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  1. Ah for fucks sake. Theres worse by the way. Way worse. What a c**t.
  2. Ooh yes please. Only got into them in the last year or so but looking good
  3. Couldn't help myself and just had a moment like this
  4. Its The Corrs. Jim Corr will be speaking in the Leftfield tent about 9/11 being an inside job, Bin Laden being dead since 2001, how Obama photohopped his passport and that the US caused the Haiti earthquake with a secret weapon. Personally, Id push the brother out of the room, get the other 3, bend them all over, do the drummer, the lead singer and that one who plays violin.
  5. When do the coach times gets released?
  6. WWE

    RIP. What an athlete.
  7. Debut was released 20 years ago today
  8. True. Old Waters vocals from a USB stick and whoever won the "Be Dave Gilmour For a Night" competition on the back of the Kellogs box.
  9. Waters is playing Seattle on the Glasto Saturday. So maybe we'll just get Mason? Sitting there watching other people play drums like he did on the later albums.
  10. Twice as many bands, halving the set times so all bands can just do medleys of their songs.
  11. Who sings the Whacko bits?
  12. Ryan Adams newie. It sounds like Foreigner.
  13. Depends on the device etc I suppose. So thats a West Holts headliner in the bag then?
  14. A lot of baselines being taken for a walk at GF17
  15. Ooh Herbie Hancock please! Snarky Puppy also in the area in June.