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  1. So is this year the penultimate Glastonbury? 10 days of Glastonbury left, ever.
  2. I'm sure if its on twitter you'll agree yeah. Peace and prosperity in Europe for 75 years? East German revolution, Hungarian revolution, Troubles in Northern Ireland, Romanian Revolution,. Bosnia, Chechnya, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Russia/Georgia, 10s of thousands killed, 100s of thousands misplaced, millions of refugees still in Europe. There are countries that don't exits anymore due to military conflict in Europe in the time frame you apparently agree with. What the fuck are you smoking?
  3. Agree but its only 45 mins at the missus had it on. I just find the idea of breaking into song ridiculous.
  4. I watched Moulin Rouge. Fucking dreadful. As is the bit I saw for La La Land on Graham Norton. We need to outlaw musicals.
  5. I fucking hate musicals. All of them.
  6. Is that the owners? Squad is very thin. Throw in a Champions League run next season too and there has to be signings in the summer surely? A few.
  7. Not quite yet. Chelseas next 3 - Hull, Liverpool and Arsenal. They'll destroy Hull obviously but theres 2 big big games to follow.
  8. If anyones been watching, Utd have been playing decent ball. Very attacking. Far, far better than LVG. They didn't play particularly great yesterday but that was down to Liverpools pressing game which is very good in fairness. Impossible to get a rhythm going and Liverpool neutralised Carrick very well I thought which was key. Also Pogba had a shocker. Thought Mourinho adapted quite well but it could've went either way in the end. Utd had a lot of ball in the last 3rd but Liverpool looked dangerous on the break. City vs Spurs at the weekend. Liverpool vs Chelsea the week after. Then Chelsea vs Arsenal. Big games coming thick and fast now.
  9. How off the pace was Rooney?
  10. Ooh yeah Dick Dale please. He still sounds great!
  11. Superb! Sounds good to me!
  12. Excited about the improvements made yeah! City and Arsenal are there for the taking.
  13. 16 games unbeaten. Still on a great run. Either team could've nicked it yesterday. Is any of it true? Or has he just refused a contract?
  14. Decent game at OT yesterday. Fair result I thought. Real story is City though. A spanking.
  15. WWE