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  1. Its a cracker. I'm loving these longer tunes at the moment. War on Drugs, Blackened Cities by Melanie De Biasio, Truth by Kamasi Washington 3 of my favourite songs of the last year or so. 3 tunes clocking in at 50 minutes ish combined.
  2. Fosu-Mensah injured now. Out for the season. Mourinho struggling to get 14 outfield players for a squad at the weekend.
  3. I did the exact same for both. Caught a couple of Blondie tunes and legged it. I left Gorillaz after 3-4 tunes like this.
  4. One Hit (To The Body) Fight Harlem Shuffle
  5. That would've been a shame. The album is so big sounding. Pyramid perfect for them.
  6. Indeed. Alt fave from me, the last three tunes - Man in a Shed, Fruit Tree, Saturday Sun.
  7. Possibly but they had a head start - new managers at Chelsea, Utd and City - and were going for the league at one stage. He lost 2 finals last season aswell remember. Needs to start coming up with the good now. Starting with signing a few fucking players in the summer.
  8. No I was a bit further back. He just loves a bit of volume.
  9. I'm amazed that City have got such an easy time. Klopp doesn't win trophies so no surprise there.
  10. They did yeah. They were great. Loudest gig I've heard in years on that stage.
  11. Yeah and thats because of one bad period really. Since the 1-1- with Everton on December 4th its been title challenging form. Very solid base for next season regardless of what happens over the next 4 weeks. Since December 4th P18W12D6L0F31A8Pts 42 (2.33 Pts/game)
  12. Indeed. Huge games on Sunday. Will be very interesting to see what happens if Chelsea don't win and Spurs playing right after. Arsenal need a result too. Agree with that but Fergie wasn't happy that he left. Last thing about the transition at Utd this season. We've seen fuck all of Woodward this year. A mouth piece for the last few seasons. Hes obviously been told to shut the fuck up. By someone.
  13. Its not.
  14. haha yeah, I did hear a couple of the tracks released before though. Also shit.
  15. Opens Spotify - Plays three tracks - Closes Spotify All the special guests can't cover up an absolute turkey. If it wasn't Damon the album would've been rejected by the record company.