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  1. Bagpipes and opening gates

    Hello everyone. I've been meaning to post about this. I worked this year's festival, so Wednesday morning at about 7 am, I was standing inside Pedestrian Gate C, waiting in anticipation for a flood of happy campers. It was fantastic being on the inside for once. So exciting and of course it was such a beautiful morning. The excitement was palpable as the opening time neared. At about 7.30 (I think), there was a flurry of activity and I thought the gates were open but instead of a crowd of eager festival goers, a lone bag-pipe player walked through, all kilted up and playing his pipes. It was such a surreal and beautiful moment. Minutes later the gates were pulled open and all the happy faces poured through. There was cheering, applause and even a bit of weeping - it was all just so emotional after all the build up and anticipation. Anyway, silly old hippy that I am, I still can't think about it without getting teary, though I really don't understand why? Does anyone know if the bag-pipe thing is replicated on the other gates? Also, is it a regular thing or was it a one-off? It was amazing!
  2. 2017 Weather thread

    If it's correct, howling gales and torrential rain. Hopefully it isn't right... still a week to change!
  3. 2017 Weather thread

    Really hate to burst the positive bubble, but pack those wellies, yeah?
  4. Crew Bars

    I'm working with Festaff. It would be good to know which bars we can go to, I don't want to turn up where I'm not allowed. Any way of finding out this information in advance?
  5. Festaff crew

    I'm going with my partner. First time for both of us!
  6. Festaff crew

    Yes I'm in the same boat. Helllooooo! P
  7. Festaff volunteers

    What are these groups A, B and C of which you speak? Its the first I've heard of them! And I am also counting down the days. Wheeeeeeeeee! Too excited!
  8. Liam Gallagher

    Great story. Confirms my long-held suspicion that LG is definitely maybe an absolute twat.
  9. Festaff volunteers

    Doh! I never even thought of that! If I stand still for too long my bones ache, I never even considered that being a problem with the wristbanding for Festaff. Oh well, it's all accepted now. Will just have to see how it goes. Hopefully nobody will mind me doing a set of star jumps every half hour..
  10. Festaff volunteers

    I was thinking of Shelter but I'm gonna leave it now and stick with Festaff. Shelter sound like they have better camping and facilities for workers, plus you don't have to do a sister festival so you get your money back quicker, but I think Festaff does tend to give you earlier shifts, so you'll miss less of the headliners.
  11. Festaff volunteers

    Somebody somewhere said something about Festaff maybe moving somewhere else this year. As you can see from the sentence above, I have a rather vague grasp of the conversation, but it was because Festaff aren't doing the staff wristbanding this year (who is?), so they won't need as much camping space as last year and may move back to the space they used previously.

    Apparently Festaff are not doing the staff wristbanding this year. Does anyone know who is? Does this mean we might move back to Toms field?
  13. I reckon you could still get in with Festaff after the resale if you're organised enough.
  14. I've been going since 1981, with a break of several years in the 90s. I think it's as good as ever. I wish there were more old, crusty women like me going though. I do feel outnumbered by the young. Bastards!

    Thanks for the replies! That looks like a great place to camp. I've been in West Campervan fields for the last couple of years, so I'm used to walking miles to get anywhere. Will I still need a trolley to transport all my cans of cider from the car, or will I be able to take less and drink more cheaply on site with a crew wristband? I know I am sounding like a raving alcoholic but actually I'm more of a penny pincher! My impression is that i will be able to use a couple of crew bars onsite: the West Holts one, a Block 9 one.... Any others to add to this list please?

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