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  1. I'm going to hide my deodorant in a brick of weed, hopefully it will mask my Lynx Africa from the bomb dogs
  2. That's my tweet! I'm not sure if that reply is positive or negative or what
  3. Yes oi post the follow up
  4. Apparently the Bomb Dogs Union go on strike if the temperature is above 27 degrees unless sufficient paddling pools to launch into are provided.
  5. Imagine the scenes if on Wednesday morning the tweet goes out ' we're selling a few spare tickets on the door this year'
  6. cycling from Worcester or more probably Bristol
  7. I take a mortar and pestle these days anyway. Sure we used to rough it with a glass grinder back in the 90s, but the festival's changed hasn't it?
  8. I haven't got mine either. Eventim customer service is pretty bad from my experience when I phoned them the other day.
  9. not excited enough for 1/1 plates shat on though
  10. 2 out of 2 hats 4 out of 4 naans
  11. i'm not letting terrorists dictate my lifestyle and will be taking a spoon with a serrated edge
  12. The Gloaming and Bloom are among their best live songs. I can understand if you've seen them live lots that you wouldn't exactly get excited about it, but it's great when those green lights come down!
  13. I am queuing nude and packing only a bum bag to aid security and fellow patrons. I would encourage others to do so too.
  14. can give him the benefit of the doubt for playing a new song - Wall of Glass seems vaguely relatable to standing up against terrorism. But then to exploit the concert for drama/publicity just the morning after really sours his performance
  15. Drakes one to know one