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  1. Glastonbury 2005 Poster

    That is a good shout !! Nice one Thanks so much
  2. Glastonbury 2005 Poster

    Ah wow - that's interesting as I didn't think that "poster" was very familiar. Makes sense if that was a T-shirt. We've mailed the office and have a few things sorted out - but no poster (yet...) Thanks for the reply!
  3. Glastonbury 2005 Poster

    Oi oi! So a couple of Glasto-Veterans are choosing this Fallow year to tie the knot... well tie the knot legally.. they already had a "wedding" at the 2005, but apparently this wasn't legally binding and have since decided that they could fill the Glasto-shaped hole in their summer this year with an actual, real life one. As a present it would be good to find a Glastonbury 2005 poster (the festival where they had their original wedding) - or even a hi-res digital image of it, so we can get it blown up or something. Any pointers or advice would be welcome - cheers guys!!
  4. Overheard funnies

    In 2015, a mate camped with us (efestival's very own cityboy75) was having a bit of a torrid time at one point. His tent collapsed, his phone broke and whilst bemoaning his luck he announced "I even bought some ice, but it's f*cking water now"
  5. Nervous about the Sunday resale...!!

  6. Secret resales

    Well my mate who did it had a solution for this. He parked his van in the campervan field on Tuesday night. Had a lovely night and then at 9am when the main gates opened, he wandered in at his leisure and popped a tent up a decent location (which also helped for us campers who wanted a decent camping position too). He kept some of his clothes, beer, "etc" there and used it for stop-offs over the course of the day and then just went back to his van for his sleeps. I am sure if I ever had a Glasto in a campervan it would be very hard to go back to the standard tent version....
  7. Secret resales

    Haha! Oh yeah! D'oh Can't even just send someone into the main festival bit and obtain a wristband either, as I seem to remember they check ticket too? A mate stayed in the campervan field a few years ago and I visited a few times. Luxury! My dream is to one day do Glasto in a campavan ... so. much. win.
  8. Secret resales

    Find someone with a campervan with a secret compartment... if it worked in Star Wars it will certainly work at Glastonbury...
  9. Secret resales

    Not over yet, pal Don't worry if it turns out to be a bad tip - was given in good faith
  10. Secret resales

    Never give up But maybe lower expectations..
  11. Secret resales

    fair one.. tho most people use the whatsapp application on their phone. Then they see the alerts and can jump onto the website. But with any luck we might see something in a few minutes anyway. Fingers crossed for you
  12. Secret resales

    No idea.. was pure idle speculation as I kill time waiting for the 5pm SR
  13. Secret resales

    Who knows what variables they consider to decide these things.. but presumably the staff at seetickets overseeing these sales will probably want to have finished work by 5pm on a Friday...?
  14. Secret resales

    Join Cityboy75's WhatsApp group.. it went absolutely nuts during the first SR
  15. Secret resales

    Our strategy has always been to have a Facebook group set up where everybody who wants tickets (or wants to help) joins. Everybody's ticket registration details are in the group. On the day we will then pick the people we most want to camp with (or people that have got us our tickets down the years ... or someone that we know will drive us there ) and have their details alongside yours handy for if you get through. In the past, I think you could have more people per booking and also I am sure the session was valid for longer (allowing you to go back through the browser and start from scratch, buying more people tickets). So we were usually successful in getting everyone in the group a ticket. Things have gotten trickier in recent years due to less success getting through to the booking page, seemingly less time to process the order (shorter session validity period?), less bookings per transaction and more demand to be in this Facebook group! This coupled with the politics within the said group (due to the multiple relationship split ups etc there are now 2 camps within our circle of friends so that various ex-couples can be kept apart... I know right?!) has meant we are increasingly relying on resales etc to ensure everybody gets a ticket. I didn't get tickets in the regular sales for last year's festival because our organisation, as a group, was so poor. So much time wasted as people had to guess who didn't already have tickets when they entered a batch of details in. Someone says "I'm through! I'm adding a,b,c,d,e and f" so someone assumes all those purchases are sorted and so adds "g, h, i, j, k and L".. The problem is that if, say, "b" and "e" have tickets already purchased and in the subsequent faffing trying to replace them with someone else or even just remove them and then the session times out and you're back in the "queue" and the inevitable "SOLD OUT" message appears then the poor feckers a,c,d and f are left ticketless and in despair! This isn't the fault of Glastonbury or Seetickets though and as a system I am pretty sure it is as fair as it can realistically be... thankfully with less people to sort out and a good number of people trying, I managed to get a ticket in last year's resale and had a bloody good festival Perhaps it meant that little bit more having almost missed out? A nice little reminder that we can't take our Glastonbury Festival access for granted By the way; I hope the rumours are true and that there will be another resale today... but I find 5pm on a Friday a ridiculous time for a resale? Surely a lot of people will be leaving work... I'll keep an eye out for you guys nonetheless