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  1. Happy to help out tomorrow if anyone needs it. If that sort of stuff sells out fast?
  2. No but they paid world class money for them. Same for Barthez.
  3. Up for debate yeah but "world class". They all could potentially fit in there. Certainly paid world class prices for most of them!
  4. Happens at Rock Am Ring every year. Year I was there RATM were last on the main stage. Finished at 11.30ish. Motorhead started on the 2nd stage at midnight followed by The Prodigy at 2am. My ears are still sore. Some lineup that year actually thinking back. 08. Rage, Metallica, QOTSA, Prodigy, Motorhead, Eagles of Death Metal, Cavalera Conspiracy, Serj Tankia.
  5. Yep at the organic wine stall. Its hot rum punch.
  6. Me, if thats what Christmas Eve was like. Which it isn't thankfully! Anything to avoid an early start. Accommodation close by on Tuesday night is essential.
  7. Fairly attacking vs Fenerbache and Chelsea. Got hammered on the counter vs Chelsea granted. But 56% possession and 16 shots at the Bridge. Thats progress. LVG was averaging those sort of attacking stats per month. Different times and all but Keane, Rio, Berbatov, Veron, RVN, RVP, Rooney, Stam, Barthez, Cole, Yorke, Tevez, ....... Mal Donaghy. But he was working with a youth system in a culture that gave players and managers a bit of time. Players and managers don't get time anymore. Hence people saying Mourinho is done after 9 fucking games! Good thing Utd fans didn't say it about Fergie. Would be 50 years since Utd last won the league if that were the case. I bet Liverpool fans are glad they didn't say that about Klopp. He has a bad run at one stage. And Mourinho at his first season back at Chelsea. Won the league the following season. This is a transitional season. Utd are not going to challenge for the league. A bit of stability, an implemented philosophy and top 4 is the goal.
  8. Yeah the field will be covered in piss from fully grown men. "Oh this song was the soundtrack to Daddy not buying me a car when I was 17. I never got picked for the football team either... And when I asked that girl to dance and she said no and my friends laughed at me........I can identify with this because Thom had eye operations when he was young......he struggled like hoo hoo".
  9. Yeah he does that a lot alright. No doubt it worrying but its too early for him to be under any serious pressure. Agree theres a concern there about players trying aswell. Wouldn't get away with some of the defending over the past week in an astro 5 a side. Look at Bailly here at 50 seconds. 4 nil up or not, imagine the bollocking he would've gotten from Fergie? And hes the best defender at the club.
  10. Have got every album they've ever released but never listen to them. Worst gig I've ever seen from a major band too, apart from Iron Maiden. So so boring. And they've hardly got more exciting since. Glasto show could be a stinker.
  11. I don't feel sorry for him. Hes laughing about it in the interview so its the papers that have put a very negative spin on it. But you'd expect a manager of a big club to live in the city or commit to the area full time. Not paying by the night and eating Nandos and Pizza Express on the bed watching hotel TV. Any talk of him being sacked after 9 games from anyone is insanity.
  12. Very very weird. Hes been living in a hotel room for 6 months. He could afford a mansion in Cheshire of course. Or an apartment like he said in the interview. Miserable existence. Interview here. Sort of worrying when hes saying he might not buy a place to live. Understandable that his family have to stay in London.
  13. Wilco were great.
  14. Michaels Mead is a great place to set up. I'll be aiming for there this year.
  15. A few of the meh tunes on the album sound great live. And they're playing No Good and Everybody in the Place (sometimes).