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  1. It's not going to happen now, sorry guys
  2. Yes caught Joanne Shaw Taylor, she's absolutely brilliant
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only Blues fan, thought we'd been footmen!
  4. I did see the missippi alstars were rumoured on the poster, forgot I already noted that one. Be good if the bar Bourbon Street returned.
  5. Last year we found John Fairhurst. What's the recommendations for this year?
  6. Why don't you just cancel them and get most of money refunded? They aren't transferable anyway
  7. I watches a concert from 2016 yesterday on utube. I'm no fan but I thought I'd try it, there a big band so I thought it should be good, after the 1st hours I was nearly suicidal, I just don't get it! Think I'll give this a miss after I thought Muse weren't as good as I expected, there will be no hope for me and Radiohead.
  8. Make sure you are full of water, it's bedlam for the 1st couple of days filling up by cans. There's a tank for waste & toilet stuff. I personally don't worry about the washing water, I'm sure it all gets spread on the land later anyway. It's not normally too bad getting in Wednesday, last year was horrendous.
  9. I'm glad, they always pissed me off, smell terrible and thought I'd get burnt by a close one.
  10. I'm happy, they were great in the JP tent a few years back, cracking warm up for Foos
  11. Accept they played Pyramid, what a great performance
  12. Be nice to see them, been 4 years since they last played and we're brilliant. They are at BST with Green day, so made it to the UK around the right dates.
  13. John Fairhurst always there and very good
  14. Would be a nice thought, can't see it though, I think he will have left UK by then?
  15. &Shame it don't work