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  1. Football 17/18

    Football manager always implement this at around 2018. I think it is a good idea, it will make international breaks more interesting and, if done right, should make the seeding more accurate (probably still not great though). Speaking of football manager, on my save arsenal just won the Prem. Then they had a champions league final versus Tottenham. Arsenal won it and then Wenger retired. Mad send off, shame it will never happen in real life
  2. Football 17/18

    Ah, didn't realise that it was seeded. Shame, that would have been one hell of a tie.
  3. Football 17/18

    If he hits form (big if) he's got to be in the mix. We lack creativity so much and he's got that. Looked decent the couple of times he played for us this season.
  4. Football 17/18

    Why can't you get NI? Not saying your wrong just wondering why, seems odd
  5. Football 17/18

    The Ox never really did that Arsenal. He was always dependable but not really someone to take a game by the scruff of his neck. Bit to early to rule them out the title race. Not that I think they will be involved.
  6. Football 17/18

    Fair play to him, good to see a captain sticking up for his players. Disgusting that people think it acceptable to abuse players like some do. It does nothing but diminish players confidence.
  7. Football 17/18

    Yeah, agree with that. We are shaky at the back. Any balls into the box and we panic
  8. Football 17/18

    We've had a couple of shouts for pens. They have had one clear pen which they still had a great chance from. Mistakes both ways.
  9. Football 17/18

    Sky are a piss poor company so this good news. Personally I think BT do a decent job at broadcasting the football at a reasonable (ish) price so wouldn't mind them keeping the TV rights. I've always rated Amazon in terms of customer service so I think they would do a good job if they did get the rights.
  10. Football 17/18

    I don't think any Arsenal fans have gone 'mad' for the draw. It was a great result though considering we have been awful so far this season and we always struggle against you guys at Stamford Bridge. It's also encouraging that we played well as well. I fully expect us to go on a little run now and climb up the table. We've had the usual crisis at the start of the season and we will almost definitely have the usual crisis after christmas. We are perfectly set up for a typical Arsenal season.
  11. Boxing

    Anyone know any deals to watch the fight cheaper tonight? Not really a big enough boxing fan to shell out £16.
  12. Football 17/18

    That is a lot of loaded Koln fans. They would have brought plane tickets, match tickets and a disgustingly overpriced shirt. Imagine spending that much just to one football game. When I went to Arsenal vs Besiktas (CL qualifiers) a few years ago there was a whole group of 'disguised' Besiktas fans. They revealed their Besiktas shirts about 30mins into the game and it kicked off a bit. Their fans were mad, great atmosphere but also slightly scary. I've never seen anything like it at the Emirates. When we scored, the noise was unreal. I wish it wouldn't take nutty opposition fans to get us Arsenal fans to sing.
  13. Ufc

    That's what I heard Cody say on the Joe Rogan podcast but I was only half listening so must have missed the rest of the story. I don't remember Cody mentioning any fight with DJ but I could be wrong. Brad Pickett beat DJ aswell but I do get your point regarding DJ vs Cody being an interesting match up.
  14. Football 17/18

    Seriously? You are comparing a fundamental part of the game (tackling) to a high boot that was needless. Stopping players going into aerial duals feet first will not have any effect (or very little) on the way the games played but it will make the game safer. Banning tackling would completely change the sport.
  15. Football 17/18

    He kicked someone in the face, he didn't score or even get close. His instinct was to try to go feet first into an aerial dual. That is dangerous and should stop. See eFestivals post, I couldn't have put it better.