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  1. Hi there, I saw people with full on fire pits, those metal ones which are raised. So I think you would get away with anything so long as it's raised off the ground. It is a lovely festival. Very small and pretty
  2. Anyone going this year? this festival needs support - it was beautiful last year
  3. It was just fantastic this year. Oh how i long to be back hence browsing this site!! Highlight was Horseman in the ever fantastic Chai Walla! never seen him without Prince Fatty - fantastic set. also the weather - the bars - the sun - the people - loved the extra security, and there defo was a lot less knob heads . Emperor so clean and tidy - excellent loos. Did anyone walk down to the village green? they had top notch facilities there - starting to wonder how Emperor can charge more now!
  4. The showers are a row of cubicles in a massive wagon. You get a cubicle door,small space to undress, hooks for clothes then a curtain to your shower. Small. Unisex. Warm .basic. Dirty after day one.
  5. is this because you ended up with one in with your tickets , is it a 'general camping' red hanger? i think i have one too - i got my emperor hanger then hadn't a clue what that red one was for. I will sell mine too if it is defo not needed?!
  6. There were definitely showers in deer lodge last year. behind the row of toilets and next to the hairdryer/straightener tent
  7. The car park is not far at all from the deer lodge field. The bell tents are closest then a little further up hill to the yurts and tipis. But still not far - but this year they may change the position of them. Cant believe that they have charged for the little pamper tent this year! hiring a yurt is costly enough! Showers were available in deer lodge along with chargers etc. do you have to use the emperor showers this year?
  8. I have - its fab. The luxury of not having to put up your own tent , ease of access parking wise - no queue to get in. concierge to help you to your charging available. nice little food outlet on site. Pamper Tent with straighteners and hair dryers included in cost. Loads of room around your yurt, no complete knackers camped next to you as they have been priced out. just fantastic. Unfortunately i'm back in emperors this year.
  9. Hi - thanks - no i didnt buy a car park ticket as its included - so god knows why i have an extra general hanging ticket! just going to take it with me and see if its needed!
  10. I'm in emperor too - and got a general hanger, an emperor hanger , and all the proper tickets i need. but, why do i need two hangers?
  11. they are filthy muddy showers (maybe nice on day one - but who gets as shower on day one?) they are literally a row of showers in the back of a massive wagon trailer,small space to get changed - minging curtain hanging. but at least the water is warm! - and the toilets are compost loos - which i prefer to portaloos - air flows around you as they are more open - but still they are just a long drop over a wheelie bin full of compost
  12. actually my memory of the ticketing system for live in may be wrong - it was 4-5 years ago. cant quite recall what wrist band we had on now!
  13. hi - i stayed in live in vehicle one year - you are driving in a different way to emperor - you wont be able to drop him off and get back round easily i'm afraid. everyone in the vehicle has to have the correct ticket for the field that they are in - so he will prob not be allowed to continue with you in your van to the live in field. he could walk to his check in point - you could keep his gear - then walk to meet him to help him with it. although you wont be able to get right into emperor field itself with your live in wrist band!! you cant officially put up a tent in the live in field - but you have an allocated marked out square on which to park - so as long as your 'awning' fits in the square - then ok. but your friend wont have the live in field wrist band........ you have some complicated logistics going on!
  14. i will check him our for sure - lesser known artists and new discoveries are what its about!
  15. is anyone going to the inaugural Lindisfarne festival? any thoughts on it. I love the fact that it is so small and beautiful location. Not really interested in any of the bands - although i bet i am inspired by them when i see them! Just like camping - drinking beer for breakfast and generally being at a festival! forgetting about real life and work............. Any insider info or rumours going around?