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  1. Weather 2016

    Why? Can he change the weather?
  2. Radiohead touring in 2016

    400 pages! Well done everyone. P.S. They're not playing.
  3. I'll be DJing, Thursday evening, Williams Green Stage!

    Basically anything Jim Steinman and you're in.
  4. I'll be DJing, Thursday evening, Williams Green Stage!

    Both! Heres another
  5. I'll be DJing, Thursday evening, Williams Green Stage!

    Sister Surround please!
  6. Bowie Tribute

    A big orchestra playing this with a huge light and laser show. Yes please! I'd take any sort of Philip Glass in any sort of format.
  7. I'll be DJing, Thursday evening, Williams Green Stage!

    Good work. Is this the Guilty Pleasures thing?
  8. Bowie Tribute

    Nice they have it on late. Unmissable stuff.
  9. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Let me have my brief moment!
  10. Radiohead touring in 2016

    And the day so many people have been waiting for after a year of Efestivals basically being a Radiohead forum. They aren't playing!
  11. Summer of terror

    Sorry folks I have to agree with the Express here. They're spot on. Coldplay are headlining again and will no doubt do that cover version of Heroes. If this isn't terror I don't know what is.
  12. True Blues Music

    Fuck so do I now!
  13. Radiohead at Glastonbury 2016? A brief summary.

    Christ almighty. Nah, hardcore Radiohead fans are still worse.
  14. Weather 2016

    Metcheck are showing rain now (some severe) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Accuweather are showing rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rain also forecast for over half of the days now leading up to the festival. Looks really, really bad.
  15. Bruce Springsteen

    Was the same (and always is) for both Dublin shows. Which were both incredible. Hes really in top form at the moment. Setlist #1 Setlist #2