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  1. Rolling Stones

    I got 2 lucky dip tickets. Has anyone experience buying these before? What are the chances of being seated separately?
  2. The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Radiohead - 65 (+5)Foo Fighters - 35Justice - 95 Phoenix - 80 Metronomy - 10The Flaming Lips - 100Hothouse Flowers - 75The Dhol Foundation - 45 Hackney Colliery Band - 50 Alison Moyet - 80Dreadzone - 65
  3. Weather 2017

  4. Don't vote Tory

    Imagine heading to Glastonbury on the 21st with Corbyn as PM.. life could not get better!
  5. DRAKE

    I think they're more likely to pull out a lot of the younger uk acts, especially the ones already confirmed - nines, Dave, aj Tracey etc
  6. Thursday Arrival

    I've only ever been Bushy Ground on a Wednesday but we are all getting there on Thursday this year, do you reckon they'll be space for around 10 (5/6 tents) early Thurs am?- I'm guessing not but cant really remember how busy that campsite gets by Thursday lunch.
  7. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Are you sure it wasn't his inter-railing itinerary?
  8. 2017 Get Fit Thread

    Rolled it and then contact from someone else pushed it further away from where it should have gone.. heard it go straightaway and knew immediately the marathon was gone (I can defer to 2018 though which is a silver lining) also made me grateful I hadn't done it close to glasto. I know never to play football close to T Day now. Fair play to your mate - impressive going! I'd like to be able to walk unaided within a month and then gradually build the strength back up so that i can do a triathlon I've entered in mid may back home in cov. We'll see though.. all baby steps atm!
  9. 2017 Get Fit Thread

    I tore a tendon in my ankle last Monday playing football so am in a similar position.. was meant to be doing London marathon in a couple of weeks too It's happened to me before and the reason it went again is because I didn't give it enough time to heal. So I'd recommend no high impact exercise until completely healed. Low impact such as swimming, cross training to keep the fitness levels up and then RICE for recovery. If only I practiced what I preached!
  10. 2017 Get Fit Thread

    Sounds like she's a keeper! Got to enjoy yourself at least once a week, everything in moderation etc
  11. Cinematic Orchestra

    Could these not do an early morning pyramid set?
  12. Car park passes

    You can buy them there, think they charge £5 more though..
  13. Bonobo

    With Kerala to kick things off... stuff dreams are made of!
  14. Hip Hop, Rap, Grime 2017

    Hugee with the yoof. I like him, his new album is particularly good imo.
  15. Hip Hop, Rap, Grime 2017

    Shame no Kendrick, ATCQ, Chance etc.. Must be down to the fees that they charge. I'd guess Stromzy, BBK, Wiley, Nines, Kano and emerging US acts like Anderson Paak acquire a fraction of the costs compared to the aforementioned.

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