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  1. Knebworth 2018

    I don't think I'd care how much a ticket cost if that was the line-up!
  2. Victorious Festival 2018

    When do they normally start announcing for this festival? Last few years have looked at the line up and been impressed but not sure about buying till know a bit more.
  3. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    Yes and no. The rush of trying to get tickets...yes ( sadistic...me?). But fallow year has fallen quite well as sons GCSE year so would've meant missing some anyway (depending on exam dates), and also looks like may be having surgery which has a long recovery time so unlikely to have been fit enough anyway.
  4. Acts you don't "get"

    I see your 1983 and raise you 1993!
  5. Acts you don't "get"

    The beach boys - what's that all about? Surfin' USA in my top 3 despised songs of all time. (1 lulu - shout, 2, everybody needs somebody - blues brothers) The Beatles - like some stuff but feel overrated but maybe more about what they did for the music scene and as I wasn't around at the time perhaps don't appreciate. Blur - I've tried but just doesn't happen for me apart from odd song here and there. Can't listen to a whole album. Maybe I have something in for bands beginning with 'b'.
  6. Old Music Thread

    Tone loc - funky cold Medina Sly and Robbie - Boops
  7. Old Music Thread

    1985, loved this song only heard it through buying a "now" album 6 I think.
  8. Festival cancelled due to mud

    No! I am Ben! (That's the closest emoji to Spartacus I could get) Ben
  9. One month on...

    According to twitter - only 682 days to go before back on the farm
  10. Victorious Festival 2017

    Line up always looks fairly decent so have been considering this as next years Glastonbury replacement - be good to hear how it goes from events of last couple weeks.
  11. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Hmm. We accept responsibility but it not our fault . Not really sure the council bit is relevant...if I read that right the council stole/gave away the food and booze, very bizarre. Think people most wanted to hear yes we will refund some/all of your tickets but contact where you bought them from isn't very helpful.
  12. One month on...

    I'm not sure if Glastonbury related or just coincidence that I'm a right miserable cow at the moment. Thought holiday straight after would banish the blues but possibly just delayed it. Have had a virus but been crying at most stupid things - Dr who yesterday ! Had said would be last year anyway but knowing couldn't go next year even if changed my mind seems to make it worse. Was thinking about trying a different festival next year, but these last couple of weeks of cock ups putting me off.
  13. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Left Barry Gibb to go and see Shaggy at WH, was awful, should have stayed and caught chic after. Though also wish could've been at JP for frank carter then killers. C'est la vie!
  14. Glastocam!

    Couldn't just see if you can find my bin in that lot could you, for one more look.
  15. Who should reform?

    Voted REM, but would be very happy for my chemical romance. Abba would be a good fun singalong. Never had any interest in the smiths.