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  1. What if they're skint?
  2. Just a last one here form me on this. Someone living in an expensive place like London with kids who earns £50,000 a year has to subsidise a ticket for a single person with no kids living in a much cheaper place whos earning £49,900?
  3. The festival can't afford to be any cheaper. After all the costs and donations to charities - and they support a shit load - Glasto Fest made £86,000 in pre tax profits, using 2014 as an example. So turned a net profit of 50k. They could reduce the tickets by £3 and they'd break even. Could be a lot cheaper but they'd have to ditch all the charities. Let those lazy c**ts go get their own water eh?!
  4. Its about 650 people, so similar having googled Brudenell. Decent gig, enjoyed it without being blown away. Some proper rocking moments though.
  5. Do the punters bring guns and shoot people like they did in the Hacienda?
  6. Id start panicking if you haven't received the email yet. Fairly unlikely you'll be going to Glastonbury now.
  7. Myself and Wooderson are going tonight. Looking forward to it. Run the Jewels on Thursday.
  8. Promising opener. Rossi and Dovi competitive, Vinales looks the real deal as does Zarco. Shame he came off. Marquez and especially Jorge look like they're struggling though. Jorge went well wide on 2-3 occasions. Cal had a bit of a shocker. Clipped Rossi at the start, crashed, rejoined and then crashed out again. Lucky not to be hurt. Poor tyre choice.
  9. Yep. #MakeJizzingGreatAgain
  10. No I saw them in the Acoustic Tent early in the day in 05 I think. 10 year anniversary of nothing then. It makes no sense.
  11. Mrs Nal got hers earlier this morning and I just got mine now. No mention of coach times though. Just a load of shit about not jizzing in the streams.
  12. Do they play tunes?
  13. Rodrigo y Gabriela playing a 10th anniversary tour of an 11 and a half year old album is a new one.
  14. He said this year is going to have the best emails ever.
  15. Sounds like he needs a backing band. Going solo at 80 is ballsy.