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  1. New for 2019

    I thought I’d ask what new acts, you had never even heard of before, that made a big impression with you. Perhaps even making you think “These should be at Glastonbury 2019. Obviously we all heard every band for the first time at some point, so before the smart alec’s show up, I mean the very recent past. Or if it’s not too conceited to think any one will pay attention to this, you could add acts as you discover them between now and the next festival. A couple of nights ago I saw La Luz perform in a support slot and thought they were great. Made me think of Throwing Muses, surfer rock, and early Tarantino soundtracks. Check ‘em out, they were really tight performance wise and played with passion.
  2. T minus & counting 2019

    Can I play?
  3. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    I wish I was as random as this suggests (I used to be). I’m currently in the future though (aka New Zealand) and it was a rather boring but sunny 3pm on Wednesday.
  4. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hello people, I’m slowly getting back into reading the forum, I was a bit down about it for s few months knowing the fallow year was next up As it turns out, personal matters mean I would likely not have made 2018 anyway, so realising that, I’m more motivated to poke around in here
  5. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    Eeep! I just impulse purchased a gig ticket based on half hearing half a set from outside Williams Green while pissed! Just downloaded the new album. What else should I listen to, I don’t really know any of their stuff or what the ‘big’ gig tracks are. Should be a laff
  6. eFestival Music Awards 2017

    I’ll have a go, but not been much of a gigging /festival year for me. 1. Rate Glastonbury Festival 2017 (0 - 10 score) 9 (missed out on the late night stuff otherwise it would be 10) 2. Best Glastonbury ever (Year) 2017 3. Best Performance at Glastonbury 2017 Frank Carter 4. Worst Performance at Glastonbury 2017 the band that came on after Maggie Rogers in JPT 5. Best album of the year dunno 6. Best song of the year dunno 7. Best gig/tour of 2017 Guns n Roses 8. Best Other Festival 2017 sadly only went to Glastonbury 9. Most Wanted Band for Glastonbury 2019 pearl Jam 10. Best New Act Maggie Rogers 11. Legend Award (Dead or Alive!) Bowie 12. Biggest Loss To Music in 2017 Cornell
  7. Bilbao BBK

    I went a few years ago when Depeche Mode, Green Day, Kings of Leon headline. Totally agree with earlier posts, well worth the visit, and early bird tickets are still sub £100 I believe. Showers in the campsite too
  8. Perfect Weather

    And overcast before 9am so no baking tents , totally perfect all round
  9. T-Shirts

    A lesson I learned a few years, got ours Friday am this year (we arrived Thurs) and they were already out of some sizes and colours at the stand we went to.
  10. Glastonbury 2018 after all ?

    Some wild speculation may help the festival comedown though, I'm betting Oasis but I hope The Smiths. Probably won't happen if he means either of them.
  11. Glastonbury 2018 after all ?

  12. The Pledge

    Hope you efesters stuck to it, glad to say my crew have, even a serial tent leaverer of previous years. Leaving no trace - pee, litter or camp residue. Big hugs to everyone who can say the same.
  13. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Moira Brennan
  14. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    More space opened up than I expected after King Gizzard. Room left but there's a steady stream going under the canvas.
  15. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    This is ridiculous, just arrived and no way of getting a good spot for Frank Carter. Secret sets should be the first act of the day! ps in judge dredd T if you spot me