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  1. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Combination here of fab memories, bands that hooked me straightaway, and honourable mentions for either the crowd or the performer engaging with the crowd. Hard to cut it down, been going since 2010. 1 - The Rolling Stones (2013) 2 - The Kills (2011) - first time I'd ever heard them - been a fan since 3 - Editors (2013) - Papillon at the front 4 - The National (2010) - hooked from that moment on 5 - Motorhead (2015) 6 - Metallica (2014) 7 - The Hives (2013) - on the other stage, got everyone to sit down in the mud 8 - PJ Harvey (2016) 9 - Mik Artistik (2010-17) - gotta be there! 10 - Queens of the Stone Age (2011) - what a brilliant evening on the other stage 11 - Kasabian (2014) 12 - ZZ Top (2016) 13 - Patti Smith (2015) 14 - Royal Blood (2017) 15 - Dolly Parton (2014) 16 - Amanda Palmer (2013) - for the crowd surfing 17 - Imelda May (2010) 18 - The Bad Shepherds (2010) 19 - Blondie (2014) - I was at the back and for some reason the whole crowd started bouncing up and down 20 - Jessie J (2011) - broken leg, getting that little girl to sing brilliantly
  2. Glastocam!

    way better song than Smoke on the water
  3. First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Camp without guy ropes if possible, or if absolutely necessary, make them short and close to the tent. People will trip over them throughout the night. If they are not in a dedicated quiet camp, then expect neighbours to be enjoying themselves throughout the night - embrace the mayhem.
  4. First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Go with the flow - and enjoy the crowd. Someone acting an arse, love it don't judge it - it'll make for a way better festival. Don't be part of the crowd crust.
  5. The National

    Due to clashes we were foolishly at the back - loads of space and the three of us off our nuts - loving it. Seen the National at every chance since first seeing them on the Other stage back in 2010 (Matt was kind enough to jump into the crowd, make his way out to me, tap my mate on the head and go back!!) For me the band is contagious - first listen, interesting and some good, then the bug bites and you're off. Matt losing it and banter in the band are all part of the immersion. I did think the setlist was strange - festivals are all about the familiar and the easy to digest - a couple of new ones, ok, but an odd decision. Having watched it on iplayer, I wish we'd moved all the way to the front.
  6. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Here's my daft idea for paying for university education..... Just take every year being at university and up the state pension age by the same. i.e. if you're 3 years at uni, that's 70 for you. You get paid your state pension at 18-21 instead. Pays for most of the university. (because graduates on average live longer than non-graduates, this isn't quite so insane) Also, the state should chip in for expensive subjects instead of the arts students who have a few lectures a week for 2 terms having to subsidise sciences. (and I'm a physicist!!!)
  7. Rock Werchter 2017

    My thoughts exactly. Fabulous line-up, efficiently delivered. But you're in an arena spending tokens.
  8. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Yes, to succeed, you need to have made (some) right choices - agreed (you might also have made some wrong ones too!). But success is not guaranteed, no matter how good the choices - whether you do something great/succeed is not entirely under your control. This is the business book publishing and speaker circuit - loads of fools buying into the thinking that if they do what it says they'll be rich. Er... no. The key lesson I've learned is I'm a lucky bastard and should be thankful and give back at every opportunity.
  9. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    No, sorry, when you look at it, it's nearly always down circumstances over which they had no control/influence.
  10. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I was brought up to look after those most in need. That kindness was a virtue and that a community that looks out for one another is a happier, stronger community. This is the absolute essence of the issue. Roll the dice, you're healthy, wealthy and wise - you choose to care or you decide that everything you have is down to merit. Roll the dice, you might have a chronic condition, you might be born into poverty, you might have been to a crap school - you choose to care or you decide the everything you don't have is down to the system. Choose to care. And sorry, but I get massively angry and upset when the lucky ones think their situation is down to merit - it fucking isn't. So have a care.
  11. Overheard funnies

    As a Welshman, I have to protest - Indians don't fucking swear half as fucking much as we fucking do.
  12. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    For 3 years I went with a mate who was UKIP ffs. He thought that if the 3rd reich held a festival then glastonbury would be it - all white, socialists. c**t. So tories are welcome. Just prepared to meet a load of happy, openly generous people who like to share. Disturbing but, hey, it's better.
  13. Rock Werchter 2017

    This was also our first RW and I was in the Hive (with My Space) with my adult daughter (late draft in, since my son couldn't make it!) Positives Transport - from UK (eurostar) to Hive entrance we didn't wait once - superb logistics. Toilets - extraordinarily clean for a festival. My only slight gripe is why do they think all male festival goers are happy to pee in public, and do they think women find this attractive?! Line-up - brilliant, for me I'm a Mark Lanegan, Kills, Royal Blood, Imagine Dragons, Jimmy Eat World fan so all good. But SOAD were brilliant. Walking - usually festivals require stupid amounts of walking (from campsite to festival, between stages) - RW is fab by comparison. Beer garden - fabulous beer in glasses at a reasonable price for a festival Food - Decent variety although I found the lack of branding amusing Queues for food/drink - all pretty good, especially for beer where the queues didn't exist. Negatives Security - utterly stupid and a waste of time. People just walking through as others searched. Any searches were pathetic. Just done for show. With Manchester, the issue is crowds outside gigs and all they did was create a nice big target. They need to stop this idiocy. Drunk people - we did come across quite a few who had completely lost the plot. Don't often see people quite as "gone" at other festivals (I do download, glastonbury and reading) - people having pissed themselves, unable to walk, being very lewd towards women. Even had one trying to pee in a bin in a food queue. Not on. Barn & Club C - way too small. But also they need to allow the crowds to manage themselves - this strict exit/entrance thing is dumb. Loads of people leaving the Pretenders, yet they let no one in. My Space - there was a disconnect between tent sizes and pitch size and so many people crushed in. Not worth it if you get in early on Wednesday. Worth it if you want loads of security and a longer walk to the loos. Overall, we'd go again, but this would be line-up related rather than for the experience.
  14. Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    There are actually 5 Mik Artistiks
  15. Worthy warrior