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  1. Fantasy Who Would Have Headlined In 2018 Thread

    Well if we're going 'fantasy'/ wish list headliners I have to go guns 'n' roses and download loses them. Rolling stones again because I wasnt there first time. Madonna for the pop party. Legend -elton
  2. Fantasy Who Would Have Headlined In 2018 Thread

    Is Sam Smith really on a par with Adele and Ed for headline status? Or have we been spoilt with top names irrespective of your thoughts on they're music. Would think Arctics depending on when new album due, would love depeche mode or cure. Billy Idol on the undercard would've made me happy.
  3. Things that annoy you ?

    First time I wore wig out was again school run and I just crumpled into the arms of a good friend. I always had headscarf indoors as kids didn' like to see me like that either. I'm not one for make up or looking perfect so was shocked by how much losing my hair did to me emotionally. Hope you had a nice lunch anyway x
  4. Things that annoy you ?

    That' what you get for agreeing to substitutes on a Tesco delivery . Bloody hated my wig, was so paranoid about it coming off - seemed an exceptionally windy autumn season! Wore a hat on top for school run once - my lovely son not thinking came running up to me, whipped my hat off and yes the wig came with it. Mortified!
  5. Things that annoy you ?

    Thanks both. x At least it is just a cold - was in hospital with pneumonia this time last year!
  6. Things that annoy you ?

    Having a head cold and feeling shite!
  7. Taylor Swift

    Thankfully she seems to have fallen out of favour with my daughters, so no scramble for silly priced tickets here.
  8. Things that annoy you ?

    Same experience here with the level of care when I have a cancer related problem or a general problem. I am steroid dependent and if need A&E visit I carry a letter from the hospital to present at the desk for immediate care.... they look at it and just tell me to sit down - only once have they asked a nurse to look at it. One time I had to kick up a fuss (which is unlike me) as I was in so much pain and unable to inject myself as I would normally do. Even when I get through to be seen they tend to ignore the fact the letter says to make sure I'm kept hydrated. Another thing (while I'm on a roll) is that I've been in with the same thing several times and know only morphine will kill the pain, but this one time the nurse insisted on starting with paracetamol and working up (like I hadn' tried that at home). If you have a condition, you tend to know what works for you and what needs to be done - I wish they would recognize that.
  9. Taylor Swift

    I hope so, my daughters would love this but Wembley on a Friday with school is impossible for us.
  10. Comics Thread.. resurrected!

    This will be my one and only contribution I imagine as comics are the domain of my son normally. However this weekend I have taken possession of the new Iron Maiden comic, Legacy of the Beast. Signed by the cover art illustrator Santi Casas.
  11. Paloma faith

    The only thing that needs to change for this to become the norm is peoples way of thinking. There's no special equipment or anything. We have already seen labels change in the workplace, firefighter rather than fireman for example. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/991ea351-1e67-46dc-824d-a13033 describes an experiment carried out in a school. There are obviously those who take things to the extreme, as with everything in life, but the child's gender shouldnt be hidden from them - it's about not saying you can't do this or that because of their gender. Think Billy Elliott.
  12. Paloma faith

    Morrissy is just a grade A tosspot anyway ( other opinions may vary ).
  13. Paloma faith

    I think if you want to delve deeper into the whole notion of "boys" and "girls" products you will find its all about marketing pressure. Days gone by kids played with pots and pans or simple things like yo-yo's or god forbid conkers with their evil health and safety risks. Basically there was nowhere near the selection of toys available now. Look at a photo for example from 1800's and babies were in a dress no matter what gender. Early 1900's boys colour was pink as it was seen a stronger colour and girls blue. Not sure at what point that swapped. Even as adults we females are presented with pink packets of razors (at a premium price) for something that does exactly the same as men's. So yes press are jumping on this "neutral" idea now and linking it to sexualisation in order to make a story. But it was marketing that brought about the whole gender specific thing in the first place. Of course societies expectations of male and female roles has influenced the marketing strategies, and is something that is slowly breaking down. Though it does somewhat irk me that Lego recognising girls like building things too has resulted in having their own range in pink and purple. Two steps forward one step back.
  14. Paloma faith

    She hasn't said this is how she is raising her child in order to promote the message though. It has become public because "news" agencies would not let go of the fact she was protecting their privacy as a family by not revealing the name or gender of her child. She gave birth in December and only now has explained why they have not given information out about their child ( not that they should feel obliged to in the first place). It is the press that are sensationalising it all. She has not said this is the "right or wrong" way - just her way. Not seeing things/roles as gender specific is surely the message a child raised by same sex couples will receive? Is that wrong too?
  15. Paloma faith

    As Will says its not about them making a gender choice or hiding their gender from them. And call me cynical but I dont think that child actually created that poster, just an adult using a child to make their own point - that doesn't really sit well with me.