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  1. Football 2015/16

  2. Weather 2016

    Taken a turn for the worse this morning. Multiple thunderstorms now. Even Metcheck showing rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. Really doesn't look good.
  3. Ozric Tentacles

    Exactly who I thought of when I saw this. Caught the end of Gong in 09. Chaos.
  4. Steve Davis

    It'll be a nice break from the usual type of gig. Will put a different spin on things. Its just the sort of kick the festival needs.
  5. Football 2015/16

    They were yeah. Proper bit of man love there. Talks about speaking to him everyday in tht clip I posted.
  6. Football 2015/16

    He played 51 games last season. Scored 50 goals. Also played every game for Sweden with a 1 goal per game ratio. Nearly 60 games last season. Hes one of the best players in the world.
  7. Ozric Tentacles

    Oh I didn't know they were playing! Great news.
  8. Football 2015/16

    Don't see the downside here? Season or two in him. Easy. Hes still shit hot. As good as ever. Martial and Rashford playing beside him, learning. Genuine world class player, free transfer, and people think its a bad signing?!
  9. Neil Young

    Finished! *exhale* A sort of sad silence after the dying chords of If I Don't Know rang out. Kinda like the end of the Truman Show. Some really good stuff from the late 90s until now. Really liked Fork in the Road. Never got it before for some reason. May do Dylan next.
  10. Beverage Of Choice

    Had one in 09 or 10 on some "good Spanish red" or some other cheap shit and it put me down until 6pm the next day. Had to drink myself out of it with more good Spanish red and a few strawberry daquiris from the Rocket Lounge.
  11. Football 2015/16

    Nailed on! No denying that big smirk.
  12. Beverage Of Choice

    I wouldn't use JP Chenet to deglaze a shitty toilet bowl. Bottle, box or otherwise. Absolute monkey piss. Shiraz is quite alcoholic - usually 14% or more - so not great for hangovers. The extra 1 or 2% makes a big big difference. I'm after a single or double varietal - ie made from one/two grape types, or three at most. Tempranillo or a Montepulciano preferably. 12.5% ish alcohol. Clean, single variety, relatively light. I know from experience at Glasto that the cheapo blends like "Spanish red" can lead to diabolical hangovers. God knows what leftover shit they put in there. One of these. I think I'll fork out the extra few quid for the Tempranillo. Tesco and Morrisons don't seem to have a good offering at the moment. Although that said, I drank 3-4 different wines last year, including from the wine bars and got no hangovers so who knows.
  13. Steve Davis

    2 quid!
  14. Weather 2016

    Or time for it to get worser