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  1. NOS Alive 2018

    Festickets. Cutting it fine.
  2. Electronica/Dance

    How does it compare to somewhere like Warehouse Project? I love the place but its just far too busy now, it feels like everywhere is a walk way.
  3. Electronica/Dance

    Download ticketswap app and have a quick finger. Failing that wait til a week before and grab them off stubhub/viagogo. I managed to pickup a few off ticketswap last year but they sell within seconds of being posted.
  4. NOS Alive 2018

    Your Documents Your order will be delivered by 29 June 2018. We'll upload your trip info here, and email you when we're done.
  5. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    Surely seetickets throttle it on purpose in order to make it an even chance for everyone. If the tickets sold out in 30 seconds, it'd only be the tech savvy people getting tickets.
  6. Electronica/Dance

    Was amazing in Manchester. He played in the centre of the room with just a lamp on. Very atmospheric. Will be interesting to see if his festival sets are similar.
  7. NOS Alive 2018

    How difficult is it to grab a taxi/uber? I'm staying pretty central. A 10 minute drive, but 2 hour walk so it looks like the only option will be a taxi. Will possibly get my hotel to pre-book one if thats possible.
  8. NOS Alive 2018

    Sign up to ticket alerts on the ticketswap app. I've found it quite easy to pickup tickets for other sold out festivals closer to the date.
  9. NOS Alive 2018

    Does anyone have an idea of the drinks prices? I'm obviously not going to have the supplies that id have at an english festival. Will a day of drinking break the bank?
  10. Where do you buy your vinyl?

    I dont live very central so a record store isnt really an option. I've had discogs recommended but the majority seem to be shipped from the US.
  11. Electronica/Dance

    I'm not going to pay the price myself but can easily see how theyre charging that much. The place is open for 12 hours, 3 rooms, a lot of people to pay.
  12. Electronica/Dance

    Changed the layout slightly so crowds can move around much easier. Floating points was incredible. Jamie XX was far too busy in the main room because the rest of the lineup was very weak.
  13. Download full sets from iplayer

    https://ufile.io/8acpl Hot Chip 2015 https://ufile.io/l9anx Tame Impala 2016
  14. Download full sets from iplayer

    Sure, if you can show me somewhere to upload it.
  15. Electronica/Dance

    Is the bridgewater hall not a sit down venue?

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