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  1. Could've been last year but really enjoying Negative Scanner.
  2. Ufc

    Odd decision from the UFC letting McDonald go. But I suppose 3 losses in 6 may mean another title match could be a couple of years away. Shame really. Was hoping for McDonald vs Woodley 2 as hes beaten Woodley before.
  3. Saw him in Dublin on the same tour (I presume) and he didn't do Soul Limbo so theres unfinished business there motherfuckers.
  4. Maybe they're still admiring your photo.
  5. Just please don't be October 2nd. I'll be in San Diego on the last night of my holidays, extremely drunk I would think. And it'll be 2am.
  6. Buddy Guy and Snarky Puppy please!
  7. Trump, Brexit and now this. The world as we know it is over. As an Irishman I'm more than happy for it to be claimed as a "British" as its a Beeb thing. Made in Scotland.
  8. WWE

  9. Ufc

    Yeah three finishes in a row now since his welterweight debut. Hes beaten Alvarez before though so hes a good chance at getting a shot at the belt I suppose. Hes ranked 6th in the Lightweights and 14th at Welterweight. Would have to get through Condit or even McDonald or Lawlor for a shot at the WW belt?
  10. They are looking for players. He doesn't seem to be have been told otherwise. Just thought it was a very weird thing to say in August.
  11. Indeed. But a "aiming for top half of the table" would've done. Accepting a relegation dogfight after 1 game is nonsense.
  12. Moyes is a wave of positivity isn't he? First game in. Asked what his response would be to fans who fear another survival scrap, Moyes said: "Well, they would probably be right because that's where they've been every other year for the last four years, so why would it suddenly change? "I think it will be, I don't think you can hide the facts, that will be the case, yes. People will be flat because they are hoping that something is going to dramatically change - it can't dramatically change, it can't." Err David?!
  13. Great stuff! Delighted for Cal.
  14. Ufc

    He should have to face Aldo or be stripped of the belt. If he goes for another with Nate at 155 it could be 18 months + before the featherweight belt is fought for. Which is silly.
  15. Ufc

    Thankfully totally wrong! Very impressive. Great fight. Thought McGregor was done in the 3rd but recovered well.