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  1. All you need to do is breathe, smile, be a little flirty and act like you belong there, which you do so it's all going to be ok
  2. As relieved as I am that I've got a legit way In, I'll kinda miss the blag. I do love a bit of bullshit!
  3. Some possibly on but may be pricey
  4. I may never know. I got a call off dc site services and got put on a tram. Figured it was better to play it safe than to risk the ticket not arriving or being bogus. Thanks for all the support and messages, I can't believe how many people I had cheering me on, I'm so touched by it all. This has been such a testing time for us all, but what never stopped, was the unconditional support and optimism in this group. Cheering on the successes, commiserating the missed chances but all love throughout. This place has been my support group the last few weeks, I couldn't have got through it without you guys! You are all legends. For those that made it, I'll see you at the meet on Thursday. For everyone else, I will see you next time for some overdue drinks! Much love. Dan x
  5. I am indeed. Thanks durbs, I'm gutted it didn't work out for you. Are you still looking or have thrown in the towel now?
  6. Sending to the durb family
  7. Thanks guys! I'm still waiting for my ticket to arrive on the off chance it does before I have to pay my deposit. But either way I'm going! this has been an absolute rollercoaster. Thank you for all the support, you've been incredible. congratulations to all those who have found a way in, to the ones that haven't, there's still hope! much love to you all, you beauties!
  8. Amazing, what team have you been offered? I'm a crossing werewolf apparently. Indeed it is, and for some reason my deposit is being listed as paid. Apparently they are querying it but I'm hoping I get processed none the less!
  9. Just had a call from dc offering me a place on the crossing team. Does mean missing Radiohead and justice (who I really wanted to see) but it's a guaranteed way in. fuck it, I'm going for it. Can't be doing waiting around much longer!
  10. Thanks big man, I just wish there was a way to get everyone in here in! Pam seeing a lot of adverts on Craigslist offering ways in. I'm assuming it's the local ticket thing if you're that way inclined
  11. I'm sat in my porch, telling myself that the post will come any second. i hope to god the tickets are legit!
  12. We are both at the mercy of th delivery gods then. I hope your stuff arrives soon!
  13. That's scarily accurate.
  14. True, I can now have a shower without worrying that I'm going to have to jump out and answer the door in a towel. the latest I can leave is about 3pm as well. Will get me into castle Cary for around 10 but that's still ok.
  15. Just had a really helpful chat with a chap from the sorting office. really helpful. he confirmed that the posties go out from 10 till 3 and can't find out which areas/routes will get done first. balls.