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  1. Which still means 234 million people didnt watch it. I watched it in a bar in California and 45 of the 50 people in the bar wanted the football on.
  2. TBC!
  3. Not a huge Star Wars fan. Perhaps their weakest album but the newie is a winner. Proper grower. One of the great bands of modern times regardless. But theyre not playing next year.
  4. I wasnt no. Was in town but didnt make it. Looked incredible alright!
  5. New Orleans is probably the best city I've ever been to. If youre anywhere near it go.
  6. Lay where you're layingDon't make a soundI know they're watchingWatchingAll the commotionThe kiddie like playIt has people talkingTalkingYouYour sex is on fire Fuck off lads.
  7. Me. Thats a load of complete shite.
  8. Sting > Kings of Leon KOL need to pack it in
  9. They've always played in the English leagues. There was no Welsh league when those clubs were formed.
  10. What if they didn't think they would be able to go and then suddenly were able to go after the main sale? E.G. - A son was caring for his elderly mother who had a terminal diagnosis and 2 years to live. However in November, after the main sale, his mother - against doctors orders - decided to go shopping by herself but didn't know that the traffic lights at the end of the road were on the blink. As she was halfway across the road, the son, cycling home from work, saw the mother crossing the road but before he could shout for her to stop, she got taken out by a 44 tonne 16 wheeler and had her guts splattered all over her sons face. Are we to deny him a ticket? Where do we draw the line here?
  11. Yep. How good was Shelveys goal? Absolutely beautiful.
  12. Looked like a training match against Rangers and Barca looked like they were playing a training match against Celtic. Some lovely goals mind you.
  13. Defo going to be the worst T-Day ever. Most difficult by a mile.
  14. Sad state of affairs when Stings new tune if a mile better on Jools.
  15. The carpark at Glasto.