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  1. Yeah I have just bought us ponchos. Think it will just be showers, but still looks like it will be wet every day.
  2. Ah ok. Well I haven't camped in a few years so I'm not sure on that sorry. I'm sure there will be a bit of space for you to pitch though with others from the Thursday having left? Only a guess though.
  3. Erm tough one. I think camping is sold out now. As for trains back to Brussels from Leuven - don't think there are any. An expensive taxi is your best bet. Might be worth biting the bullet on one of those Air BnBs. Or I see lots sleep at Leuven station waiting for first train.
  4. Don't go to sleep.
  5. Definitely a fair bit of sand still kicking round on the festival site. Just been flicking through pics on Instagram from last night.
  6. Sorry, I was joking. Now predicting possible thunderstorms.
  7. So that weather forecast is improving....
  8. Just keep looking until you find a forecast you like.
  9. I got married recently. All forecasts in advance and on the day were for heavy downpours and storms. What did we get? Beautiful sunshine. Non of them are that accurate, but especially anything beyond two days in advance.
  10. they will replace, just not sure like for like. As you say might get in a smaller act for a tent, and move another onto main stage. I'm not a big Ben Howard fan, so wasn't that bothered, but I did think that was shady.
  11. I'd piss myself with excitement. Won't get my hopes up. strange cancellations though aren't they? Quite sporadic and inconsistent.
  12. Medical reasons. Unfortunate, was looking forward to seeing them, but obviously understandable. Possible longer set for Rateliffe?
  13. Been off here for a bit. Been myself getting into Nothing But Thieves recently. They should be excellent live. As for any new acts, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Can't wait for sun, beer and music now. Hopefully no more rain and sand.
  14. Here's how my fest is shaping up. Thurs Mark Lanegan - Prophets of Rage - Lorde/Imagine Dragons - Arcade Fire - KOL Friday Kaleo - Rateliff - Birdy - Royal Blood - The Pretenders - Radiohead Saturday Frank Carter - Blues Pills - Seasick Steve - Kodaline - Blink 182 - SOD - Linkin Park Sunday Nothing But Thieves - Dropkick Murphys - The Kills - probably the Lumineers - Soulwax/AltJ - Foo Fighters For €50 ish a day that's pretty fucking good.
  15. Didn't anyone else see the story that Radiohead are going to play a heavy OK computer set at Glastonbury to celebrate 20th anniversary. Wonder if we can expect and OK weighted set?