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  1. Ufc

    Want to see bisping fight one more time in london. Hoping to get tickets. 3rd fight vs hendo would be epic. Unrealistic though. Hope he gets a winnable fight whoever it is.
  2. Ufc

    Predictions for ufc218? Mine are: Holloway Overeem Pettis Gaethje Torres
  3. Football 17/18

    Ah, fair enough. That's the same for every international manager although I guess his philosophy of football has to be 'trained into' the players more than other philosophies.
  4. Football 17/18

    I think Pulis would be a good appointment for Wales. Who else, realistically, do you think would be a better choice?
  5. Football 17/18

    The players wouldn't have said something if they completely disagreed with it. It is still some evidence that it wasn't just British media and regular premier league watchers who considered them greats. I have no idea, I highly doubt anyone overseas would not consider him at least one of the best. All you have to do is look at everything he's won. Of course it is, as is yours. Although looking at the trophy cabinet for those 3 is some evidence of how good they were. Also Lampard and Gerrard were 2nd and 3rd respectively for the Ballon d'Or in 2005. Is that not evidence they were rated very highly globally? There are plenty of foreign greats who have only played for one team and in one country for the majority of the career. Messi being one of these off a huge list. 'as most other top players have to' is this really true? Look at the 2017 ballon d'or list, most of the players haven't ventured out of the league they made a name for themselves in. Despite all of this, previously you said this: 'the technical deficiencies of those player should were hidden playing every week with overseas players' referring to Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes. Surely, by applying that statement, playing with more overseas players would only hide these 'deficiencies' even more and they would in fact play better. I agree that the England defense didn't excel in that area but that doesn't take away from the fact that they were an outstanding defense. Neville, Cole, Ferdinand and Terry have all won numerous league titles and at least one champions league each. They have done it on the world stage. There were only a few national teams at the time who had a defense with individuals that had achieved that kind of success at club level. When you say skill, do you mean flair? England had a team with an abundance of skill, proven by all that they had won at club level. I agree they lacked composure and that is certainly a major factor on why they weren't successful at international level. I agree, there a pros and cons to every style of player. Any evidence of this? Do other countries not bet?
  6. Football 17/18

    No, by the whole world. Just do some research into the comments the likes of Xavi, Messi, Suarez, Henry, Ronaldinho etc... had about these 3. 'The technical deficiencies of those player should were hidden playing every week with overseas players.' is there any evidence of this whatsoever? If this was the case, why did these 3 stand out as one of their clubs best players for years? Holland, Argentina and Portugal all had defenses that weren't even close to England's. Attacking wise they all had great players but they were at best as good as England's. I don't think anyone can really justify that those teams were better than England's at the time in terms of individual quality. There is a reason we were joint second favorites for the 2006 world cup.
  7. Football 17/18

    I disagree, in terms of personal on the pitch (not as a unit) they were in the top 4. Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard are all widely considered to be 3 of the best midfielders of the 21st century. Beckham only shortly behind them in terms of quality. Cole was the best left back in the world. Terry and Ferdinand were one of, if not the best, defensive partnership at the time. Neville, Hargreaves, Rooney were other top players in the squad. The only position where we lacked anyone of top quality was goalkeeper. Between 2004-2006 the top 4 team, in terms of individual quality, were France, Brazil, England and Italy.
  8. Football 17/18

    I think it just emphasizes how poor we are now. If that team couldn't win anything (or even get close), our current team has no chance. Especially with a manager like Southgate.
  9. Football 17/18

    Sadly it's not just the midfield. Defense and GK are poor. Only position we have good depth is striker. Although if Kane plays anything like he did at the euros we will be out at the group stage of the world cup again. Remember the days we had Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Beckham, Rooney (when he was good) etc... We don't have any players in the current team better than those I've just listed. It's impossible to have any optimism going in the world cup, especially having Southgate as manager which tops it all off.
  10. Football 17/18

    Arsenal 5/1 to beat City today, can't remember us being this big an underdog in a prem game for years. I fancy it will be a game with quite a few goals, BFG vs their attack is a worry but I fancy that Sanchez will turn up. Chelsea vs Utd is bound to be a tight game. Fancy it'll be a low scoring draw. Hopefully won't be too dull
  11. Ufc

    Such a staked card. Nice suprise that is an hour earlier. Means I'll be slightly less shattered for the footie tomorrow. I'm going for: Bisping (probs my heart speaking) Garbrandt Joanna Thompson Hendricks Already been two brutal KOs in the prelims. Been a good watch
  12. Football 17/18

    Football manager always implement this at around 2018. I think it is a good idea, it will make international breaks more interesting and, if done right, should make the seeding more accurate (probably still not great though). Speaking of football manager, on my save arsenal just won the Prem. Then they had a champions league final versus Tottenham. Arsenal won it and then Wenger retired. Mad send off, shame it will never happen in real life
  13. Football 17/18

    Ah, didn't realise that it was seeded. Shame, that would have been one hell of a tie.
  14. Football 17/18

    If he hits form (big if) he's got to be in the mix. We lack creativity so much and he's got that. Looked decent the couple of times he played for us this season.
  15. Football 17/18

    Why can't you get NI? Not saying your wrong just wondering why, seems odd