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  1. Pete Burns won't be touring anyway. Presume this will get a few spins in NYC Downlow though. R.I.P.
  2. They were going for the league there to be fair. And it was against Liverpool who most people hate.
  3. Wednesday lunch time is late enough these days yeah. I got there on Tuesday at 5pm and got chucked into E17 one year. 20 mins + walk to the hill. Got there Tuesday at 2pm last time I had a van and got a great spot in E20 I think. 2 mins walk from the hill. Thankfully my CV days are over as the missus is full converted to the way of the tent.
  4. Yeah still on the wish list for me. Will try this year.
  5. One of the Mondays recently I was walking down and a couple with way too much stuff who had obviously been already walking for a while were walking up the hill to leave. They looked knackered already and the girl got halfway up, collapsed on her arse and started bawling her eyes out crying. Partied out! They still had a right hike back to the car too.
  6. Its about a 5th of the size but its over behind the Park. Depends where you end up in the evenings I suppose! Regarding the "Hill of Death". Not much to it really. The hill to the back of Michaels Mead/Hitchin Hill is worse.
  7. The hill is fine. 90 seconds walk. Its the 25 minutes after that to get back to the arse end of E15, 16 or 17 (if you end up there) which is the issue.
  8. The festival let paedos play and have a tent named after one. Lyrical content is hardly an issue if we're going to get on the moral high horse here. The main issue with Eminem live is that you have to put up with D12 shouting at you for 90 minutes.
  9. He thought Conte was being disrespectful by gesturing for the crowd to make noise. Conte was 100% correct saying "If we want to cut the emotion we can go home and change our jobs". Mourinho is a really bad loser.
  10. Was the Foos "comeback" not just a one off?
  11. No that would be Radiohead. Buckley only had one album really. But he shouldn't be remembered for Hallelujah alone.
  12. You don't want to work for anyone who wouldn't honour that.
  13. Can fully expect a long season this year as its his first. Still lots of players to integrate/eject. Impossible to wave a magic wand and make it all ok. He tried to navigate through this 10 day period by not losing at Liverpool, beating Fenerbahce, beating Chelsea and City on Wednesday. Not much Mourinho could do about the first goal. Thats Smallings error 100%. When De Gea is rushing out like that you know theres no leadership at the back. Still doesn't feel like anything like a "team" to me. Smiling and swapping shirts at full time?! Hopefully Bailly is the man for the future. Really really bad news about his injury though. In other news, I may pop a hundred on Sunderland to be relegated first. Easy money. Moyesie was very harshly treated yeah. He did inherit a team that had just walked the league though.
  14. Well, sort of.
  15. Buckley, Yorke, Cobain. Every middle class c**t with an "I'm different, I'm deep" black jacket in the mid 90s listened to them. Overly dramatic teenagers love whiny vocals and lyrics about losing.