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  1. Got any gigs coming up?

    From the old tunes - Breathe, Firestarter, Voodoo People, Smack my Bitch Up, Their Law, No Good.  The light show and PA blew me away. As good as I've seen and heard anywhere. Oh and they dropped this!     
  2. Football 2015/16

    I know its poor yeah. But Id wager Liverpool were big spenders in the 70s and 80s aswell. Heres a better one.
  3. Sunday Legend 2016

    Because hes playing in London on the Thursday, its his last ever tour and hes perfect for the redcoat loving Sunday day trippers. Glasto could actually be his last ever gig going by the tour dates. And he would've seen what Lionels performance did for record sales last year.  He will not flush unfortunately though, correct. Like a lamb for lunch, beef for dinner next day shit. We need to face the facts here and plan around it. The Sunday Legends slot is Barry fucking Manilow. 
  4. Sunday Legend 2016

    Is there a #RightGeldof?
  5. Football 2015/16

    Worst standard in the Premier League for a long time alright. If Klopp gets some momentum going and keeps Sturridge fit I fear what could happen.
  6. Football 2015/16

    Comparatively they do. They've consistently spend money. They love an agent fee aswell. As do Utd. WTF?!
  7. Football 2015/16

    Liverpool always have lots of cash. As do City. They just sold 13% of the club to a Chine consortium. 
  8. Got any gigs coming up?

    So The Prodigy were fucking great. As good as I've ever seen them. New stuff is superb live. Much older crowd than 09. Was expecting it to be full of pilled up kids. 
  9. Sunday Legend 2016

    100%. And has always been since his tour was announced.  60 minutes of this complete shit.  
  10. Got any gigs coming up?

    haha it does actually yeah. May see Sonic the Hedgehog at the gig later.
  11. Blues Music at Glasto

    Suwalki Blues fest is on in Poland in early July. Glasto could get all these guys. AND pay for a load of the Delta guys to come over. 2015 lineup but an idea of the sort of people knocking about. Also Taj Mahal is in Europe in May.    
  12. Blues Music at Glasto

    Yeah all good stuff but a lot of this isn't blues really. A lot of it is rock music. To answer the OP question, no we don't see a lot of artists from the delta over this neck of the woods. They play tiny clubs there at best. Would love it they did though! Reds in Clarksdale is probably the best boozer in the world! They could just ask old Red for a list of people who play his club and fly them all over!   I filmed this one. On the sly as they don't like it!    
  13. Got any gigs coming up?

    Looking forward to Wild Frontier!  
  14. Got any gigs coming up?

    He played Diesel Power and No Good the other night but I'm really interested to see how the new stuff gets over live.
  15. Got any gigs coming up?

    Got freebies so wasn't particularly arsed myself. But 20 years almost to the day since I saw them first in the same venue. Well, The Point. Am more interested in seeing the type of crowd nearly!