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  1. Yep indeed. We'll be doing it again this year too!
  2. You have your own stool there now. They drape a Mardy flag over it when you're not there. Also its where myself and @Woodersonwatch Muse gigs from. Twice now. Can kind of of hear the gig, the view isn't great but on the plus side, you're not watching Muse. Next time they're playing we'll see you there I'm sure. I'm buying. Its the best spot for a Muse show.
  3. Worth a punt. Friday Acoustic? Chance of Gillian Welsh appearing with them too....... No theres not
  4. Have Sky News on here. Seems its one bloke. Ran a few people down on the bridge, got out, stabbed a cop and then got shot.
  5. I'm sure he was gutted.
  6. "Don't turn around" indeed.
  7. #DontReadTheEcho
  8. Both great. No better feeling in the world than walking in there on Wednesday, getting set up and going for a beer. I still maintain that people find it a ballache because they bring way too much stuff. Some people already look fucked by lunchtime Wednesday. I've started drinking whiskey very early on Sunday at the last few fests which is also a great feeling.
  9. Love some of the little descriptions of the songs. Remember by John Lennon - "Rivetingly depressing".
  10. Just found this. From the Beeb in 1979. A terrific find from John Coulthart. It was “a bit grey out today” on Sunday, May 20, 1979, when the BBC turned Radio One over to David Bowie for a couple of hours. The results were simply delightful—and the session is available in full on YouTube. Bowie in 1979 was pretty near the top of his game, but then again he seldom seems very far off his game. The tracks Bowie chose to play are as fascinating as those he left off. Several of the artists are to be expected, others entirely unexpected. Bowie, the great popularizer of our time, the man through whom so many influences of the 20th century flowed and were given vital form, you can hear that deep need to show, to bring listeners something new, in every word Bowie utters. It’s extremely interesting to hear Bowie refer to tracks that are fairly familiar to any decently informed music fan as if nobody knows about them—a lesson in the benefits the Internet (not to mention stacks of CD reissues) has brought, if nothing else. Track listingThe Doors, “Love Street”Iggy Pop, “TV Eye”John Lennon, “Remember”? & The Mysterians, “96 Tears”Edward Elgar, “The Nursery Suite” (extract)Danny Kaye, “Inchworm”Philip Glass, “Trial Prison”The Velvet Underground, “Sweet Jane”Mars, “Helen Fordsdale”Little Richard, “He’s My Star”King Crimson, “21st Century Schizoid Man”Talking Heads, “Warning Sign”Jeff Beck, “Beck’s Bolero”Ronnie Spector, “Try Some, Buy Some”Marc Bolan, “20th Century Boy”The Mekons, “Where Were You?”Steve Forbert, “Big City Cat”The Rolling Stones, “We Love You”Roxy Music, “2HB”Bruce Springsteen, “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City”Stevie Wonder, “Fingertips”Blondie, “Rip Her To Shreds”Bob Seger, “Beautiful Loser”David Bowie, “Boys Keep Swinging”David Bowie, “Yassassin”Talking Heads, “Book I Read”Roxy Music, “For Your Pleasure”King Curtis, “Something On Your Mind”The Staple Singers, “Lies”
  11. "A source told the Daily Star"
  12. haha. Exactly my thoughts. Particularly the end.
  13. Charge you phone you maniac. Wild stuff.
  14. Ozzy doesn't seem too impressed
  15. So do I! Jose is ruthless at the best of times. Hes also seems to prefer if a player tries to play injured. The whole "Oh no Im ok boss" thing. Shaw didn't do that earlier in the season, he was honest and said he couldn't play and I think that pissed Mourinho off. Hes still only 21. Lots of time to get it right. I hope he stays.