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  1. Craig David had a massive crowd. I'd be surprised if it wasn't Ed Sheeran's though. On the Other, Liam and Rag n Bone Man both played to huge crowds
  2. We haven't moved are ages. Best avoided if possible!
  3. Just finished on John Peel. They were awesome, better than last time I think
  4. It was more like mist than rain. Ground is fine and when the wind stops its pretty warm
  5. Radiohead, Elbow and First Aid Kit. Great day all round
  6. Interesting. I went to NOS too and thought the sound was fine. Could have been about positioning, but then I did spend most of Tame Impala walking around trying to work out where to stand! Anyway, the morning after and it was still great. Not even the talkers could ruin it!
  7. I was in front of left sound desk and thought it was great. Particularly after about 20 mins in when the casual chatters left... No National Anthem, How to Disappear Completely or Reckoner but can't really complain with that setlist. The big hits were all great but so were the rockier moments in There There, 2+2=5 and Bodysnatchers. Loved it.
  8. I've gone for Mogwai
  9. Left on our coach from London just over an hour late...
  10. Just listened to some live versions of HTDC. It has to be played...
  11. Our group is split between Wednesday, Thursday and Friday arrivals this year. We are on the 8am coach from London tomorrow. Really missing a Wednesday arrival for the first time ever but it could be worse!
  12. No National Anthem cannot happen. No no no!
  13. For what it's worth, I agree. A combination of that interview someone posted yesterday and the fact they finished on HTDC in the one place it makes most sense gives me real hope for something special on Friday
  14. No idea! The full blurb for each show reads 'they've just strolled off the stage at this year's festival, so now we're bring you their biggest hits and vids... Enjoy!' It says this for each of the series. The timing looks like a pointer towards the Friday TBA
  15. What an encore 2 that is...