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  1. Yeah I'm wondering how much notice, if any, people are given?
  2. Anyone in here know if you have to get on your specific return coach? And if you miss it can you buy another ticket on the day? Cheers,
  3. Still possible to buy tickets from national express on the day? Cheers for the response
  4. Hello friends, not long now Group of friends are all getting to the festival via the official Glastonbury coach tickets 2 of our party have realised the return journeys are on the sunday and don't want to miss the last night Do you know how strict they are on getting on the correct return coach? I can understand the outgoing ones being strict but if the returns are anything like the national express ones it's very much a case of get on whatever coach you like on the way back Cheers,
  5. Anyone know when Williams Green is announced? With the full lineup? Can't find any info