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  1. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    I heard something similar at Reading, but it was somebody had taken something which made them think going for a swim in the long drops would be a good idea. I never found out if the rumour was true or just a campfire myth.
  2. I managed to get mine on Massdrop for $54 dollars (£37?). As I have to fly over, and carry all my stuff around with me when I’m in the UK, the weight of it was a major draw. I need to get one now for the Miss, is the Aldi one light too? If so I’ll have to check it out when I’m back.
  3. I have the Klymit Static V2, it's ultralight weight, weighing just 463g, and it's packed size is 7.62 cm x 20.3 cm, so it fits in my rucksack. You have to inflate it, but after about 10 breathes its up.
  4. One listen and it changed my life, 2016

    Blossoms – Smoke Last year it was discovering Wolf Alice through the playlist, but this year it is The Blossoms. Can’t wait to watch them live, don’t get many gigs around this way, unless it's dance music or big pop acts.
  5. Videos to show first timers

    Came across this nice little video the other day, not sure if it has been posted already.
  6. new here? introduce yourself

    Like many others been a lurker for a while, with the occasional post here and there. Will be my second Glastonbury this year, but will be taking me Mum and Girlfriend whom are both first timers. I think they are both already sick of me chatting about Glastonbury all the time. Hope to get a bit more involved from now on.
  7. Grime/Hip Hop

    If you like a bit of UK Underground Hip Hop, Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter played last year, and I think they were about last year too.

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