of surprise with every dodgy new detail that comes out.
  4. Brixton? This one?
  5. Yeah takes a bit of customisation but easy to mirror the N64 pad. Although I do need one config for Goldeneye, one for Zelda and one for the rest. Again, just 2 mouse clicks to change it. I think I'll hold off on the Switch for the mo. Just don't see the games there to justify it.
  6. Saw them in 08 or 09 I think. They were great. Steve Jones guitar sound (and stance) live is a thing of beauty. Would love to see them again. I'd probably prefer to see PiL with Wobble back in the band though.
  7. Loving The Deslondes album. Couple of them are in Hurray For the Riff Raff. New Orleans Americana sort of stuff.
  8. I hear you, but my SNES and Gamecube are in the attic. In the last week I would've needed a NES, a SNES, an N64, a Gamecube, a Sega Megadrive, various arcade machines and an Amiga for all the games I've played. And boxes and boxes of games obviously. Endless cabling. Which isn't a runner. I don't really do clutter. Can do it all with with one PC, one mouse and one pad.
  9. They covered Bowies I Can't Give Everything Away? Wow!
  10. Of course. He scored 15+ once (16 goals) in 17 seasons at Liverpool. Only got into double figures 4 times. The myth of Gerrard. Perpetuated mainly by Stevie Me.
  11. Yeah maybe the De Gea thing had an impact. Can't see Utd selling him to Madrid now.
  12. Utd had a 70m ish bid rejected (apparently) but they accepted 58m from Chelsea?
  13. That Morata deal is an odd one.
  14. Milli Vanilli. The one whos not dead and the guy who sings with Queen