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  1. He played shite football, spent £250m and finished 5th. In a poor league. And he had Phil Jones taking the corners at one stage.
  2. True that. But I'm sure if you asked a Liverpool fan would they rather play less entertaining ball and win the league they'd say yes.
  3. 18 goals conceded in 14 games though. The flipside is that they've scored 35! Can a team win the league conceding that many however?
  4. Or we could give out like the Romans did about Babs Streisand? No coincidence that the Italians usually pay a lot less for gigs and have done from then on. Greenday on this tour for example, half the price for a ticket for some seats, discounts for under 14s and over 70s. I paid relative pittance for a U2 ticket in the Stadio Olimpico.
  5. They were until now. They're not anymore because people paid 70ish to see Fleetwood Mac, U2, AC/DC, Beyonce, Madonna, Springsteen, Paul Simon, Sting, Eagles, Stones, Macca, Elton, Adele, etc on their tours. 60 ish was the standard on their tours before that. Itll cost 100+ next time around because all the current crop are selling out their gigs. Simple really. If the demand is huge the price goes up. No one to blame but ourselves. They really are. Considering theres a very good chance the sound will be shit seated in a stadium.
  6. The standing ticket prices are standard for a tier 1 rock band.
  7. Bailly looks great yeah. Mick can play ball clearly. Zlatan has scored 8 in 13. Pogba is still raw and headless but theres no denying theres superb talent there.
  8. "Golden Circle".
  9. Kanye said he would've voted for Trump.
  10. £85-£95 for standing in London. £150-£165 for pit tickets.
  11. Having been a couple of times I would 100% advise doing that instead. The "golden circle with early entry" tickets for Slane are 328 euro.
  12. Wyman is a full blooded Tory. And a paedophile. Bryan Ferry headlined the West Holts and hes also a full blooded Tory/racist right wing lunatic. And a c**t.
  13. No problem with that as long as they can play! Happy with Zlatan, Bailly, Pogba and Mkhitaryan so far. Heres Fellainis highlight reel from yesterday.
  14. Dunno Ill have a think. You? Really really don't like Slane.
  15. Agree the transfer policy is awful but the players he'll get rid of - Smalling, Rojo, Darmian, Fellaini, Depay etc are all on between 60 and 90k.