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  1. Just arrived at a lovely B&B in Glastonbury, so happy to be here. Charm x
  2. Thinking about bringing my stuff in by cat. Charm x http://
  3. The site is looking wonderful, can't wait to be there. Charm x
  4. Thanks, just been running around soaking the family, refreshing and fun. Charm x
  5. Fashioned this, might be useful if it's super hot. Charm x http://
  6. Do it, I've just dyed mine purple. Charm x
  7. Looks like I'm going without this year too, I've just tried this and found it a bit complicated to set up, will try again when I've woken up properly. Charm x
  8. To anyone thinking of ditching their wellies please remember that 05 & 07 had lovely weather on Wednesday and Thursday. Charm x
  9. Charm x
  10. The booking for this is open, can't see myself going there but I'm sure it will be great. Charm x
  11. Great idea, there's loads of fun stuff in the market and a fancy dress shop is nearby. Charm x
  12. I think shots are perfect for festivals, gets you hammered, nice for sharing (I take lots of plastic shot glasses/limes/salt) also reduces trips to the long drops as you aren't actually drinking that much. Charm x http://
  13. Looks like there's armed police at Download, imagine they will be at the festival too. Charm x
  14. I would say even less, the metal tracks will finish it off pretty quickly. Charm x
  15. Will be leaving mine at home this year, worked a treat last time, thanks, as it looks like all our bags are going to be searched seems pointless to take it only to have it confiscated. Charm x