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  1. Good spot sir
  2. Thats a beaut. Nice weight too. Have to say for the first time in 11 festivals I've done absolutely fuck all and need to do even...err... fucker all. Already have a new tent and boots from last year and had the ticket, B&B, flights and coach done on TDay. Quite a nice feeling actually. Can just spend my days looking at tits online until June.
  3. Everythings shite since Roy Orbison died.
  4. Really why? I had a big carb spud fest which kept me going till the early hours one night.
  5. Keep em coming Neil! And from here
  6. Context in this case = Kante. Completely different team without him. And Chelsea are a completely different team with him.
  7. OK seriously folks, what the fuck is going on here?! Neil excited about maybe going to a Foo Fighters gig? Fuck this place.
  8. No just cheering on from the sidelines
  9. So what exactly is going on? Something about flights, tacky shit being mailed to fans and a possible Glasto announcement from a band who are playing every other festival. That isn't Radiohead. Is that it? A Foos secret gig?
  10. Loving the new album!
  11. I played that while driving through Dundee last week
  12. Pellegrini was sacked. "Replaced" while still under contract.
  13. There may have been a lot of people there but most of them would've fallen asleep. "Ooh I like this song, I have this album" *27 minutes later*
  14. He seems to only play those countries when he tours here.
  15. Was also my first thought