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  1. I didn't bother my arse cleaning them and now the boots have gone back into the shed. Will keep you updated.
  2. Think The Jacksons do a short enough set yeah. They open with a couple of Jacksons classics, then a load of utter shite mid set followed by an idiotic medley of the good tunes and then they finish up with some paedo tunes I think. You been getting your shoes shined?
  3. Pretty spot on predictions Neil with a load of the acts announced.
  4. Fantastic. Loads I've never seen before. Anderson, Ata Kak, Solange, Avalanches, BadBad, Thundercat, Cinematic, Shaggy, Oumou Toots unmissable obviously. He seems to have got his game face back in recent months!! Fucking bring it!!
  5. That will do nicely!
  6. Since Feb ish. There was a period there when there was good ball played.
  7. Played his last for Utd now too. Sad end to his top tier career really. Too many pints, fags and casinos. Hes only 31.
  8. I'm not. Mourinho is.
  9. Yep. Will have to challenge for the league at least. But Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool and maybe Arsenal will all be thinking the same thing and all recruiting big in the summer one would think. 2nd seasons for a few of those managers too so should be settlled in. Very very tough league next year. Arsenal 2 x FA Cups? Liverpool 1 pisspot? Same then I suppose. Although I'd weight the Europa miles ahead of the other two. Either way its been relatively successful.
  10. Lovely
  11. A wasteland yeah. Went to Massive Attack. Although I'm not sure why. Seen them before. Some music is made to listen to solely on record.
  12. YR showing a break in this weather over the next week or so with rain on and off - low pressure on the way. Looks like a repeat of 2007 at the moment. Lovely mid/late May and then a spell of low pressure from early June starting a mere fortnight before the festival. Rain forecast nearly every day in the fortnight lead up to the festival. And over the festival itself. Not good folks. Not good at all. Time to start panicking.
  13. Tough season. 64 games played I think. Worst period in living memory yet Utd have won more in the last 12 months than Liverpool and Arsenal have combined in the last decade. Have to say, after initially seeing some decent ball being played - particularly mid season - the standard has dipped dramatically over the last couple of months. Hopefully just down to injuries. And the teams mentioned above are still stronger at the moment. The league is the true reflection of a teams strength so there is an element of papering over the cracks here a bit.
  14. Roskilde get Ice Cube as a replacement and we get Dizzy. Its like getting picked last for the football team in school.
  15. Dizzy is a "Coldplay.... again" type announcement.