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  1. OK, my 3: 1. Pay the small stage performers 2. Re-layout the whole place so that there are no paths - just one massive space (traders etc can be islands) 3. Ban 30 year olds that use the term "old fudger"
  2. Wednesday was slow due to the heat - but managed to chat to loads of random people. Had to laugh at everyone chasing the flag shadows through the fields... Mik Artistik the highlight of the day. Thursday - made the mistake, which we do every year, of sitting in West Holts drinking sweet sickly strong cheap cider. Highlight: being in the peace sign up at the stone circle, although did think the dude with the prayers needed a few more ciders - people left before the count. Lowlight was Williams Green - just why? Seriously, why put the only good bands on at the time, in a venue/area that can't take the crowd. Stupid. Friday - the park, Mark Lanegan - brilliant. Pretenders Chrissie Hynde was brilliant; Royal Blood, all in all a good day for music. Saturday - I tied one on, and must have thought it'd fallen off, because I tied it on again - conversations forgotten, had a blast. Dead Kennedys followed by Easy Rider at Cineramageddon (a strange experience, fun for about 10 mins!!). What happened to Toots & the Maytals? I'm blaming them for the extra ciders... Sunday - Dropkick Murphys & Shaggy, Sundara Karma and Frank Carter - stayed sober to drive home that evening after daughter had seen Ed. Sober is interesting - you see the total hypocrisy that is Glastonbury and reflect - which isn't a good thing!!
  3. Since they were trading in the plain ones for ones with a logo on Sunday, I reckon they'll print up the spares and sell them - makes sense - and profit.
  4. I got talking to a small band - they played Thursday. They claim that none of the small bands get paid, instead they get a free pass in, which, in normal years they sell on to the ticketless - just about covers their expenses and a bit of change. This year, lovely weather, nothing booked, so decided to stay. I did a very unscientific wristband check on Sunday - half/two-thirds regular, the rest a split pretty evenly between workers and performers and Sunday tix. Also surprised at the number of people totally without - we counted about 3 or 4 as we sat there at the back of the Other, in the time of a pint of beer. Bare arms and brazen - no wristband at all.
  5. The issue isn't about whether there are loos hidden if you only knew. The issue is that, for example on the Other and West Holts - the obvious loos are soo pathetic (especially the urinals) that blokes are peeing everywhere. Also, what is with filling the trough with cups & cans?! FFS.
  6. Lovely to see crusty old buggers like me sitting there for 30mins before they came on chatting about the old days! They were fab - I'm not a massive fan of replacement lead singers, but this dude does a good job. Fantastic energy in the crowd, mosh had the right amount of edge but not too much. Deffo a highlight. Catch them next time they tour - always a good night out.
  7. Yeah - daft. But also, paper cup to steel showed the short measures - I asked several times for a top-up.
  8. The day-time cleaning works well - I kind of hope that people are less likely to drop in a clean area. Must say, Glastonbury is way worse than, say Download. Download is pristine - especially this year without the paper cups.
  9. Mark Lanegan fabulous, especially saying thank you very much at the end of every song in a voice more gravelly than waits!
  10. Loads missing for me. The national has buggered off on mine
  11. Tent next to me, two girls talking about boyfriends- "we were doing sex when he tried putting it up me butt, well I said, we're splitting up if you do that. He did anyway. " other girl "was that roger"
  12. Yes, crowd crust is always a problem. But some of the pinch points yesterday were daft.
  13. It is rammed. 180,000 punters and workers. What I don't get is the lack of loos at the main stages. Blokes pissing everywhere, no matter what the message, one starts loads of others then do. Such a shame.
  14. We arrived at 8:30 in by 11:30. Shear volume of people more than security.
  15. Done. The rest of the world can.... watch it on tv. I'm off.