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  1. Super Hans DJ set Stonebridge Sat 8pm

    Jarvis Cocker into Super Hans was a great way to start Saturday night. Loads of fun - definitely recommended!
  2. Will you be returning next year?

    Liverpool, so a bit of a trek. I think for the amount it costs and how much I would have to miss, it wouldn't be worth it. There are plenty more festivals in the world for me to try though!
  3. Tell us about your 'Moment'

    A few lovely moments for me this year, and I think it was my favourite Glastonbury ever. Getting engaged at West Holts on Friday afternoon and not actually believing that something so romantic and just generally pretty cool was happening to me. Seeing Bat for Lashes do Laura brought tears to my eyes - her voice is absolutely gorgeous. An unexpected one was LCD Soundsystem doing All My Friends. I've never really listened to them much but always enjoyed what I heard on the radio and as the reviews of them at Primavera were good, I decided to go along. I had so much fun at the set, it felt like everyone was having a great time and by the time they played All My Friends I just felt so incredibly happy. It was the perfect end to the festival. Then on Monday as we queued to leave the car park I had a little cry as I thought about how it might be my last Glastonbury and how much fun I'd have...made me determined to find a way to come back!
  4. Confusion Phone-boxes

    I used one and spoke to a man whose name I can't remember and a woman called Sam. There were flyers pasted inside the phone box with phone numbers on so I called the number for the energizer bunny. Was amazed when someone actually answered! My boyfriend got a photo of the look of utter shock on my face when I started speaking to someone
  5. Will you be returning next year?

    I went this year knowing it will probably be my last one because I'm going into teaching, and I thought I was ok with it. Now that I'm home I'm gutted and hope I manage to go again in the future!
  6. Tell us about your 'Moment'

    Ahh I think I saw you! After LCD we were just wandering around looking for somewhere fun to go that wasn't the naughty corner and we wandered into the Fluffy Rock for the first time ever. I had so much fun and it was lovely to see everyone dancing and enjoying the last night of the festival!
  7. Wellies or walking boots?

    I'll be coming in wellies with new insoles and long socks to keep 'em comfy, and bringing my Docs in the hope it dries up enough to wear them. My walking boots are goretex and I can't think of anything worse than having to wash Glastonbury mud off them once I'm home!
  8. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Finally received mine this morning. I can now believe I'm going!
  9. Electronica/Dance

    Hello, looking for some tips and I think this is the right place to ask I'm not big into dance music, but I do like a bit of a boogie - especially at a festival. The dancier stuff that I do tend do listen to is along the lines of Justice, Crystal Castles, Simian, CSS, Sleigh Bells, SBTRKT, Caribou, The XX etc, so I guess pretty electro-pop/indie/house kind of stuff. I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a few acts that are on this year in places like The Common, Shangri-La, Block9, Silver Hayes etc that I might enjoy based on what I've said above. I feel like I always miss out on a lot of SE corner action because I don't really know any of the acts, but I'm sure there would be plenty on I'd love if I knew what to look out for! Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  10. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    Nowhere near as embarrassing as some of these but I fell asleep outside my tent on Saturday afternoon in 2013 wearing a crochet dress. Got sunburn through the crochet and spent the next few weeks with a flower pattern branded onto my skin. Terribly irresponsible I know, but I had set up my umbrella along the side of my tent to keep me in the shade, but that dang sun just kept on moving!
  11. box of red wine

    I'm planning on taking a couple of boxes of red from Aldi and whenever it's super hot and sunny in the day time (which, of course, it will be) I'll buy a bottle of Sprite and make myself a refreshing tinto de verano.
  12. What dry shower gel type things does everyone use? Anyone know if this one is any good? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Muc-Off-Dry-Shower-200-ml/dp/B009IUT4EQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1463212221&sr=8-5&keywords=dry+shower
  13. Bowie Tribute

    They have just said it'll be some time after 6pm so presumably they're waiting to find out more details about the showing of the 2000 set before they decide exactly what they're doing.
  14. This is great - thanks for sharing! Have been looking for a cheap double airbed so I might have to snap one of these up
  15. Sziget 2016

    Thanks very much for this! I did try and read the blog earlier but I couldn't load it up at work. Now that I'm home I can sit down and have a good read