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  1. Dunno. He was great until he got injured and was one of the main players at the start of their big growth period. He was 34/35 when he got dropped for Hart. But yeah, should've went to Arsenal years ago. One of the best keepers of the modern Premiership era.
  2. Shay Given retires from international footie. 134 caps and one of the main reasons we had the glimpses of relative success since he started playing. Presume he'll retire at Stoke at the end of next season.
  3. Nope. Saw it myself yesterday.
  4. Ted Maul reporting
  5. Cheers! Staying in LA, Huntington Beach and Dana Point too. Defo want to get my surf on. Gives the missus an excuse to sit on the beach for a day too watching me get wiped out over and over.
  6. Anyone been surfing in California? Looking for the best spot. Not to big, not too small. Preferably south of L.A. @tevaburger ever been?
  7. Actually didn't see the initial two feet off the ground. Nasty enough alright.
  8. Didn't seem that bad. Foot off the ground but he was going for the ball.
  9. Desert Orchid?
  10. I just flick the light switch on whenever I want the light to come on and then switch it off when I want the light to go out.
  11. Agree on both. A risk either way but you have to assume the other players will stay fit and that means he may play in the pisspot. No Europe either remember. He needs football. 3 season of not playing is a no no. Juve have signed Higuain for £75.3m. 3rd most expensive footballer ever. Pogba as good as confirmed for Man Utd now.
  12. Flanagan loan makes sense. He hasn't played for 2 years and won't be getting in ahead of Clyne or Moreno as a result. A season as a regular starter could do him good.
  13. Cheers man I'll try make it. I'll bring a distinctly average store bought dessert thats dangerously close to its use by date and my copy of Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and Life For Rent by Dido. Presume you have On How Life Is by Macy Gray? Don't worry about booze either. I'll bring the bottle of Sutter Homes Chenin Blanc thats been in my shed for 5 years.
  14. WWE

    I don't think Cesaro is ever going to be a top of the card guy and they're obviously using the NXT-WWE momentum to sell the Rollins match with Balor. Hes also 35 now so not sure how long that high flying career can last so its a good time for a run.
  15. Play by Moby and some cheap smoked salmon on soda bread ftw.