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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Thats the last good one until at least 2025.
  2. A celebration of joy.
  3. The pasta lads up in the Park need to pack it in. The definition of bland.
  4. I can confirm they are fucking delish. Hippy Chippy is back in business after a blip last year. Flatbread place beside the coffee stall in Williams Green is proper tasty.
  5. Typical fucking Irish....
  6. 20 minutes? An urgent trip to the doctor is needed. Like go right now.
  7. Indeed. The hottest the festival has ever been.
  8. Oh righto..... err... ignore the bit about the interest rates in that case....
  9. Ah ok. Warm red wine ftw so.
  10. Accumulative interest brings this to about £200 now. Cant remember who owed who what or why though.
  11. What kind of craft ales? IPA type stuff?
  12. That sucks ass folks sorry to hear that.
  13. Ha no, genuine question. Just curious. Wouldn't take the piss about something as serious as this. I've been there a couple of times. But no, not tired of the other two.