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  1. Yes, amazing track especially with that video
  2. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Don't think so, I think he was supposed to play Greenpeace but that didn't happen either, I think.
  3. Nice idea, i'll try and see it if it's still showing next weekend Mystery of Love is amazing, really beautiful lyrics. I can't believe how good it is!
  4. Sorry to triple post, but the new tracks from the soundtrack are beautiful
  5. amazing even if nauseating
  6. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    This must be a relief to organise compared to T anyway.
  7. 2017 New Music Thread

  8. The Gaming Thread

    I didn't realise that Skyrim was coming to a portable, that's crazy. I've just started playing again (on PC) as I missed out on loads of stuff the first time around- just joined the Dark Brotherhood. And it's got me wanting to reinstall Oblivion too.
  9. Green Man Festival 2018

  10. Paloma faith

    That's what letting a kid a be gender neutral is though, letting a kid be who it wants. On the other hand, current culture makes kids feel like that they have to like pink or blue; have to wear certain clothes; have to like certain toys, films and culture; and have to have a certain personalty; all based on what a scan says "before they are even born".
  11. Green Man Festival 2018

    Have you listened to Andorra though??
  12. Glastonbury Tea Towel

    my favourite band tea towel currently on the market
  13. Green Man Festival 2018

    Yeah, they will definitely asking for big money now .GM liked one by Roger Federer too, not sure where he'd play, maybe the Steve Davis slot. I reckon if The Tallest Man on Earth is touring again by next summer he could be bumped up to it.
  14. Green Man Festival 2018

    Got a ticket on the payment plan. About £15 more expensive than 2 years ago but still good they do students tickets. in other news Green Man liked this tweet, beginning my annual over expecting big headliners