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  1. Camper van field hell

    Yes it was!
  2. Camper van field hell

    Yes it was!
  3. Camper van field hell

    Inflammatory topic! I think it was just a bit mad and stressful trying to arrive and leave. My stress was down to the fact I hired the van and had a tight deadline to get out. We helped loads of people get vans on the field too on arrival day. I can see both sides of the story though. We were helped out in the end by a fellow camper who had a 4x4. Truly lovely people.
  4. Camper van field hell

    Yeah us too,Where we were there was no unoccupied pitches, it was gridlock, right at the bottom. It was rough going.
  5. Camper van field hell

    Absolutely separate wrist bands needed!! The drug fuelled wolf woods residents target the campers when they get bored and run out of food and booze!
  6. Camper van field hell

    Did anyone else stay in camper field? We were ushered o the bottom of the hill on arrival and knew instantly we would never get out of there!! It took two four wheel drives tied together to get us out. Unfortunately we left on Sunday as we knew we would never get the hired van out on time on Monday. Having a return time and all. I would love to know if people got out on Monday ok? I am gutted to have cut short the festival. Never had to do that before, I'm a veteran of KC. Been since the beginning when it was tiny, and lovely! So sad to say I don't think I will be back. We have done all methods of camping in all different fields before, in all different weather, inc deer lodge. Made a mistake this year bringing a van again. The most stressful festival I have ever been to this time! The walk of hell from camper field to arena took so long we kept missing everything. But what we did see was poor. Boring headliners with poor sound. And I would normally give plenty time to manics and stereophonics but yawn! Best stuff as usual was small lesser known bands. Best time was as always watching gypsies of Bohemia !
  7. Friday morning

    Right, reason I asked is because different campsite traffic s filtered in through different roads. Emperor and posh yurts moving most fluidly. But all the same it is not bad entering in general either, I have never arrived at 7.30 though! So unsure. I have done 3pm Thursday, 10am Friday and 7 pm Thursday. All fine . Also arrived for yurt field, which was a bit like celebrity access! One year they messed up the road plan and it was dire, but they improved it since then. Any other questions?
  8. Friday morning

    It will be busy no matter what the time, but last year things moved very smoothly none the less. Which field are you camping in?
  9. lindisfarne festival

    Hi there, I saw people with full on fire pits, those metal ones which are raised. So I think you would get away with anything so long as it's raised off the ground. It is a lovely festival. Very small and pretty
  10. lindisfarne festival

    Anyone going this year? this festival needs support - it was beautiful last year

    is this because you ended up with one in with your tickets , is it a 'general camping' red hanger? i think i have one too - i got my emperor hanger then hadn't a clue what that red one was for. I will sell mine too if it is defo not needed?!
  12. lindisfarne festival

    i will check him our for sure - lesser known artists and new discoveries are what its about!
  13. lindisfarne festival

    is anyone going to the inaugural Lindisfarne festival? any thoughts on it. I love the fact that it is so small and beautiful location. Not really interested in any of the bands - although i bet i am inspired by them when i see them! Just like camping - drinking beer for breakfast and generally being at a festival! forgetting about real life and work............. Any insider info or rumours going around?

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