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  1. Who should reform?

    Zeppelin reforming would be the biggest headliner in modern memory
  2. Gate A Status thread 2017

    The trick is pack up early Sunday and leave your stuff in the lockup Works a charm
  3. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    2 hours & 11 minutes to go!
  4. Bars

    Greenpeace Fields I think
  5. Queens of the Stone Age

    O2 Priority Pre-sale is Monday 8:30
  6. Pre festival Nerves

    Don't know if this counts as nerves, but there's a little voice in the back of head saying be extra careful and avoid injuring myself Might ask to go in goal for my 5-a-side game this weekend, to avoid any potential clashes
  7. Weather 2017

    Upvoted as it reveals your origin story
  8. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Do people believe the Bristol Post? It is always clickbait rubbish
  9. TBAs

    Pretty sure on the day the screens outside JP where showing Kooks not TBA, when it was going through the days schedule
  10. Bars

    Try this thread. It's even got a map
  11. Everything Everything - Complete conjecture

    I'm pretty sure it's rated at 99% sure it's them I don't remember the info on WG 'secret sets' from here being incorrect
  12. Weather 2017

    Countryfile weather report on Sunday is gospel
  13. How much liquid are you taking?

    Do any of the shops on site sell large tonic bottles or should I bring it in from home?
  14. In two weeks time i'll be...

    Utterly broken
  15. "Really big secret"

    Corbyn BBK appearance confirmed